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I recently removed Disqus comments from my blog, because I want to go WordPress native. Perhaps that has something to do with it? Or maybe that just made it a viable target for hackers to scan? I've installed Securi to monitor my files. Let's see.2018-05-20 14:17:05
I found and removed a bunch of files and plugins which were clearly meant to give the hacker backdoor access to upload any files into my WordPress setup, though I still don't know *how* in the first place.2018-05-20 14:11:19
WordPress folks - my blog had an unwanted popup ad whenever I clicked on a blogpost the first time, then I changed my theme and then changed it back, and the 'hack' no longer seems to be there. Anyone else ever see this?2018-05-18 10:47:41
Folks on (& generally using WP), question for you - I have comments on two WP sites - & but follow-ups don't show on How do I follow my comment threads?2018-05-17 11:30:35
I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 few days ago and I just have 1 question - are the ravagers (led by Stallone) going to show up as a TV show or a movie (A-team or Expendables-style)? They certainly alluded to it in the ending.2018-05-16 11:24:08
Of all the stupidest things - someone is trying to brute force into my Wikipedia account! People (and bots) are idiots!!!2018-05-13 20:35:12
TextPastry and "Paste and Indent" using "super+shift+v" just made my day with Sublime Text. Does this editor just keep getting better or what?!2018-05-09 14:14:57
I just noticed and it seems even Facebook's notifications are now algorithmic instead of chronological! Way to never change with every change, Facebook!2018-05-02 19:32:54
Precisely how I feel about container tech - The comic URI happens to be my birth year too :D 2018-05-02 18:52:04
Precisely how I feel about container tech - The comic URI happens to be my birth year too :D 2018-05-02 18:46:16
Sometimes I feel that AI should be advanced enough so that I could scold it.2018-05-01 16:40:19
Turning off Disqus comments on my WP blog has meant that I get, on average, 10 spam comments a day. Worth it to support Webmentions and see twitter Likes on my blogposts?2018-04-23 10:26:37
Of course the Facebook iOS app doesn't have a feature that allows me to list my friends by "recently added". Because making tools useful for people would be a dumb thing to do, right, Zuck?2018-04-22 19:46:35
nginx gurus, can I have a split config in sites-available such that default has server_name, fileA has "location /a", fileB has "location /b" etc? Care to point me to a link please? TIA!2018-04-20 10:31:47
I just realized that while we've had non-state actors for a while now in the international sphere, with crypto, we've got a non-state economy, and the ability to create multiple such economies. I wonder where that will lead us?2018-04-19 17:02:49
Just saw Dieter Bohn's notifications video and wow. Useless. Just focusing on one positive for Android and one negative for iOS is *not* the way to go Dieter. Focus on the fix.2018-04-19 00:24:25
It's always a blessing to stare out at Lake Washington on my way back home. The sky and lake play out a myriad scenes and the scenery slowly moves back, shedding me, as I shed the work day.2018-04-18 19:31:48
#DoesTwitterSupportMarkdownYet? doestwittersupportmarkdownyet.com2018-04-18 10:50:30
I love discovering older gems on the Internet. E.g. this article - came out 6 years ago but is timeless! Found this because someone linked to it via #RSS2018-04-18 10:49:51
What was that password manager thingy that allows us to insert passwords into the OS X terminal?2018-04-16 20:19:39
Productivity hack? Open Notepad in Windows, type in some crap, minimize it, forget it. Windows will never restart on its own.2018-04-11 11:09:45
The Firefox Facebook Container extension is revealing some very interesting things. My Spotify and Goodreads logins are through FB and it's a pain to get them back. GR still allowed me to create an FB-less login, but Spotify doesn't seem to have that option.2018-04-10 12:29:25
Tax scam season. Just got a call from "Dept of Treasury". Suuuure.2018-04-06 11:05:47
This lady was watching Deep Space Nine on her phone in the bus and I recognized it from just one scene. Surprised myself!2018-04-05 18:27:01
Is stating the obvious mansplaining or is going into excessive detail thinking the other person doesn't know anything mansplaining?2018-04-01 15:26:02
Perfect. Windows restarts when Windows wants. Not when you ask it to. Not when you want it to. Welcome to 2018. 2018-03-29 11:51:58
The epicness and timelessness of the @awl is in that I just read a 2011 article about Ali Soufan, whose story I'm watching in the current show, The Looming Tower.2018-03-18 13:20:52
I recently discovered that #Calibre has a server I can run on a VPS. Does anyone know if that server can sync with the iOS Kindle app so I can backup books AND notes/bookmarks? TIA2018-03-18 11:12:28
cPanel doing AutoSSL is kinda cool. Most people (like me) don't need to lift a finger and their hosted sites are just serving up SSL :)2018-03-13 11:39:38
I've become so used to Confluence's 'e' for edit shortcut that often I'm on my WordPress blog and I'll hit 'e' and wonder why it's not working. Muscle memory is evil.2018-03-12 16:21:22
Cloudflare's memcrashed issue shows DigitalOcean to be one of the biggest DDOS contributors. I checked my own server and it was vulnerable! This is the kind of thing that needs email notifications to resolve quickly!2018-03-02 11:27:48
Today, I've begun book 15 of War and Peace. It took me over a year to get to this point. There are two epilogues after this final chapter!2018-03-01 09:42:44
How much of House of Cards is influenced by Macbeth?2018-02-26 19:12:35
It's fun when you have an idle question and the internet has already answered it, in depth - 23:44:08
Podcast listeners, do your apps have a feature where, if you double tap your phone while you're listening, it bookmarks that moment so you can revisit it later?2018-02-21 15:22:05
Since AMP is open source, has any RSS feed reader implemented the entire thing to make loading articles super fast?2018-02-17 11:37:10
The @bluetigercoffee vans in Seattle look more like a blue zebra! 😂2018-02-14 09:50:05
It sucks that Apple News has all this potential to be a built-in RSS feed reader, but it needs a special format and doesn't just straight up support feeds.2018-02-03 20:35:31
This morning I saw a guy walk into a Starbucks and immediately walk out with a large Frappucino in his hand. Mobile order or Umbrella Man?2018-02-01 22:32:23
Can someone recommend a Linux news indie blogger? Someone who would cover the news about Red Hat acquiring CoreOS and has a decent RSS feed for their blog?2018-01-30 18:24:32
Just realized that "Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara" was a love story between Akshay Kumar's Shoaib and Imran Khan's Aslam. Very progressive movie!2018-01-28 18:53:03
I think I'm done with notifications on the Apple Watch. I use it as a regular watch, with fitness tracking nowadays. Removing notifications from Netflix and TOI will only improve battery life for me, I think.2018-01-25 16:33:23
lol. British news sites are so British that their pop up close option doesn't say "no thanks". It says "I'm OK thanks"! 😂2018-01-21 01:22:10
How long does it take after registering a new Windows computer to get a scam call from "Windows Admin" about 00c04fd7d062 from a number in Iowa?2018-01-18 17:16:44
Just finished watching The Fall. Reminds me of a quote from War and Peace - "where there's law, there's injustice".2018-01-17 21:16:24
I need a way to filter out certain topics that start with T in the Reuters app. No point watching nonsense news.2018-01-17 19:22:41
Am I missing something or does the new Firefox not have automatic page translation??2018-01-11 14:11:37
Dammit @Bose, why don't you join us all in the twentieth century and throw on an LCD on your SoundTouch series so we can at least see some status? Your stupid remote is frustrating!!!2018-01-10 20:05:37
I'd say the next thing in #iOS should be dynamic #notifications. As in, #apps should be able to rescind a notification or modify it as things change.2018-01-05 17:34:37
I think WhatsApp's network got overloaded due to New Years calls. First time!2017-12-31 11:00:02
Finished my last book for 2017 last night. Will write something up about the reading challenge soon... 😊 2017-12-29 10:43:37
BTW, now that it's proven that Apple slows down phones, whoever still says that apps shouldn't be closed to improve performance is an idiot.2017-12-27 09:40:56
I just did a google search and there were 9 results and no second page! 😱2017-12-26 16:12:01
I recently read some people complaining about people using hashtags on Instagram to write full sentences. Like #entiresentencesinhash. Those people should never go to this little site called tumblr. Like, #entireparagraphsinhash2017-12-26 15:37:57
What's this an emoji for? -> 🎴2017-12-25 21:44:18
Apple better be touting bigger batteries next year instead of thinner phones. #plannedobsolescence #lietome2017-12-23 16:59:34
I deleted my work information from FB and now FB is like, "Hey, where do you work? Starbucks? Amazon? Microsoft? Infosys???" 😄 😄 2017-12-21 19:29:02
Sandra and Woo's Gaia is seriously one of the best long-running webcomics I've read. I feel like compiling a list of all the webcomics I follow. Who wants to see it?2017-12-21 16:27:47
My #RasPi went for a toss this morning and so my #piHole install stopped working. I wonder if there's a way to designate a fall-back DNS in iOS 10?2017-12-21 16:26:21's in-app notification looks beautiful! Of course, it didn't work as I was in the in-app browser and that didn't want to close, but beautiful none-the-less!2017-12-21 16:13:06
It's amazing to me that Outlook push notifications reach my phone before they reach my laptop.2017-12-21 12:51:21
I wonder if Instagram will introduce a Medium-style "heart as much as you want" feature? It certainly sounds up their alley.2017-12-21 11:55:50
Starbuck's gift to me this winter - getting my name right in the first try 😄 2017-12-21 11:21:17
One small Indian place opened in Mercer Island and packed up shop in 3 months. I guess that's the fate of Indian restaurants here?2017-12-21 11:20:45
Testing posting tweets to Facebook. Because. 2017-12-20 18:16:09
So, if I understand FB's assessment of passive consumption of social media as bad for mental health, it means that if you want happiness out of your social network, post and interact more, otherwise DO NOT open it. 16:07:29
Tip - go to google photos and search for abstract things such as 'love' and 'life'. Some nice results come up.2017-12-17 21:33:43
Tried three AR apps today on wife’s phone - ARrrgh, Sketchfab, and Housecraft. Clearly AR apps have a long way to go before they’re anything but gimmick. Good thing I’ve still not downgraded to iOS 11.2017-12-17 21:29:00
Happy Commercemas!2017-12-17 16:48:12
We read books to learn what loneliness would otherwise have taught us.2017-12-16 23:01:52
According to, no one associated with The West Wing *TV show* has any known affiliation to anyone with allegations of sexual misconduct against them.2017-12-15 15:09:06
Folks who run twitter bot accounts, how do you not keep getting locked out? I've been locked out every day and need to reCaptcha to get access to the API for my @khanna_pi account.2017-12-15 01:10:47
I am LOVING Instagram's new hashtag follow feature! It makes perfect sense and makes my feed that much more interesting! Now if only other social networks understood this simple idea.2017-12-13 23:08:34
Shit. What the heck is and why is it in my search domains? Should I be worried about my #pihole??2017-12-13 21:06:13
I thought it's Wednesday already. 2017-12-12 10:14:59
PiHole is revealing a very interesting thing to me - about 50% of all DNS queries are IPv6. That's great progress!2017-12-10 14:27:59
Follow Waze in Seattle downtown - get home in 17-20 minutes. Follow your instinct - get home in 9 minutes.2017-12-08 18:11:47
