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Earlier habit - follow someone on microblog, enjoy their work, subscribe to their RSS, unsub them from New workflow - enjoy their work, find their site, look for link, didn't find it?, look for them on m.b and sub. Ugh.2018-09-20 14:57:57
Folks, is it just me or does Reeder iOS _not_ have text search?2018-09-18 23:02:00
Update - installed an update on Spotify and of course it works now. 🙄😳2018-09-18 20:11:57
Perception is reality - I updated to iOS 12 and didn’t tell the missus. She wanted to play a song on Spotify (which I haven’t updated in forever). When it crashed, she told me my phone needs an update. 😂🙄2018-09-18 20:11:04
Bit the bullet. Going for iOS 12. Let's see how this goes. Fingers crossed on Apple Watch still working with it.2018-09-18 12:13:10
My home router logs show a Ping of Death DOS attack from (whois - Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)). So Odd. #netsec2018-09-16 11:14:37 12:42:44
lol 12:33:54
Are Toblerone and Krackel not the same thing? Of course, quality differs, but still...2018-09-14 12:26:29
I love paintings of rainy nights.2018-09-13 20:44:58
The way Tim Cook was thanking people watching online ( and twitter), I thought he'll say "don't forget to like, share, and subscribe" next! :D 2018-09-12 11:48:51
iPhone Tenner, now in Yellow!!!!!!!!!!!2018-09-12 11:30:22
Oh. Depth of field. Lytro just turned in it’s grave!!!2018-09-12 11:15:50
Skip it. I'm gonna call it the iPhone Max2018-09-12 11:13:37
No live demo for Siri Shortcuts? #workflow2018-09-12 10:55:10
“Thousands of photos you have” 😂😂 nope they’re all in Google Photos. Because Apple is cheap when it comes to Cloud!2018-09-12 10:52:58
IndieWeb folks - I want to use the IndieWeb plugin to make both linkblog and normal posts on my WordPress blog. Do I just need the Post Kinds addon plugin? Can someone guide me?2018-09-11 21:57:47
My fitness tracker to me - “11 minutes racked up. Rome wasn’t built in a day either 😕” 😂😂😂2018-09-08 19:09:04
Amazon Lightsail vs DigitalOcean lowest pricing. Hmmm.2018-09-07 16:08:01
Does DuckDuckGo's 'DDG' originally stand for "Don't Do Google"?2018-08-30 14:35:25
Folks, is there a list out there of easy bash aliases for git, like gb for 'git branch'? Just need a quick and dirty way of getting around without spending too much time on building the aliases.2018-08-30 11:45:12