Apple acquiring Shazam is nice. Hopefully they'll make the integration even faster. What I'd like to see is Apple do something crazy innovative with Shazam and Workflow. There's a level of automation they can reach now that they couldn't earlier.2017-12-08 17:16:06
On the Apple TV Amazon Prime Video app, instead of signing in with your username/pass, hit back, it'll show you the main interface, go to settings and 'register' your device, then choose the web option and go to That should really be the default!2017-12-06 09:03:29
Math question - "if the gradient over 1 mile is 28.8% and I climbed in an hour and a half and two other people climbed it in 45 minutes, how long until the Sun expands and destroys the Earth?" Answer - "it doesn't matter. I'm already dead because of this hike." #🌏2017-12-02 16:48:28
"Question - if snow falls in the forest and no one is there to call it beautiful, did it really fall?" "Yes, dammit." - mountain goat ಠ_ಠ2017-12-02 16:45:40
Started using as one of the providers for my #PiHole setup. Let's see how this new service works 😊 #quad92017-12-01 19:12:31
Next feature in home assistants - quiet hours, during which the assistant doesn't give voice responses for basic switch on/off commands.2017-12-01 01:02:44
It's 2017 and Outlook 2016's View Mailbox Size shows me all information in KB and doesn't let me sort the list by size. We live in a tyranny. 2017-11-30 11:09:05
What's the usual temp your RasPi runs at? Mine runs at about 40 degC. Is that fine or do I need a heat sink?2017-11-30 09:12:04
My personal AI asked me, "do you believe magic might be real?" Sadly my answer was, "not any more."2017-11-26 10:08:20
Brother was telling me that a lot more BMWs sell than Audis for the same segment, same quality of cars. Can someone comment and explain this?2017-11-25 18:14:22
Never mind. It was explained in the next chapter. 😊 2017-11-22 17:48:22
War and Peace, book 11, chapter 29. What does the following line mean? - "There was nothing terrible in the one small, distant fire in the immense city."2017-11-22 17:42:48
Woah. Just learnt about Pi Hole. Need to set it up at home! https://pi-hole.net2017-11-21 12:05:03
[email protected]'s Dropbox Freebies thing is still going on?? That's kinda awesome!2017-11-21 12:00:17
Mockups already have the iPhone X showcasing apps and sites? Meh.2017-11-21 11:58:03
Can the word "extrapersonal" be used to signify "of other people"? Like, "to experience other people's lives" becomes "to experience extrapersonal lives".2017-11-19 20:45:10
Doesn't seem that it's possible to airdrop pics from iOS 10 to iOS 11. Is this a known thing?2017-11-18 17:03:15
It's understood now that if, in a public place, you're not staring into your phone, you're overhearing others' conversations.2017-11-18 09:26:43
"What do your tattoos say?" "That I was young and crazy once."2017-11-17 18:47:15
Venmo lets people see random people's transaction history? What idiot thought that was a good idea?? #stupid2017-11-17 11:41:48
Packed in the bus like first world sardines.2017-11-14 18:23:27
Waaaait. Dan Brown's Inferno and the movie Inferno have *different* endings???? What the heck?!2017-11-14 13:45:12
Good folks, I'm looking for a plugin to inject Wikimedia images to Wordpress posts as featured images. Is there such a thing?2017-11-14 09:56:43
Bug in iOS 11 where if you tap the time icon in the battery usage settings page, the view scrolls down by a bit. Because, hehe, why would Apple test such basic functionality, right?2017-11-11 12:12:21
Feel like watching Chariots of Fire again. 2017-11-11 02:13:33
I really need to figure out how to post > 256 char items to pnut.io2017-11-08 10:52:52
For this is a really long tweet, for this is a really long tweet, for this is a really long tweeeet! That I'm testing out today. Have you heard the one about the Corduroy pillow? It's making HEADLINES! hahaha. That was an oatmeal joke. You know, Oatmeal. That cookie! :D2017-11-08 10:47:29
Has anyone ever truly felt irony?2017-11-06 23:16:03
I just realized that King Steve will be in college next year, so who will carry his Morning Star around?2017-11-05 19:35:46
Is there a way to disable Siri on the Apple Watch and not in the phone?2017-11-05 12:20:29
Holy shit, completed all the goals in Egg, Inc. and now it's on to Trophies! 😊 2017-11-04 10:14:29
I wonder... Am I still paying for Xbox Live?? Why???2017-11-01 23:46:55
iOS 11 Alarm app has a bug where you can't select a song from your Apple Music. It just disappears. Why did Apple ship such a terrible OS?2017-11-01 00:54:07
Amazon should ship books with an optional Amazon Prime bookmark. I use bookmarks to track where I got a certain book from.2017-10-31 09:03:34
Took forever to get to 300 million Graviton egg laying chickens in Egg, Inc. 2017-10-29 19:10:41
The wife convinced me to stop using Uber some time ago. Am really glad I did. No reason to keep supporting this company.2017-10-26 11:02:31
I also wonder how many people reading my posts yawned in response to my previous post.2017-10-26 08:55:52
I *thought* of the word 'yawn' and had to yawn. I wonder what happens to those scientists who study it on a daily basis!2017-10-26 08:55:13
The ability of the govt to protect the people from predators is being destroyed by the govt itself.2017-10-24 21:19:30
Just testing something. 2017-10-24 14:30:58
Away from phone. 2017-10-22 12:39:52
Did I just hear the supermarket overhead voice say, "trust is power"???2017-10-21 21:30:38
iOS 10 springboard has started crashing a lot after I minimize apps in certain situations. Has anyone else seen this?2017-10-21 15:28:36
Bought Bulfinch's Mythology from Costco today 😊 2017-10-20 21:51:26
Writing War and Peace must have been a pain. But I'd like to know who edited this book. That was a real feat too!2017-10-20 11:59:59
Twitter needs a "this person subtweeted you" notification.2017-10-20 11:56:57
Why does iOS not know the spellings of gerbera??2017-10-19 16:51:50
Why is Blackberry called Good Technology Inc in the iOS App Store?2017-10-18 01:50:24
Bah. Electric Dreams, I meant. 2017-10-17 19:14:13
Did I just see Rob Stark in Amazon's Electric Sheep???????????????2017-10-17 19:11:26
Is there a "related posts" plugin for #WordPress which works inside the post edit page? It'd make it easy to find posts I've written on the topic I'm currently writing about...2017-10-17 17:03:32
I got the spellings of reminiscence right in the first shot. I think I like that about myself.2017-10-17 16:51:13
Every US news org today: Ivanka Trump: I had a punk phase2017-10-17 16:49:13
ryan francis is a jerk #ryanfrancisisajerk #incredibledoom2017-10-17 15:41:11
Just thought to myself that twitter could easily have made money by creating lists/feeds of reporters and newspapers and then charging a small subscription fees from users who want targeted, smart, and timely content instead of constantly pushing the lists feature away. This would have brought newspapers to the new age faster than the stumbling ways they adopt now and would have been an instant win for twttr but they chose to destroy value instead of create it. Oh well.2017-10-13 11:36:39
A cummerbund is a kind of sash and not a kind of belt... so I've learnt thanks to the NYT crossword...2017-10-12 19:58:51
In the new Kindle Oasis, would it be possible to listen to reading music while reading text? Bluetooth headphones and all...2017-10-11 15:33:43
which is correct - "yesterday, both Jack and I were running" or "yesterday, both Jack and I was running" ?? #TIA2017-10-11 12:04:40
SO insisted on 'upgrading' to iOS 11 to get the new watchOS. The change was nice, but I quietly turned off HEIF photos on the device. No reason to tie down into Apple's gamble so early in the game.2017-10-10 10:47:17
Did I see Dieter Bohn sporting a Levi's #Jacquard in his Pixel 2 review?? Wonder how that's going!2017-10-07 16:40:57
Hahahaha! LinkedIn wants me to login to read a blogpost. #nope2017-10-06 10:27:06 is awesome to look up movies to watch with parents... :D :D 2017-10-05 15:38:39
Facebook Ad preferences -> Your Info -> Your Categories This page shows what FB tells advertisers your political leaning is, whether you run an FB page, whether you're a Gmail user.2017-10-05 14:01:34
Loving the new look PopSci is sporting... :) 2017-10-04 17:04:43
I really need twitter to show me a list of every single tweet that I've seen, no matter whether I'd interacted with it or not. Oh, and it should be searchable, for the love of God, otherwise what's the point of it all?2017-10-04 12:11:52
If Google Clips works with the iPhone, I'm gonna reaaaallly consider buying it!2017-10-04 11:44:27
It's nice that dogs don't play zero sum games when they're playing. 2017-10-03 18:38:35
Good riddance to MS Groove. It was preventing other apps from appearing on the Xbox. Hopefully MS will now let the real players in.2017-10-03 14:06:43
Holy shit, is awesome!2017-10-03 11:23:08
ok, this one should reach because I forgot to add a function in the previous one. Silly me.2017-10-03 11:00:52
testing if this post gets to pnut.io2017-10-03 10:57:41
Does raise-to-wake on iPhone 7 plus take a lot of battery life? Has anyone conducted any tests over time for it?2017-09-30 22:58:56
Why aren't there a lot of apps for Cloudflare on iOS?2017-09-30 22:13:19
Docker was once called tutum? O_o2017-09-29 15:10:31
I must say, the Google Play Music app on iOS is #spectacularly #shit. Terrible UI, no care for useful animations, strange actions everywhere and a clear dislike for following suite with other, standard, good music app UIs.2017-09-26 20:03:34
I have this odd feeling that those who don't have the 280 char tweet limit can't even see the official tweet about it. Am I going crazy?2017-09-26 15:03:09
Seems Wall Street is really bad at picking boyfriends - "Before the data breach at Equifax, Mr. Smith was widely admired on Wall Street for developing new products and increasing sales." from #NYT I just linked to. #Madoff2017-09-26 10:33:49
Can we also get the entire board to be fired please? #Equifax 10:30:14
Is #DayOne 2.0 still using UUIDs for Entry IDs? Seems to be so. But is it v1 or v4?2017-09-26 10:10:22
Does iOS 11 have an option to "Download this app when on wifi next time"?2017-09-26 09:25:21
This is one thing I don't understand about withKnown. How can I 'like' a post made on Do I have to be logged into my withKnown site or into Ben's site? Or do I have to somehow add his link to my site as a bookmark? #confused2017-09-25 17:17:21
Wow, just noticed the Apple Notes app spent 13 minutes on screen and used 23% of my battery. Instagram had better battery mgmt than that! -- 27 minutes on screen and 18% battery use. All since last charge.2017-09-25 12:33:20
Apps on the Apple TV (such as plex) should use QR codes to make you login instead of asking you to open a URL and enter chars.2017-09-23 21:27:35
There are no lawyers in this Judge Judy thing??2017-09-22 16:07:56
Just asked Google Photos to delete 12,991 photos and videos from my iPhone. Let's see how that process goes!2017-09-21 12:09:59
How many push notifications does Apple send out per second?2017-09-21 10:28:37
I was looking for a reason to not buy the Apple Watch S3 and I found it - AT&T wants to charge $10/watch/mo for cellular access. I already pay through the nose for AT&T. Not gonna throw more money at them.2017-09-20 12:41:11
What was that iOS game in which the hero kept dying and the next version of it that came would use the previous one to jump higher or cross some bridge easily?2017-09-19 11:13:23
Why do a lot of "free" Unlimited VPN apps on iOS App Store have a strange code at the end of the text? Case in point - Umbra VPN and the code "d67e7c1186". Is this a way for spammers to track their uploads? Is Apple watching this?2017-09-18 19:40:43
Love these beautiful, cloudy evenings! 😊 They harken me back to the trivialities of such evenings gone by!2017-09-18 17:46:46
Why does Amazon not own 10:44:39
Huh. There's no Wikipedia page for Parle Poppins!2017-09-16 22:01:17
Do I know any actual cat people on my social media?2017-09-13 16:55:14
Can I talk with someone who has read War and Peace thoroughly? I want to talk about Book 11: 1812, Chapter 1. Specifically, the way Tolstoy ties the ideas of Calculus to the idea of explaining history by studying the decisions and actions of a few men.What do you think of this?2017-09-13 14:23:53
Folks who saw the #iPhoneX and have been using #iOS11beta, do you think there's scope for drag and drop in the iPhones as in the iPads?2017-09-12 14:25:33
Paid for the IAP in #Terminology 3 thinking it'll let me start the app in #Search mode. Is there no way to do that any more? pretty please?2017-09-12 12:24:28
Is Apple trying to kill @AppCardiogram or has a deal with them re their atrial fibrillation study?2017-09-12 12:15:21
Wait, it'll work with *all* Qi charging devices? Hmmm. 2017-09-12 11:43:59
swipe right to change apps is nice and will be a *very* big learning curve.2017-09-12 11:36:56
Did they *finally* increase the size of the SEND button on iMessages??? 2017-09-12 11:32:40
When was the last time you changed your Apple Watch band?2017-09-08 22:00:55
YouTube desperately needs to add two features - A Like button in their miniplayer, and the ability to mute a YT video playing in one Chrome tab automatically if I play another video elsewhere, and then autoresume the first video.2017-09-08 16:59:08
Sounds about right -> 13:46:07
Folks! What's one word for "feeling under pressure"?2017-09-07 11:58:56
"Alexa turn on Good night" to "turn on" a TP-Link Kasa "scene" that *switches off* all the lights in my house. #terrible2017-09-06 23:37:00
[email protected] is 503'ing here on my system. Is that the case everywhere? 2017-09-06 12:09:06
Bloody hell Apple. I have to turn on family sharing for Apple Music and I can't selectively turn off calendars and reminders? #crapware2017-09-05 22:20:44
We really need to have annotations in the Apple Health app. 2017-09-05 19:57:54
Now there's a competition - which will come out first, the next GOT book or the final GOT season?!2017-08-30 09:34:29
There should be a web comic about the unspeakable horrors our soaps and shampoos see on a daily basis.2017-08-30 09:33:30
I said Namaste to Alexa and it said "I don't know that one". Uhhhhh. All the Indians working on the Alexa team, get your act together!2017-08-29 20:03:01
You good folks know about right? #checkitout2017-08-28 12:30:29
Just saw the new twitter app......... ugh.2017-08-27 11:54:16
Just saw a Hyundai hybrid car - Ionio - on the road. 2017-08-25 10:03:41
I wonder what Cassius Livy really wants!2017-08-24 19:37:54
In iOS 11, if you swipe down, you basically get to the lockscreen? Including swipe left for camera? 2017-08-24 14:21:33
Is citebite dead?2017-08-24 13:46:07
The revelations around Accuweather show that iOS seriously needs a hosts-file style blocking capability. Now, more than ever! The problem, of course, is that users will use the same to block ads too, which will hurt almost every app on iOS.2017-08-23 16:03:37
I just have one question for the proponents of Shia butter.2017-08-20 11:11:51
You know what I'd like twitter to do? I'd like some control over the 'In Case You Missed it'. I'd like to select the people whose tweets I want to see in that section. There are some people who I'd like to follow without turning on the notifications for them, such as my brother and Elon Musk. Of course, I can use lists. But twitter treats lists like a black sheep and has consistently pushed this tool to the side instead of where it should be - the middle - which is a shame. 2017-08-20 10:59:45
I'm done with the Fandango app. Shit app, tons of ads and too much 'convenience fee'. Next time, I'll use some other way.2017-08-19 19:53:26
like gym like gif.2017-08-19 13:30:40
Google Home's voice recognition and search is 1000x Alexa. Time to dump the latter.2017-08-18 22:20:03
#Waze also failed me in #Seattle downtown. One lesser used road reduced predicted time from 45 minutes to 18 minutes!2017-08-18 17:25:54
One typo later, my search on Tuna Fey went to some odd places. The Internet is weird. 2017-08-18 07:29:56
Not gonna use #GoogleMaps any more in #Seattle downtown. Doesn't know any of the traffic flow changes and completely screws up the ETA!2017-08-15 21:18:57
Beautiful quote! Makes me think that a true story is always about what someone does with the cards they're dealt! 13:28:05
"Fire and Fury!" "Fire, Fury, and frankly Power!" "Fire, Fury, Power, and frankly, the Spanish Inquisition!"2017-08-10 21:17:03
Shame on you, #Onavo and #facebook, for breaking users' trust so blatantly! 16:17:26
why does iOS seem to disconnect from wifi when trying to connect to VPN and then connect back once the VPN is established?2017-08-09 12:57:24
Got a call from +1 (650) 947-2770 (official number of some police dept in CA) about my Masters being under IRS audit due to some irregularities in the payments. I tried hard to understand their voice, but something was wrong in the network and their voice kept dropping. The woman speaking to me finally got frustrated and cut the call. I called back and spoke to the reception and the lady there told me that scammers have spoofed their phone number and are using it to scam people. I guess there's some benefit to AT&T giving bad service around my office?2017-08-08 16:20:04
Is there an option for selective read receipts in iMessage in iOS 11 beta?2017-08-06 09:38:00
Sent my SO a dragon emoji, she calls it a reptile. I'm like, hey, that's a dragon. She's like, uhhh, dragon = reptile. :D :D2017-08-04 11:38:10
Shouldn't WordPress now support simpler admin urls like /admin/drafts and /admin/themes?2017-08-04 10:34:06
Songs of the movie, Rock On, are not on Spotify? I could have sworn they were!2017-08-03 18:00:18
Apple just increased testflight betas to 10k testers?? Wow!2017-08-01 11:55:26
When is the next Bond movie coming out?2017-08-01 09:09:46
It's kinda sad that the iClarified #jailbreak page is in hibernation. Speaks to the state of iOS jailbreak in general. 12:04:36 To open the Reporter app from Workflow on the report page.2017-07-28 09:57:35
Holy moly! Can I please get a Meizu Pro 7 Plus in the US soon? Pretty please?! #wowdesign #frogdesign2017-07-27 16:05:22
Does Superman use his laser eyes to quickly read bar codes?2017-07-23 16:45:01
You know what would be an interesting merger? Spotify and Sirius. 2017-07-22 09:31:36
Sometimes my yawns are so contagious they cause me to yawn again!2017-07-22 00:11:11
Just learned that Daedalus Touch has been sunsetted come September. Time to say good bye to a great friend! 2017-07-21 23:11:10
I wonder what was the impact of VLC in killing off hardware CD players and consolidating all viewing to computers?2017-07-18 21:25:56
Has anybody run their RasPi model A off a car charger? Pros/Cons? Pitfalls? TIA!2017-07-13 18:05:56
Hey @starbucks, mobile order only allows me to use one star for the entire order? Seems silly for large orders! #ux2017-07-10 09:31:16
Umm... Did google start redirecting python searches to 3.x instead of 2.7??? That would be a *huge* mistake!2017-07-06 20:50:43
There's water leaking from the AC of the plane. All I want to know is, is it a known issue or a new regression. 2017-07-05 06:25:20
Are folks seeing any influence of Workflow's awesome automation in #iOS11 #iOS11beta?2017-07-02 07:03:06
Say what you will about iPad photography, it provides an unprecedented ability for older folk to take photos and see them clearly!2017-07-01 13:49:29
How many folks do I know who are currently using Day One 2.0? How many of you are subscribing?2017-06-30 11:23:29
Seems every tech company needs to have a refurbished page nowadays - 10:44:48
The iOS 11 QuickType keyboard is an interesting feature. But I hope there's an option to turn it off, it might not be everyone's cup of tea2017-06-26 15:31:48
theSkimm and Facebook talked and recognized that I sub to their email but don't follow them on Instagram. So I got shown an ad for it. Not cool folks. Not cool. 2017-06-22 00:39:43
Love the way Colbert plays with the cameras on the set!2017-06-21 23:10:06
Just saw the trailer for #darktowermovie. I CANNOT wait for August!!!2017-06-21 21:27:11
Hmm. used to work, but now it doesn't. Seems their recent changes have broken functionality and not just changed UI. This is silly. Some basic things about your platform should *not* change.2017-06-21 14:32:22
Feel like buying #firewatchgame, but not sure if I've got the time to play it. I have spent recent days on the xbox, but it's cyclical - I like toggling between reading, coding, gaming, etc.2017-06-21 14:30:49
Fucking shit #xbox. Battlefield 1 got an 8 GB update 10 days ago and again it wants a 9.8 GB update? What the heck is wrong with you idiots?2017-06-20 22:58:24
Is everyone seeing the "Your tweet activity" graphs on your twitter profile on the site? Finally twitter wants us to constantly want to reach for a bigger audience?2017-06-20 16:02:10
and this is a test, which should test everything, or almost everything. Depends on whether it passes or fails. I'm more interested in making it pass, than making it fail. So here goes.2017-06-20 16:00:45
this is a check.2017-06-20 15:59:47
Someone tried to reset my FB password. Since I got the SMS with the reset code, I assume they didn't get in? How do I check?2017-06-20 00:20:43
Shane Smith's new hairstyle is cool!2017-06-19 22:06:21
Just remembered that S/O saw me watching #Supergirl one day & didn't know the show, so she asked me, "Why is this show so over the top?!" :D2017-06-19 13:28:06
Today, I googled to see what 'hops' look like. Weird.2017-06-19 13:12:12
I read Saki's The Open Window a long time ago and heard it again today thanks to Spotify. Give it a listen - 10:16:21
I just discovered Spotify's Word section that includes mythology, Poetry, Sherlock Holmes, and Rudyard Kipling. I'm truly amazed!2017-06-18 20:18:36
The US has a child marriage problem!!! 😳2017-06-17 22:11:24
GIFs in comments are the new Orkut themes.2017-06-15 12:02:11
GIFs in replies. Ok, there goes Facebook. One more nail in the coffin.2017-06-15 12:01:54
Anyone here use IFTTT to email their journal entries to DayOne? I have a question...2017-06-14 14:49:31
Anyone here use IFTTT to email their journal entries to DayOne? I have a question...2017-06-14 14:49:31
Today, I've understood why most projects have a "copy config_backup to config" step in the setup!2017-06-14 14:23:03
When aliens eventually drop by on Earth, they'll be horrified on how much we appropriate their culture.2017-06-14 13:00:25
I see Ikea on Amazon Prime has Lingonberry syrup. Can't wait for Elderflower to show up. I'll never have to go to the Ikea store after that!2017-06-14 12:25:53
It's neat! Though I'm looking forward to the ability to make entries too! 2/22017-06-13 14:50:45
I've not followed DayOne's progress on their apps lately and I'm surprised to see their web beta app. 1/22017-06-13 14:50:29
I take it back. Started the 'ready to play' game. It crapped out and RESET THE UPDATE to 0 mb. Well DONE @xbox you shit magnate!2017-06-11 15:56:01
Good thing the Xbox has a 'ready to play' option at 1.5 gb... Otherwise I might actually have closed it and not played. #stupidity2017-06-11 15:35:07
Well done Xbox. Started you to play Battlefield after a while and I can't before an 8 gb update on my shitty Comcast connection.2017-06-11 15:34:13
How can I tell YouTube to never show me a video involving Rachel Maddow?2017-06-08 21:39:36
I keep thinking of renewing my blog, but my writing streak is dead right now. I'm glad my reading has come back up to acceptable levels.2017-06-08 14:30:31
iOS 10.3's no capitalization after ellipses really, really, really hurts my brain!2017-06-08 13:48:20
Encountered BlockAdBlock for the first time today. Took a few minutes of googling and reddit comments to figure out how to get rid of it.2017-06-08 13:16:59
Can we please ban construction trucks during rush hour in Seattle?2017-06-07 16:59:16
Testing smiley in rss 😂😊2017-06-07 13:15:29
For reference -> 16:29:17
Holy moley! Github just gave me a "405 Not Allowed | nginx" Daaamn!2017-06-06 16:28:27
Saw a review on the iOS app store today which gave a bad rating and said the buyer will ask for a refund from 'google now'. Spam? Spam.2017-06-06 10:17:48
crontab -r removes the user's crontab! 2017-06-05 15:49:13
Can anyone recommend a 1-2TB wireless HDD? Friend needs for family access for storage and streaming.2017-06-05 11:53:35
Did Snoop Dog get his name from Snoopy the dog?2017-06-03 15:52:37
All right, time to begin the weekend. 2017-06-02 16:32:23
correction... You paste a gif into Skype for Business and it converts it into a png. Because.2017-06-02 14:47:19
pngs don't work well in Skype 4 business.2017-06-02 14:45:53
The withdrawal time for all international treaties should be more than the ruling term of signatory governments' heads. 2017-06-01 14:18:32
Playing a coop game on iOS called WarLands. Pretty darn good strategy game.2017-05-31 20:47:21
Tried to install NativeScript on my Mac. Something crapped out. Going back to Ionic2017-05-31 19:43:55
I'm still very, very confused by Polaroid Swing. I'm on it, using it, getting it, but still.2017-05-31 12:47:43
I have a new policy regards iOS app updates - no updates over 150 MB will be downloaded.2017-05-31 12:08:46
Updated my liveblogging script to include support for RSS and - 11:51:29
I think I'm allergic to the cold.2017-05-31 11:15:51
Playing with php always feels like playing with fire.2017-05-31 11:10:53
My RSS reader hadn't updated and my favorite Friday reading - @swissmiss' Friday Link Pack was missing. Had to go to the site to read it! :) 2017-05-26 15:28:31
Alexa needs to stop listening in to random times when she's not mentioned on TV.2017-05-25 23:03:08
Who here recently linked to a post about counting the number of wifi devices around using TP-Link tl-wn722n in monitor mode?2017-05-19 20:17:55
Folks... I've heard a lot about this 'Fruit Juice' app for Mac. Is there such an app for iOS?2017-05-15 17:44:23
Folks... anyone has wechat for more than 6 months? Need help verifying my brother's account. TIA2017-05-13 14:56:15
Can Facebook++ please include an option to get rid of the horrendous Video and Marketplace tabs in the Facebook app?2017-05-10 21:57:15
Shouldn't the Apple Watch include vacuuming as an activity?2017-05-10 21:56:29
Apple's Beddit acquisition is just awesome! But will they build the tech into their hardware or rerelease the product as Apple Sleep?2017-05-09 18:40:28
Apple beware. With Echo Show, Amazon will step into people's homes in a way Apple might not be able to thwart!2017-05-09 10:41:14
Is it just me or does Google AMP interfere with mobileSafari's text search?2017-05-08 21:55:14
Hulu's new interface looks like a catastrophe.2017-05-04 19:17:09
Finally setup a ghost blog. Now to see what's on the other side of the fence.2017-05-03 21:45:42
Took me most of the weekend to figure out what's wrong with my nginx and uwsgi setup and it turned out to be a darn typo!2017-04-30 10:37:46
Hmm.'s app doesn't load data at all on Cellular. Works wonders on wifi, but even on LTE, it's a blank sheet.2017-04-27 19:36:01
Ok, I have a question about microblog. I have paid for the first two months but I have my own liveblog which has an RSS feed. I want to maintain my liveblog but also want to post here. The way to do that is to use the XML-RPC/microsub method?2017-04-26 23:34:11
Cutest thing a millennial said to SO recently - "what's a pen pal?" :D :D 2017-04-20 17:10:36
Tumblr just released a video app? Woah.2017-04-19 10:43:51
I have a question about SSD life - if I have a 128 GB external SSD and a 50 GB zip file with 0 compression. Is it worse if I move the zip to the SSD, then unzip it, or if I unzip it on my computer and then upload both zip and unzipped folder to the SSD?2017-04-18 09:57:51
This new breed of IVRS systems which want us Indians to spell our names is just *stupid*!2017-04-17 20:05:45
Nearly lost my phone today. Would be nice if #Apple had the #courage to add an alert feature to my Apple #Watch.2017-04-17 19:37:07
Is it just me or do twitter moments not load in the #tweetbot in-app browser? Can someone please check?2017-04-14 16:58:22
The #PopSci shop looks a lot like the #StackSocial si... Oh, never mind, they're both built on #StackCommerce.2017-04-14 13:40:22
Question- when #instagram releases an update, do older versions start logging users out every time we close the app forcing us to upgrade?2017-04-12 16:04:58
An email to me started as, "Hi {First_Name}," Guess what I'm gonna do with such an email?2017-04-12 11:05:20
Every time I think I want to use the google search ios app, I remember that it's terrible. E.g. Search by image is not available.2017-04-08 09:49:47
It sometimes surprises me how financial institutions have some of the worst websites in the world.2017-04-07 22:20:50
Prediction: the first iPhone that comes with wireless charging and wireless audio (port-less iPhone) will not be able to do both together.2017-04-05 11:19:42
Home media server and backup people, which NAS should I buy for home? 4-6 TB storage and plex server needed.2017-04-04 23:10:13
Will Bertha go work for Elon Musk after she's done boring through Seattle?2017-04-04 13:35:23
Horizontal images in twitter #moments are still crap. Is the code maintained by a 12 year old??2017-04-04 00:31:42 vs 2017-04-03 15:15:42
I kinda want the Apple Watch team to buy Gyroscope_app2017-04-03 12:28:09
People touting HTTPS against ISPs, I hope you're making it clear that URLs will still be stored and sold. 2017-03-31 20:57:49
VLC Remote Playback on the Apple TV is, like, Prometheus stealing fire for us mere mortals! Even SRT files work!2017-03-31 20:45:28
Well, I played with Gboard and SwiftKey. Both make too many random mistakes. I'm back to the default iOS keyboard for now. 2017-03-31 19:07:07
#haveibeenpwned needs a feature that helps close old pwned accounts which we don't use any more.2017-03-31 14:50:48
Isn't it high time Twitter came out with an API endpoint that just takes long text, splits it and tweetstorms it on it's own? 2017-03-31 14:27:58
Fellow coder I know is not active on tw. So I'm thinking, "where do you put your random musings all day??"2017-03-31 14:10:20
Fellow coder I know is not active on tw. So I'm thinking, "where do you put your random musings all day??"2017-03-31 14:10:20
Ok, I thought I'm ambivalent to the new twitter replies. But it fails when trying to address one person in a group. That needs fixing!2017-03-31 14:09:17
I opened the official Twitter app does about two minutes and quickly had to go back to Tweetbot to restore my sanity. #trash2017-03-31 13:02:52
I need iOS to automatically put every single keyboard app in a folder on the second page. 2017-03-29 13:57:58
2017-03-29 13:56:54
So, there's this app called URLy, which finds URLs in printed text (& desktop screens) and it's mindblowingly good - 12:55:25
So many people try to create geo-messaging apps that it's become a pain to watch these things go through the wringer and die.2017-03-29 10:54:34
Wow. People come up with innovative solutions to Apple's restrictions! -> 17:01:37
iOS 10.3 In-App Review Prompts will save me sooooo much heartache! I want to leave reviews, but can't be bothered heading to the appstore.2017-03-27 12:59:05
Everybody and their mother's website wants to send me notifications through Google Chrome. Ummm nope. No thank you. 2017-03-27 12:43:30
Pushpin for pinboard just went free. Huh. 2017-03-27 10:42:58
Question: will self driving cars be polite to other self driving cars?2017-03-24 18:16:25
I swear, if Ionic 2 and typescript are so shitty, I'm gonna start coding in swift to make iOS apps!!!2017-03-24 00:34:59
Another test post. 2017-03-23 12:31:41
2017-03-23 12:28:23
Test post2017-03-23 12:26:48
Test post2017-03-23 12:25:25
Ummmm... Why did #WorkFlow just go free?2017-03-23 10:35:48
Folks, Gboard vs Swype vs SwiftKey on iOS?2017-03-22 16:38:11
iOS 10.2.1 Spotify - no third party keyboard works. Have to exit the app, change to default kb & come back. What an irritating bug!2017-03-22 09:58:22
Wait, @Ionicframework v2 *still* doesn't support swipe-down gesture?? What the heck is wrong there fellas? It's been almost a year!2017-03-21 22:34:59
Hey @Twitter! Where's my tweet archive? I don't think it should take you 2 days to send it to me!2017-03-21 17:56:15
Google Search straight up needs a "Social" tab after Videos/Maps/News/etc. Makes sense to clump those together instead of with other sources2017-03-21 15:58:31
Ionic v2 is quite the learning curve after ionic v1. I fear it my go the pythonv2 vs pythonv3 way for me. I still haven't learnt v3. 2017-03-20 22:44:00
Just saw a license plate which said "Happiness is being Norwegian"2017-03-18 16:20:46
FB just sent me a notification asking if I knew a completely random person I've never met in my life, and who has only 6 'friends' #failing2017-03-18 14:41:20
The air outside my office has been smelling of cabbage all day. It's just too odd!2017-03-17 17:29:51
Some time ago, died. That was a sad day for me.2017-03-17 12:20:17
Ok, I did a quick switchover to PHP5 and the site is still showing up as blank. So it's not PHP7. Maybe.2017-03-17 11:24:54
I feel 'stupid' as a word has lost its connotation and has become just a word for sarcasm. Agreed or not? 2017-03-17 11:02:30
Now that is down, I'm coming to realize how much I open Riposte throughout the day!2017-03-17 00:09:11
Yay! The script still works! I can now be lazy about removing the ADN code from the script. 2017-03-16 23:58:21
I wonder that since ADN is dead now, will my script still work for the rest of the services? 2017-03-16 23:56:14
When bandaid starts to itch because the adhesive is too strong but you don't wanna remove it coz it'll rip the hair beneath. 2017-03-16 19:06:53
I can't decide - when my kid says there's a monster under the bed, should I turn on the light and show there isn't, or say, "Yes, and you own it."2017-03-16 14:37:45
I looooooove chocolate milk!!!2017-03-15 22:32:33
Would it be the ultimate #wednesdayChallenge to ask what the future of social media is?2017-03-15 10:09:01
Hmmm. Is ADN still up? 2017-03-15 09:29:37
I'm going to try this Rhomboard keyboard for iOS. Bigger keys after better, after all - 11:13:49
Jeez, PiDay and my RasPi is sitting at home, turned off...2017-03-14 10:44:07
Folks, wasn't there a neat service which took form inputs and pushed them to a Google spreadsheet? #webdev2017-03-13 18:14:32
How does Smart DNS work? 2017-03-13 13:35:35
I grew tired of how much memory Ghostery consumes on WinChrome. Back to uBlock Origin for now.2017-03-13 11:19:27
There should be an #AirPlay mode for #iOS apps like #instagram which should show a bigger UI.2017-03-10 22:21:13
Major nostalgia hitting today. I binged on some Google photos from way back when I was in college. Never a good idea to look so far back.2017-03-08 11:46:13
s/o: Paul Ryan is Cersei. I agree! 😝2017-03-07 21:41:50
I screwed up single quotes. I hate single quotes. They get all screwy way too easy! (Partly because we use them as apostrophes)2017-03-07 17:42:05
It never fails to surprise me how software testing often leads to the most inelegant version of things get out.2017-03-07 17:31:26
Another test.2017-03-07 17:30:29
Fingers crossed on this one! :) 2017-03-07 17:28:14
bump. Another 10C test post.2017-03-07 17:25:35
This is a test to post to 10Centuries.2017-03-07 17:20:20
dlvrit finally sent out an email explaining ADN is shutting down and they'll turn off all connections on March 14th.2017-03-01 14:30:14
Anyone know why @foundd ( was shut down? It was a good service...2017-03-01 13:11:48
Hulu doesn't have Trevor Noah any more? Oh well, time to reconsider that subscription.2017-02-26 20:26:07
Why doesn't Medium work with iOS safari's reader mode?2017-02-22 22:35:26
Hey #Zuck, if you keep up with this destruction of your current apps to assuage your fears, we'll give it a name - #SnapCreep2017-02-22 12:02:44
I setup my Raspi after a long time and it instantly started posting its temperature to ADN... :D2017-02-22 11:33:32
Why does PHP 7 need VC runtime to run on Windows? Is it because @Microsoft doesn't have the balls to ship dev tools in their shitty little OS?2017-02-16 14:26:43
YouTube needs an 'already watched' option for videos because what the heck I've already #seenthis.2017-01-30 21:00:53
I need to do something about my starred posts on ADN.2017-01-27 19:13:03
[email protected] Trump will be unhappy till he's given the Nobel Peace Prize. 2017-01-27 18:55:08
[email protected] I love how I can customize my feed, but can you add an option to remove "is now friends with" updates, please?2017-01-22 23:44:05
Hey @postmates, I'm SURPRISED that the code you said was gonna work all weekend is not available to me at 8:30 PM Sunday. Nice job!2017-01-22 20:35:23
Ghostery tells me that uses a Facebook social plugin. Why would you do that, Apple?2017-01-20 10:34:55
Oh I know what Trump will do over the next two days! Binge watch The West Wing, of course!2017-01-20 10:19:55
Does the mike on @SethMeyers table work? If not, is it time to remove it?2017-01-17 21:36:47
I can't wait to cross-post to :D :P2017-01-10 19:02:28
Xfinity's login page is advertising something called "Diesel brothers" to me. What is wrong with you, 2017?2017-01-10 19:02:01
Venmo is pretty shit. No clear mobile web app. Not everyone gives a shit to download your crap app folks.2017-01-09 19:47:08
I wonder if twitter would ever add a "Follow person but not their retweets" option. Would be very nice indeed!2017-01-09 14:15:18
Instagram needs hashtag following capabilities. Not more video/stickers down our throats.2017-01-01 22:10:29
It is obvious that Google Maps doesn't have updated maps for Hawaii. It gets traffic info from Waze, but has ignored its own maps #terrible2017-01-01 21:37:11
If Apple would allow me to jailbreak my phone officially, first thing I would do is install tweaks to 'fix' my social networking apps.2016-12-30 17:32:18
Facebook is destroying my Facebook, instagram, and Messenger experience, all in one. Good. I'll have a very good reason to finally dump it2016-12-30 17:30:23
Amazon #Prime should include one free #CarFax per year.2016-12-30 10:11:26
Just discovered that the Instagram Saved photos feature is not available to everyone. What lunacy is this?!2016-12-23 00:46:48
Just watched Ki & Ka. Shit movie.2016-12-18 22:55:05
Chanakya would be disappointed in Trump for taking only weekly intelligence briefings.2016-12-13 10:09:05
My Apple Watch isn't recording my standing hours. Something's wrong. I restarted the watch too, but no fun.2016-12-12 20:48:03
Signed up for #optoutprescreen and immediately started receiving credit card offers. Well done. #crapCapitalism 2016-12-12 18:41:31
TextGrabber by ABBYY is just really, really good software!2016-12-09 00:51:09
Ok Times New Roman really destroys an emoticon.2016-12-06 15:58:48
#Pinterest has an office in downtown Seattle?2016-12-02 17:15:17
The iPhone, in iOS 10.1.1, doesn't seem to know the word "Haptics". It's literally a menu item in the Watch app, @Apple! Stop missing simple stuff!2016-12-02 11:23:42
Banana Republic has a @Spotify profile. Shouldn't they publish their Christmas playlist on it?2016-12-01 20:30:54
Instead of trying to push Shopping and Video, @Facebook should try to simplify their app for users like me to bring me back to the fold.2016-12-01 00:04:56
Hey @Paypal, someone sent me spam from Just letting you know...2016-11-29 09:55:21
I need an app that notifies me when I leave my Apple Watch behind.2016-11-28 14:55:10
Hey @uber #SeaTac airport & SeaTac arpt rental car facility are different locations. Stop clubbing them together to make my life difficult.2016-11-27 19:34:42
Airbnb won't let me keep a weak password or use my usual password. Well, I guess I'm not making an account on this site.2016-11-23 10:13:53
First Facebook killed Zuckerberg, now Twitter suspended @Jack. Are corporations sending a message to their overlords?2016-11-23 10:10:58
This video, just to watch Robert De Niro, Ellen and Bill Gates laughing... :D 14:32:31
Snowden's existence legitimized Wikileaks and Russia's intervention in the elections. Obama would not pardon him for that.2016-11-22 12:49:43
[email protected] Josh Earnest speaks so much like @POTUS Prez Obama!2016-11-22 10:17:27
Trump is going to have a fit about twitter's screenshots of deleted political tweets. Might use Melania to block this form of 'bullying'.2016-11-20 08:21:30
What is #googleweblight?!2016-11-18 00:40:43
Trump should be made to watch all seasons of The West Wing before he takes office.2016-11-17 20:15:42 appears to be using Drupal according to whatcms.org2016-11-17 18:47:59
So... It feels like there was a need for a fall guy for this election and Facebook is it. Odd.2016-11-17 11:00:38
Finished reading all 6 issues of the new #Archie on Prime Reading and now I want more. Can't wait for the refresh.2016-11-16 22:51:26
Exchanging money in India will now be like voting? Huh...2016-11-15 16:10:07
Three years from now, when Trump is seen as non-cooperative by Russia, the first batch of his emails will be released.2016-11-11 15:01:41
YouTube's #charismaoncommand just won his bet that Trump would win. Big money for that fellow.2016-11-09 00:11:28
FiveThirtyEight just flipped their prediction. This is just terrible.2016-11-08 20:53:16
I have this odd feeling that Trump will contest in courts, those states where he's winning by some margin, and in the recount, lose.2016-11-08 11:03:18
Trump loves taunting even the people who want to help him.2016-11-07 22:04:39
Prime Reading. Wow! That's a nice step forward Amazon! :)2016-11-07 11:55:34
Matronizing is a nice word. It should get used more.2016-11-04 23:38:49
Shouldn't Queen Elizabeth be an executive producer for 'The Crown'?2016-11-04 22:22:18
For the past few days, my iPhone 6+ 10.0.2 has deteriorated performance and memory issues. You know, since ios 10.1 has come out.2016-11-03 19:06:41
Every time I really want to take a screenshot, the Apple Watch doesn't fail to disappoint.2016-11-03 10:04:23
Facebook allows you to see the friendship between any two people you're friends with using 22:33:36
Huh... Silly permissions mistake has caused last two months worth of posts to not get saved on my liveblog. #lame2015-08-24 12:47:19
This is a test for my liveblog. #ignore2015-08-24 12:45:28
optipng says image optimized, Google disagrees2015-06-01 13:13:58
@Google, if you hijacked the "+" search sign for Google+, shouldn't "+nitin" show Google+ results? How long will it take you?2015-05-30 18:21:17
I hate company email. So much wealth of knowledge is just hidden inside that system, waiting to be deleted as people leave or shift. #shame2015-05-29 15:03:15
Tater tots might as well have descended from heaven!2015-05-29 14:17:29
Cat Issue #90 came out today. It's the last one. Oh how I will miss this cat!2015-05-29 12:55:25
After many troubles, my Mac is finally back in my hands. Now this feels right!2015-05-28 20:56:21
Listening to "Call me maybe" on Apple Genius Bar muzak :P2015-05-27 17:43:23
Hey Xbox, why don't you have trailers for all your games on the store? Do you think we'll just buy them based on photos? 2015-05-23 22:32:15
Sarcasm, swaad anusaar.2015-05-22 14:32:27
According to my analytics data, I'm the top author on my personal blog. Woohoo!2015-05-22 14:31:50
Is there any organism/plant out there that's better known by it's scientific name than it's common name?2015-05-22 14:25:10
Should it be "an Uber driver" or "a Uber driver"? Is the difference because of American/Brit English? 2015-05-22 12:40:02
Just realized that Greenpeace India's domestic accounts have not been frozen. They claim their local donors are majority. So why the worry?2015-05-21 20:12:04
"Be funnier, smarter, and more interesting with Gather." Wow. What a disgusting thing to say. #shame http://gathertheapp.com2015-05-20 15:57:19
Google Tone is both stupid and novel at the same time. #whatthewhat2015-05-20 15:46:06
The old Google Chrome Bookmarks manager is only about a trillion times better than the new Google Chrome Bookmarks manager.2015-05-19 16:08:05
no, google.no2015-05-19 15:21:52
Say hello to your hipster grandpa, you damn ReadRemaining.js writer2015-05-18 14:29:44
I smell noodles! I want Maggi noodles!!! 2015-05-18 12:32:34
Zawinski’s Law should now be stated as - "Every app will eventually attempt to be social."2015-05-18 10:46:51
So odd that America doesn't understand the concept of Continental pillows. Surprised, I am. 2015-05-17 13:55:48
ATT, please stop making shitty interfaces! I can't copy paste a 15 digit IMEI number into the Unlock status page? #UX #fail2015-05-16 21:58:32
Sweet! My free Nitrous Workspace is up and running! :)2015-05-15 11:07:57
I searched for 'twitter search' in the iOS AppStore and the 2nd result is GooglePlus. #waitwhat2015-05-14 11:49:12
FB understands the power of Msngr, Twitter needs to for DMs (and make them longer than 140 chars. Real conversations can happen there.)2015-05-13 18:33:22
Hmmm... I've got 21,503 words in drafts right now. Maybe I should publish some of them.2015-05-13 17:55:30
Discovered #IndieWeb, #Quill, #p3k etc and tried installing on WP. Too many plugins, too much work. Not my cuppa tea, at least for now. 2015-05-13 17:54:36
Twitter is like, "New Tweets!!!" Scroll up to see my own latest tweet. Well done Twitter, you're more crappy than FB in #UX 2015-05-09 12:25:38
Just discovered Nice! :) 2015-05-08 17:15:29
Can we get ONE streaming source where I can get The Daily Show without the darn bleeping! Something for the adults, seriously!2015-05-06 23:34:21
Just played the twitter oauth_dance in python. Wow, that was weird!2015-05-05 13:39:31
Can I get an App Password from Google without using their 2fa?2015-05-05 13:12:48
Stupid Shazam. Every time I open the app to find a tune, it asks me a dozen things before it lets me use the app!2015-05-04 22:45:07
Hey, @trytoastio, I get it, my invite is here. No need to send me an email 10 times just to tell me that!2015-05-04 13:10:44
Do animals lie to their own?2015-04-30 18:53:48
Another opportunity lost by @Microsoft - doesn't go to their next browser, but to Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R22015-04-29 18:41:35
Ok, my 2011 15" MBP's HDD is failing. I'd like to replace it with something close to 750GB. What do you folks recommend?2015-04-29 17:03:24
"National Guard commander Linda Singh said that up to 5,000 troops could be put on the streets" #baltimoreburns #SINGH2015-04-28 12:26:00
Google Plus has a problem with me sharing StackSocial deals? Whatever Google!2015-04-24 12:58:54
Ooh, so hungry!2015-04-23 11:40:47
You know what I'd like? An @IFTTT DO Button that runs a bash script on my server. Possible?2015-04-22 19:08:55
My website loads fastest in Canada, according to @newrelic. Unfortunately my audience is not in Canada! :(2015-04-22 18:03:56
I just realized it's Tuesday and not Wednesday! :(2015-04-21 18:19:41
Thought about writing a comment on a blog post but then thought about what the author's response will be and skipped it. #savetheinternet2015-04-20 18:37:13
Woah! The Google Analytics home page got a revamp. Nice!2015-04-20 16:16:34
I love that Wikipedia supports so many languages... Including, as I recently discovered, Sanskrit! 😊 2015-04-20 14:05:56
My, my... This works perfectly! Awesome! 😋2015-04-20 13:09:33
Just testing Polarbear with webhooks... 😊 2015-04-20 13:07:44
I installed iOS 8.3 so that I don't have to use my finger print for installing free apps. That isn't how you've implemented it, stupid Apple2015-04-20 08:07:58
Ugh! Why is this iOS Family Sharing thing so stupid!!!2015-04-17 19:34:26
I've got 7 articles sitting and waiting to be published and no interest in hitting the publish button. :\2015-04-16 19:08:34
I was thinking of buying a #CardsAgainstHumanity expansion and their usual expansions (+-) add up to $100! Wow...2015-04-13 12:12:15
@dlvrit it's clearly not working between us. I really like you but seriously, why don't you work! I guess it's time to move on... To jetpack...2015-04-10 23:26:10
Why is the App Store taking a big performance hit right now?2015-04-09 20:03:08
You know what would be interesting? Getting to watch evolution happen around the galaxy as light from different times gets to us...2015-04-09 17:33:47
What's the argument against Apple spending a couple billion dollars to research better battery life for the Apple Watch?2015-04-09 16:05:04
Hooray! I can finally stop going to! I just have to go to from now on!2015-04-08 19:47:09
delete from feed_items where content like '%apple watch%'2015-04-08 15:35:40
How does coconut flour make it into a Paleo diet? Come to think of it, how does flour of *any* kind make it into a Paleo diet? 2015-04-08 11:11:57
Rand Paul's website clubs hackers and NSA in the same line. Shows the state of affairs in the US. #shameful 16:18:38
Quick question for Indians - have you ever come across a school/institute in India which doesn't agree with Evolution Theory?2015-04-01 12:26:16
The Maharashtra govt needs to get it's head out of it's ass and #GivePalashSomeBeef 13:00:59
We're kidding, right, about this Indian Game of Thrones thing?2015-03-26 11:58:33
This MacMini flew to the skies and went all the way to 112,000 feet. #awesome2015-03-25 15:44:33
Can we have it such that when #USTelecom loses the court battle against #netneutrality, they are required to pay the govt's legal fees? 2015-03-25 15:43:45
Excuse me, #India, but you were party to the Russian resolution against gay UN staff? Shame on you! #ashamedcitizen2015-03-24 15:43:33
Louis Vuitton or Louis CK? #hehe2015-03-21 13:56:40
@qz you're really dumb to suggest James Bond's new look is much like Steve Jobs. #useabrain2015-03-18 01:35:00
The world needs an @ArcherFX vs Predator short. Seriously.2015-03-13 22:45:41
Who wants to help me edit an 1800 word short story? 2015-03-13 17:21:53
I don't understand why people on @imgur put the tldr at the end of their post. You do realize it should be at the top, right?2015-03-11 20:02:04
"Oh look, I'm a TV Reporter. I'm standing in front of a big screen and reading tweets." #shittyjournalism2015-03-09 22:38:48
Apple Watch edition watch, not found on my wrist any time soon. So, yeah... #AppleWatchEditionWatch2015-03-09 13:46:42
USB-C, breaking everything you own from the last ten years. #AppleKillsUSB2015-03-09 13:45:40
"Uhh, people have been asking us to make an iPad-based laptop." "We can't do that!" "We're Apple, we can do anything."2015-03-09 13:36:49
Out of all the desktop apps in the world, why the heck does @Spotify assume it needs to start on system startup? #UX #fail2015-03-07 17:15:40
I'm fairly certain the documentary India's daughter would have passed us by with less response had the govt not banned it. #india #rape2015-03-06 16:29:15
@BBC online customer survey asks, "How would you describe your nationality?" I used to think there's only 1 way for me to describe it!2015-03-03 14:10:29
Oh wow, @Vimeo finally added Chromecast support for #iOS. Finally, I'll be able to watch all the videos I've bookmarked!2015-02-27 15:38:46
There is a strange camaraderie amongst office folk who use the stairs.2015-02-27 14:54:08
You know what would be interesting? A Sans Serif #font with Serif style Apex & hairlines but no brackets or serifs. #UI2015-02-27 13:11:16
@WordPress' push for personal #blogging should include setting pretty permalinks as default. CMS sites can change the default if needed. #UX2015-02-25 18:09:01
Guy giving training sounds exactly like Ron #Swanson. This is #awesome!2015-02-24 11:10:01
Are all smells different? 2015-02-23 17:46:30
I always follow my #cricket superstition to ensure India wins - not giving a crap about anything relating the game. #worldcup20152015-02-21 23:04:44
Nobody EVER wants to do "shake to send feedback".2015-02-21 20:53:23
And, that the "Discuss Patent" button on a patent listing page on Google doesn't link to G+ but to patents.stackexchange is interesting!2015-02-20 15:00:10
Just discovered Google Pantent Search. When they say "all the knowledge of the world", they aren't kidding!2015-02-20 14:57:35
Hey @ifttt, loving your Do Button! It's neat! :)2015-02-19 12:40:39
#occupythebookstore is absolutely brilliant!2015-02-18 14:23:08
Hey twidiot! a j a x and P H P in the same sentence make you lock my account? WTH? Ever heard of sanitizing form fields?2015-02-10 16:31:59
My twitter account just got locked for some reason. Had to verify by SMS. Weird!2015-02-10 16:27:35
"This request looks like it might be automated." Uh, no twitter, I've proved many times that I'm human.2015-02-10 16:24:40
Kiran Bedi - "I haven't lost. BJP has lost. But I'm an integral part of the BJP. But I haven't lost." She seems to have forgotten simple logic.2015-02-10 00:43:52
#Congress struck out of #Delhi, as it should be! Aryabhatta ne kya kaha tha? Shunya khao ab #Rahulbaba!2015-02-09 21:14:22
How the heck is the word 'regex' not a part of Apple iOS or Google Chrome's default dictionary? What gives?2015-02-09 18:39:15
someone should build a replica of the Earth on minecraft...2015-02-09 18:01:38
Shit. I just told Amazon what car I own. Oh well, another piece of information leaked to the companies... 2015-02-06 18:08:11
@Dropbox needs to add chat/notes to files. Or, just buy @SlackHQ... 2015-02-06 16:49:33
Just learnt that Amazon employees call themselves Amazonians. Like wow. I thought that was a joke! 2015-01-30 10:59:57
Started reading Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance. Beautiful, immersive book!2015-01-29 15:05:46
What if Kiran Bedi was sent by Kejriwal to BJP so she can look like a fool and destroy BJP's chances of winning? #GharKiBediLankaDhaye2015-01-29 11:55:55
You know what would be funny but preposterous? If a @Google search result of a linkblog redirects to the actual link instead of the blog!2015-01-29 11:30:40
I love how Seattle rain is so #republican. Small, small raindrops so independent of each other and a central authority, falling carelessly...2015-01-27 19:14:17
@lyft your geolocation system is really, really, really bad. If it can't detect my location in 2 seconds, just ask for my address next time!2015-01-27 11:22:03
Why is onomatopoeia not an onomatopoeic word?2015-01-26 19:32:29
Wrote a long message and then deleted it. I'm basically asking a friend to #deepgoogle for me. I can #deepgoogle on my own.2015-01-26 16:26:58
India's love of Threes - roti, kapda, makaan, pyaar,ishq,mohabbat, theft,rape,murder. 14:59:54
It's really shameful! I hate using git so much I prefer doing all git-related work through the @github webUI. #click2pull2015-01-26 13:00:34
The world needs a #WriteYourOwnArcherEpisode contest. 2015-01-23 14:07:46
Usually I see road rage... Today I saw pedestrian rage! Wow! 2015-01-16 19:38:39
Googled for ionic, got something related to chemistry! :D @Ionicframework 2015-01-15 18:48:22
"We was going fast."2015-01-15 14:29:46
ugh.. 28 notifications! Well, at least the messages are easy to take care of...2015-01-15 11:59:34
Been a few days since I opened FB. Time to pop in and say hi...2015-01-15 11:56:27
We should seriously be misusing the '&' for something to do with microblogging. 2015-01-15 11:24:32
Will youtube exist 50 years from now? 2015-01-14 21:29:29
DNS propagation says the A record is correct. Tumblr seems to disagree. Hmph! DNS changes take too long! Unless it's CloudFlare...2015-01-14 11:43:50
Just saw a shop called Chown Hardware. :) 2015-01-11 12:53:31
Is it OSes or OSs?2015-01-06 14:49:13
Hey @AppStore, I searched for @magicjack. One word. Not jack, not beanstalk, not whistle. Magicjack. Seriously, get your shit together!2015-01-06 01:02:12
Why is Friends trending on Imgur? Because kids just found out Friends is now on Netflix. Wow.2015-01-05 16:45:14
It's 2015 and Windows doesn't support native SSH. WTH Nadela?2015-01-02 12:46:24
Indian Police better arrest the vandals destroying posters and disrupting movie screenings of PK across India. 2014-12-30 00:36:55
I wrote a fairly detailed outline, only to ignore it completely as the work progresses. Impressive how badly I plan things. :D2014-12-28 01:00:08
A ragged man came to me at the bus station yesterday, asking, curiously, if I went to McDonalds frequently. I said, no, I'm a vegetarian. 2014-12-19 10:52:43
That was fast Pakistan. One terrorist gets bail and others get hanged? What hypocrisy is this?2014-12-19 10:52:21
Phone battery low, no way to kill all notifications in one shot. Welcome to iOS. 2014-12-18 18:53:52
iOS, you can change near to bear when I don't mean it, but not Virgunia to Virginia? Wth?2014-12-18 18:48:13
There's only 1 foolproof way for Sony to release The Interview now - torrents. #doitSony2014-12-18 15:59:53
Tried to optimize WP DB, hoping to make things faster. Guess who uses InnoDB tables? This guy. Always Optimized tables never have bloat. Great! Now my inner nerd is upset that I didn't get anything out of that transaction...2014-12-17 18:17:42
India should provide military and humanitarian aid to Pakistan after the attacks. #IndiaWithPakistan2014-12-17 11:45:54
@Eat24, why do I login when the first thing you'll ask is still my address? What a stupid interface!2014-12-16 23:11:16
Let's do some math. At 2:30PM, Windows asked for a reboot. I deferred it by 4 hours. It's now 7:15 and Windows hasn't asked for a reboot.2014-12-16 20:17:45
Naked dude driving SUV spotted here. 2014-12-12 22:11:36
It's causing issues with logging into sites like @cloudflare and many forms to not work. Also, I had to revert to IE for some work. Ouch!2014-12-12 14:29:28
Weird bug in latest Chrome causes page to refresh on Submit instead of POSTing form data. Seems related to Cookies.2014-12-12 14:28:22
What do you see? -> lynchtmlconv2014-12-12 14:14:48
IT Policy #115: It's not secure if it's not frustrating.2014-12-10 14:02:12
Cigarette lighter on retractable badge reel. Brilliant!2014-12-10 11:10:41
Woah! I just realized - Jesus H. Christ. Barack H. Obama! 2014-12-09 20:59:25
I just dry-coughed. Here's hoping that isn't back!2014-12-09 15:45:35
@CenturyLink, here's a tip - next time someone calls your call center, try not to drop their calls. 2014-12-09 15:01:38
iPhone 6, iOS 8.1. Keyboard shortcuts keep disappearing. Anyone else observed this behavior?2014-12-09 12:40:48
I have AT&T. Today, while shopping, I noticed my phone was catching a network called maritime. Not wifi, cellular. WTH??2014-12-07 16:09:02
It was "raining" in Seattle today. LOL. You can that rain, Seattle? Hah!2014-12-05 22:12:12
The tumblr login page is irritating and cumbersome... to get to... 2014-12-05 17:01:24
"A dream is a wish your heart makes." Then what about the nightmares I've been having a lot of?2014-12-03 13:03:40
Quick, I need a Phillips Shaver and I'm looking at the Philips Norelco Shaver 3500. Good or bad? Also, is there another you'd recommend?2014-12-03 11:58:24
I still haven't enabled iCloud Drive and now I need to move files between Ulysses and Daedalus Touch. This is getting irritating, Apple.2014-12-02 16:37:04
Had thought to myself that I'd donate to #Wikipedia when I visited it next. Just did. :) 13:25:34
Dear apps that have location settings options of "Never" and "Always" but not "When app is open", go to hell.2014-12-02 12:38:51
I got only 4 hours of sleep last night. This is going to be a long day!2014-12-02 12:36:55
If Chrome is taking 600MB RAM and the GPU Process is taking 900MB RAM, there's something wrong with Chrome. Kill it. With fire.2014-12-02 11:51:38
fail2ban is nice. Does it contribute to the HoneyPot project though? Coz I'd like to do that. Also, permanent bans would be nice. Tips?2014-12-02 11:24:45
Hey Apple, this machine here, it's Windows. There's no way I'm installing a QuickTime update on this. Go away.2014-12-02 11:22:17
I am Shocked. I rebooted Ubuntu and it came back up with all services and sites running. This was amazing! Thanks DigitalOcean! :)2014-12-02 00:22:54
About to reboot my VPS after a long time. Fingers crossed. There're a lot of services running that I'd like to remain on when it comes back.2014-12-01 23:49:06
Just realized that XBox One doesn't have an app for news media. Soooo... MS, you don't want people to be in the know of things?2014-12-01 22:02:22
When people call it CPython, what are they telling me *not* to use? I really don't know...2014-12-01 18:31:22
Maybe twitter thinks it's really only for reading. Well, no twitter. We do want to write on your face too. You're NOT the RSS replacement.2014-12-01 18:27:49
Twitter notifications and profiles are just getting weirder by the minute. Whatever happened to the idea of an easy way to tweet at someone?2014-12-01 18:27:06
Your service expired in early 2011. We're still emailing you for annual dues, because that's how we roll.2014-12-01 18:20:31
what if the design isn't just a way to dissipate the extra energy being emitted from the saber that the Sith wouldn't know how to control?3/2014-12-01 17:55:24
After all, along with the lost knowledge of the Force and being a Jedi, would have been lost the knowledge of how to make a lightsaber 2/2014-12-01 17:53:54
I thought the 'new' lightsaber design had a crossguard just because it's a faulty one 1/2014-12-01 17:52:40
Just realized that the word 'stats' is a palindrome. How innocuously nondescript a detail!2014-12-01 17:46:42
Totlaly gonna dust off and recharge my iPadMini tonight. It's been sitting like a brick way too long.2014-12-01 14:32:51
So, November ended and the only worthwhile thing I wrote was a 5700 word story I haven't even published yet. Oops!2014-12-01 11:05:44
Surprised to see Chrome doesn't yet offer a "Page doesn't exist anymore but do you want to see a cached copy of it?" option.2014-12-01 01:19:43
Kalidas taught us the original 5 second rule - if you drop a grain of rice, dip it in water and eat it. #nograintoodirty2014-11-29 18:50:47
The time is 1:30 PM. Feels like 4:30 PM. 2014-11-29 14:32:06
It's funny seeing boats with snow on them. 2014-11-29 11:11:04
Friend just discovered next two days are holidays. Like, welcome back from under a rock! :P2014-11-26 14:30:04
So many people still blog on blogspot that it hurts me to see how much Google is ignoring the platform...2014-11-26 13:08:42
Tried adding my nose as a touch ID. It added it, but won't unlock my phone with it. Dangit Apple! Can't get one thing right!2014-11-26 12:58:04
Hey @Facebook, here's a tip - If I've asked you to hide shitty stories from once, I've asked you enough number of times. I don't want to see clickbait. Hide it. Now.2014-11-26 12:38:48
Hell hath no fury as an interface downed.2014-11-25 16:16:09
There's a Buddhist calendar? What are its specs?2014-11-24 21:07:59
So the #Moto360 doesn't sync with #iOS and the #AppleWatch is the ugliest thing I've seen since Gollum. So, what to do?2014-11-24 13:47:51
Momentjs gives you nicely readable time. Livestampjs gives you auto-updating momentjs time. Awesomesauce! :)2014-11-21 18:57:14
Why do none of the iOS 3rd party keyboards have a tap-hold to select keyboard feature? It's really irritating to not have that option...2014-11-21 15:49:57
The mobileSafari double tap zoom just doesn't tickle me in all the right places...2014-11-20 09:54:44
It's funny to look at python files in Mavericks' QuickLook... They appear all weird and markdowny... :D2014-11-19 22:01:47
Yes twitter, I know 2 people followed me a few days ago. Please stop showing me the same notification on EVERY device!2014-11-19 21:59:08
Wow, this Paper Collapse thing looks awesome! 18:14:39
Folks on ADN always do end up cheering me up, whether they want to or not...2014-11-18 19:26:15
Peeps! Best Log analyzer for Nginx that works out of the box?2014-11-18 18:49:18
Facebook Groups app - another attempted @Path killer.2014-11-18 15:42:55
I don't want to do people today2014-11-15 17:05:43
Has everyone seen my tool Gippy? It now supports PHP and JS 12:42:50
I don't understand DNS Zones. Can someone explain them to me? Or gimme a link other than the first pagers on Google...2014-11-12 15:24:15
I should really make a Comics folder in my RSS reader...2014-11-12 12:11:23
Does anybody use the YouTube Capture iOS app. I'd love to know what you do with it!2014-11-11 12:38:04
Cochin is a nice font!2014-11-10 22:57:00
I'm surprised Facebook hasn't brought their crappy 4 week updates policy to WhatsApp and Instagram...2014-11-10 14:06:22
Interesting! Tap-holding your messages in WhatsApp lets you see 'info' about them which tells you who all have seen them...2014-11-10 13:49:50
Found a bookmark for "Google Reader Next Article" in my Chrome... :'(2014-11-10 11:37:18
The new Google Chrome Bookmarks extension is pretty useless. Doesn't seem to recognize current folders. There's no way I'm going to re-sort my Chrome bookmarks ever again!2014-11-10 11:24:31
Somewhere between iOS 8.2 and 9, I expect app specific keyboard settings so I can keep third party keyboards for iMessage and WhatsApp but not other apps like Wells Fargo.2014-11-07 10:46:54
Kickstarter is a great way to find things you'll want to buy a year from now.2014-11-06 17:35:26
Haven't seen Doctor Who in a while... Will try to catch up soon...2014-11-06 17:16:04
I find that web development doesn't have good versioning. If I change something in CSS, I can't go back easily. Suggestions?2014-11-06 15:23:04
Either third party keyboards aren't available through the lockscreen or iOS8.1 has way too many bugs.2014-11-06 12:29:34
I see no clear way on to see which games I own.2014-11-06 12:05:27
I guess you can look at pretty much every space movie from now on in terms of how many #mangalyaans it costs.2014-11-05 18:47:41
How many #Mangalyaan missions can be flown in the budget of #Interstellar? Two mission. #newmath #jugaad2014-11-05 18:46:45
Renamed my blog from "Nitin Khanna's blog" to "Nitin Khanna speaks" because it felt more right.2014-11-05 17:53:51
One thing I'd like to know - How do 3rd Party keyboards in iOS support blutooth KBs? Do they still have their unique features?2014-11-04 19:06:28
The UK government's Github username is AlphaGov. Guess they didn't get the memo about not being the best government out there.2014-11-03 17:00:29
Maybe we should rename #NaNoWriMo to #InNoWriMo - International Novel Writing Month2014-10-31 15:23:31
I'm waiting for the #Facebook Messenger Stickers #iOS8 keyboard. 2014-10-31 11:14:07
Just got added to my brother's family sharing plan. This is stupid. I can't add multiple cards to the plan?!2014-10-30 22:57:48
Gmail iOS app has inbuilt browser but Hangouts doesn't. Such disparity! #firstWorldProblems2014-10-30 19:59:47
Feels like Thursday.2014-10-29 10:37:29
Is it just me or does Google's Inbox app not actually open emails??2014-10-28 17:10:52
I have Yosemite and iOS8.1. Should I 'upgrade' to iCloud Drive?2014-10-27 13:47:09
Just saw someone sporting a blackberry Passport in the wild. Now, why would someone do that to themselves?2014-10-27 11:09:34
"publish less, publish often"2014-10-24 18:32:57
I just discovered "uptime | cowsay". Wow, I've been missing out on a lot of things in life!2014-10-24 17:28:00
I've got a simple jQuery getJSON that I have to run over and over. What's the best way to do this? SetInterval or something else?2014-10-24 14:43:39
lol Amazon... This is a part of your URL?hasWorkingJavascript=12014-10-23 18:36:28
I made something! Check out the latest updated python repos on GitHub --> 17:39:48
I need some #CSS help. Can someone tell me why the bootstrap panel footer here -> is acting weirdly?2014-10-23 16:02:28
Must. Refrain. From. Changing. Blog. Theme. Again!2014-10-23 12:43:35
Google, I searched for, not 'arena'. But points for effort buddy...2014-10-23 12:38:09
Whatever happened to that time when mobile sites would automatically detect I was on a desktop and redirect to the full site?2014-10-23 12:11:59
I didn't see the trailer clearly or has Marvel sidelined Dr Henry Pym in creating Ultron? I was expecting it, but who's invented it instead?2014-10-23 11:58:36
Cheers to you Poland, the most invaded country in Europe, but your spirit never dies! Your heroes are eternal!2014-10-22 21:50:07
Just finished reading Poland by James Michener. One of the most beautiful stories and most revealing histories I've ever read!2014-10-22 21:49:11
You know it's Wednesday when at 5, your WP blog starts backing files up into Dropbox... :)2014-10-22 18:15:36
Glad to see Inbox by Google. Hopefully now they'll get Google Now out of the Search app and leave us in peace.2014-10-22 12:32:01
Ah! That caching issue was because of APC. Oh, silly APC, always trying to cache things... :P2014-10-21 14:09:31
This is dumb. Made a code change, uploaded the file, put Cloudflare in dev mode. purged cache, restarted apache2, but no change on webpage.2014-10-21 13:49:32
#CSS folks, I have a list of items that are grouped by data-user (the users are dynamic) and I want to set the groups of items to different colors. Is there any way to do this?2014-10-21 13:39:09
Ooh! I've been upgraded from being hacked by Estonian IPs to being hacked by Russian IPs! Thanks folks! :)2014-10-21 11:36:04
On Win7, looking for a gadget that tells me RAM usage, click on 'get more online'. MS site says Gadgets have been discont'd. Tells me to download tiles for Win8. wtf MS?2014-10-20 11:33:33
A homeless man asked a woman for something to eat with a curious hand gesture. The woman actually stopped to hand him something. Good Samaritan or spy network?2014-10-20 10:54:59
Angry Birds Transformers ftw!2014-10-16 15:06:56
"So this is all really nice, but ... A: exactly what was leaked and B: not very exciting." What the heck is wrong with you @reckless?2014-10-16 12:33:06
@ATT you FOOLS! "According to the policy of your wireless service provider, the iPhone in this order can only be shipped to your current wireless billing address." WTH is wrong with you morons?2014-10-14 15:37:56
Uh ho! Facebook just allowed me to comment with Stickers (outside the Messenger). That's how Orkut fell!2014-10-14 12:46:07
Found it! Mob Rule! :) :)2014-10-14 12:26:53
Just remembered there was this interesting PC game I used to play - Mob Reign or Mafia Reign. It even had a sequel! Remember anyone?2014-10-14 12:25:23
When startups try to push voice communication/voice notes in documents, I only ask - Why?2014-10-14 12:12:43
Sometimes I think Chrome should just translate shortened URLs to larger ones when hovering on a link. The URL service will get it's pound of flesh when I click on it, but at least I'll know where a link is headed... 2014-10-13 17:24:04
Just realized that MS will be pushing users to upgrade from #Win7 to #Win10 directly, bypassing #Win8... What a waste!2014-10-08 20:50:41
Double clicking links in the browser should really do something, like bring up a sharing menu...2014-10-08 13:00:47
I just realized that I've been blogging since 7 years now and I've published more than 120,000 words.2014-10-07 18:14:17
We talk of running out of #IPv4, will we ever run out of bar codes? What happens then? 2014-10-07 15:47:49
Wells Fargo just sent me an email telling me it's Dhanteras.2014-10-07 14:03:57
I've added a 'Kudos' feature to my blog, so next time you're reading something on there and like it, you can just hover on it and express your appreciation... :) http://www.nitinkhanna.com2014-10-03 17:32:05
It's pretty cool that Science news reporting still uses 'may' and 'might' for all discoveries. Humility? Uncertainty? Maybe just plain good habit?2014-10-03 11:32:27
GooglePlus has started marking my photos of Boulder and Broomfield as 'trips' and 'visits'... Guess I'm a Seattle resident now!2014-10-03 11:24:46
Whenever I'm bored of my usual social networks, I go to my last social network, #GitHub. Always something interesting there to find...2014-10-02 13:04:51
wait, #WinX or #WinTen??2014-09-30 11:45:41
"Windows Insider Program - It's the way we could fire all our testers!" #WinTen #MS2014-09-30 11:41:52
"They'll find all the tools they're used to finding." hahaha! #WinTen will be back to the basics with a Start button... :D 2014-09-30 11:36:02
Hmmm... #WinTen has One Store? Interesting! Can I buy desktop apps from a #WinPhone? Remains to be seen...2014-09-30 11:34:50
So now it's #WinTen... Neat...2014-09-30 11:31:53
My brother (about Apple's statement on Shellshock) - "Essentially, people who know what bash is will have problems with Shellshock."2014-09-27 22:02:05
The #iPhone6 is available in the Apple store in #Spokane... Hmmm... 4 hours only huh! Maybe...2014-09-27 14:47:18
verbatim means I'm quoting word-for-word. Is there a similar word to tell someone *to* quote me word-for-word? #question2014-09-26 15:56:33
Let us push our boundaries. And then, push some more!2014-09-26 14:46:24
Instagram just told me to restart my #iPhone because the app crashed. #Weird. 2014-09-26 09:18:14
I wonder if it's possible to make GIFs that are interactive and respond to mouse movement, much like GitHub's Plax 4042014-09-24 13:20:24
#bentgate? No wonder I'm waiting for the next batch of #iPhone6 to buy mine...2014-09-23 17:57:37
twitter and ADN need to hide the # of a hashtag and leave it just as a link. Makes more sense to not read that character... #suggestion2014-09-23 17:35:40
wow... I'm #impressed by the #TLD of this #site - http://snapsnapsnap.photos2014-09-23 17:34:30
Just remembered that I should update my #IFTTT #weather recipe from #Boulder to #Seattle... 2014-09-21 21:32:41
I went and saw the two iPhones last night. The #iphone6 makes more sense than the #iphone6plus. Gonna buy the former. 2014-09-20 10:47:12
Went to watch Finding Fanny, instead lost some money on it. #crappymovie #donotwatch #hatedit2014-09-20 00:31:58
In case you were not excited enough for iOS 8, here's another reason - Goat Simulator is now on the iPhone 22:12:34
The fact that the guy who wrote about Apple Wave on SlashGear is named Chris BURNS! 11:49:03
Can a #FeverRSS user confirm if Sunstroke and Ashes currently work on #iOS8?2014-09-18 11:46:44
Is it subtle irony that the Pacific Science Center in Seattle is right next to the First United Methodist Church?2014-09-18 10:36:02
I have a couple score unwatched videos in my Vimeo queue and no #xbox1 app to view them on... 2014-09-17 13:32:29
hmmm... Maybe it is time to update to iOS 7.1.2 #jailbreak2014-09-17 10:48:52
The irony of the Internet is that the Internet doesn't understand or translate irony well...2014-09-16 15:46:31
I think most people give #Svbtle Kudos simply because it's a really fun interaction with the page... :)2014-09-16 10:36:42
Today's weather tells me why Seattle drinks so much hot coffee... :P2014-09-16 10:34:53
Holy shizzlesticks! I just saw the new Disqus notifications on a site... Man's they're really turning into a hidden social network! Wow!!!2014-09-15 17:24:44
My previous post was about the fact that I just joined #F5Networks. :)2014-09-15 12:45:14
I guess it's time for a refresh. 2014-09-15 10:49:21
Wow! Got up at 7 am on a Sunday, then slept at 10 and woke up at 2 with a headache and a broken watch. #whatTheWhat2014-09-14 15:20:16
What does electricity taste like? #QOTD2014-09-13 14:18:41
I saw the Chobani factory yesterday. The building was white in color. #chobani2014-09-13 11:58:13
Just entered PST. 2014-09-12 19:40:55
There were a lot of reasons Apple's live stream failed, but if they were using F5 load balancers, this would not have happened...2014-09-09 15:08:49
Imagine a perpetual motion based #AppleWatch. But no, Apple loves batteries and it's #magsafe!!!2014-09-09 12:59:05
Open hotel doors by waving your Watch at it? Hmmmm... #HomeAutomation #FTW2014-09-09 12:32:34
That little #watchDrawMessageAppThingy is going to totally be for school kids...2014-09-09 12:29:35
Finally, Apple's got a space for all those Mac Dashboard widgets that I've not been using all these years! #killTheDashboard2014-09-09 12:22:06
The question is - Will people still call it an #iWatch or will it now be the #AppleWatch?2014-09-09 12:20:52
Where's that dang Apple icon on the keyboard when you need it? #iPhone6Plus #AppleWatch #ApplePay #AppleStuff2014-09-09 12:18:11
All the time in the world... :)2014-09-09 12:13:18
Ok, Apple, hit me... How much am I paying for the #iPhone6Plus??2014-09-09 11:33:30
43 MP Panos? Wow! What say @2Nipun ?2014-09-09 11:32:09
Time to shift to T-Mo yet? #iphone62014-09-09 11:29:23
Reachability is a funny feature... But so, so important...2014-09-09 11:17:03
Type g, go to gmail. Type f, go to Facebook... Type gf? Go to 11:02:01
Just played with the Oculus Rift... Amazing, amazing tech! #mindblown2014-09-07 22:21:11
Some people just ruin good movies for you... Lame!!!2014-09-07 20:35:33
Facebook does funny things - friend in India posted "turn down for what?!!" late at night and it shows up as "Yesterday at 1:20 PM" :P2014-09-07 00:24:26
Middle of the night, middle of nowhere, the only place open was a KingSoopers #justwhatIneeded2014-08-30 23:09:22
Every Indian invariably demands a chaiwaala and a bhuttawaala at the top of every mountain #beingindian #IndependencepassCO2014-08-30 23:08:30
At an Olive Garden after a long time... #goodfood #goodtimes2014-08-29 20:26:55
9/9 may bring many things for many people but for me it'll bring respite from this crappy keyboard that Apple's been daring to throw at us all this while.2014-08-28 17:49:55
What ReadLater platform do you use for reading, bookmarking, highlighting and sharing? 2014-08-28 11:06:29
Much like AdBlocker, we now need Clickbait blocker, mostly to block scoopwhoop and Upworthy...2014-08-27 09:56:38
Got my hands on a #WinPhone. What can I do with it?2014-08-27 09:39:48
My liveblog is now #opensource... Find it here - :)2014-08-25 19:27:24
this is a @test. Ignore it, if you must.2014-08-25 16:50:45
Time to kill my CenturyLink internet connection. #gotComcast2014-08-25 15:46:38
Autocorrect keeps fixing gave to have. #lame2014-08-25 15:44:01 is #addictive! Gee whiz!2014-08-25 15:37:36
Just #read that Facebook is gonna go after #clickbait articles. Wonder if this is a way to get Buzzfeed to pay up...2014-08-25 15:35:04
I just discovered TCL. I kid you not. #wherehaveIbeen #underarock2014-08-25 15:34:07
6 year old project was then described as next-gen... hehe... #oldiebutagoodie2014-08-25 15:26:27
I find it irritating when apps ignore iPhone 4/4s sizes in favor of 5/5s size. Loathe to see what happens when the next iteration comes out.2014-08-24 19:42:59
Listening to Kamarinskaya by the Russian Folk Orchestra and then to Mac-G's Ambersariya in the same flow. Nice!2014-08-21 17:23:00
By releasing the ReddX app, MS is basically telling developers out there to piss off. Do they EVER intend on letting us build apps? #xbox2014-08-20 00:07:10
Twitter be like, your stream hasn't seen a tweet in over a minute. You need Moar friends! 2014-08-19 16:54:37
Wow, was just reading some open source Swift code and it seems really easy to read! Did Apple really go towards a scripting language? Nice!2014-08-12 16:14:53
Would it make sense for websites to have an updates information page like the App store does? It'd be nice to track changes.2014-08-12 11:02:38
Before the end of the hour, CNN will find 500 ways of saying that Robin Williams was an actor par excellence. #stopitCNN2014-08-11 18:29:44
Anyone know what's up with the massive #wordpress attacks going around? Why do hackers believe today of all days will be their lucky day?2014-08-06 14:53:48
Google Chrome says my top 3 visited sites are GMail, Treeview and GitHub!!! *feeling so proud*2014-07-29 09:48:32
Man, the Airbender Mini 1.0 for iPad Mini sure looks delicious! 19:15:47
The most disconcerting thing about #Win8 / #WinServ2012 is that My Computer is now called This PC. That's just weird!2014-07-22 19:12:50
I've been using Bing since a month. Seems like it's time to stop. That link goes to... IE! 13:50:07
Anyone have a ZTE Open C they might want to sell to me?2014-07-18 15:27:45
Nice to see NiceRank still sees me as a non-spammy member of ADN... :)2014-07-18 15:25:59
Dang, where do you get the info from when you're making edits to Wikipedia itself?!2014-07-17 15:26:28
"To be both weak and daring is for a nation an impossibility" - Poland by James Michener p.418 #BooksWing 2014-07-15 18:09:56
Time to delete the Fifa app from my phone.2014-07-13 15:45:45
The Google Chat smileys need a revamp.2014-07-10 14:56:10
This is the most ludicrous FIFA match I've seen!2014-07-09 16:32:02
Oh, my bad... that's the #ARG goalie...2014-07-09 14:36:42
The #NED goalie is actually smashing the ball halfway across the field *just with his hands*!?! Wow!2014-07-09 14:34:08
Facebook says FIFA as a topic is trending. Yeah, no shit FB...2014-07-08 16:37:55
Finallly!!!!2014-07-08 15:46:43
That last one was a total career ender!2014-07-08 15:35:58
Someone tell the BRA team there are no points for prancing about...2014-07-08 15:31:48
Hey Germany, there's a difference between proving a point and drilling it in!2014-07-08 15:25:41
For a second I thought the Brazilian goalie was going to come in an play. After all, what's left?2014-07-08 15:19:13
many Brazilian players look like Indians and today, they're playing like them too!2014-07-08 15:16:05
Brazil has had 10% more possession but only 2 shots on goal (to GER's 9). That's how you loose a game.2014-07-08 15:06:59
I can feel the Brazilian players' product endorsements dry up...2014-07-08 14:47:09
It's not #BrasilBeyond, it's #BrasilBehind!2014-07-08 14:41:05
The last time someone did 5 goals in the first half was in 1974! Woah!2014-07-08 14:34:15
Have the Germans decided to just DESTROY the Brazillian rainforests?!2014-07-08 14:30:31
Where the heck has the Brazillian defense disappeared off to?!2014-07-08 14:27:59
What the heck? 3 goals?! That's a #massacre! 2014-07-08 14:25:14
GOOOOAAAAL!2014-07-08 14:12:29
What do you call a Caucasian who likes trekking? White walker...2014-07-08 09:36:59
Seems like Spokane starts at one point and doesn't end until Washington state ends on the east!2014-07-03 14:40:55
Wearing Lululemon is like wearing yoga pants on your entire body. Ewwww!2014-07-01 18:56:59
Indian B-schools should seriously start teaching English 101. An ellipsis has three dots, people! Three dots...2014-06-25 23:56:48
When walking alone, walk fast, for the destination beckons. When walking together, walk slowly, for the journey is the destination...2014-06-25 23:04:17
iBored.2014-06-25 23:03:05
Why am I getting a notification for John Appleseed's 34th birthday tomorrow?2014-06-21 09:03:52
Facebook added the ability to search for Friends of Friends in the chat sidebar and message them directly. Ummm...2014-06-20 14:56:58
logged into Steam in the first go. That's a first!2014-06-20 09:56:36
Damnit! Steam sale and a good StackSocial sale on the same day?! I really do need that Tunes cleaner app...2014-06-20 09:40:15
Just finished Watch_Dogs. Wow! Can't wait for the sequel!!!2014-06-11 23:22:59
Well done IGN, worst walkthrough of Watch_Dogs EVER! "Go there, go that, run away from the police. You're done". WOW!2014-06-11 19:05:12
I seemed to had forgotten that the World Cup is here... Shame..2014-06-11 13:19:08
Snapchat just delivered a message for me on December 31st, 1970. I think they might have a Unix bug...2014-06-11 09:04:44
Just found someone in Watch_Dogs labelled as a Former Abstergo Employee.... :P2014-06-10 23:01:25
If the business article you're reading starts with, "Before I was an analyst," you can safely ignore the article and go on with your life.2014-06-10 16:53:26
It's always exciting to discover another human being...2014-06-08 22:31:11
Word of the Day: ennui - boredom from lack of interest: weariness and dissatisfaction with life that results from a loss of interest or sense of excitement.2014-06-08 21:39:04
Just finished watching Revolutionary Road. What a sad, strange life...2014-06-08 21:34:33
Life is like a really good book, but most of the chapters are boring in the middle.2014-06-08 17:48:44
Who here has played Scotland Yard?2014-06-06 15:19:22
The GooglePlus section of Jetpack inlines css styles in the code. Yikes! Had a tough time getting the stains out.2014-06-06 11:31:49
When was the last time you solved a crossword puzzle?2014-06-06 09:20:49
Configuring iSCSI Multipath and getting it right on both Linux and Win feels good! :)2014-06-05 11:52:16
Yup. Finally saw it. One should definitely wear a helmet.2014-06-03 19:46:01
I wanna know if Swift is just as ugly as ObjC or is it better, like Python... Any samples out there?2014-06-02 13:09:53
Spotify doesn't have Dard-e-disco!!! 2014-06-01 13:08:11
Driving under the influence... Of M&Ms...2014-05-30 18:53:11
I just had to ask - Were the bipeds in Star Wars humans? 09:52:10
I saw a Tesla Model S today. It had mud caked all over it. I realized something - Teslas go offroad!2014-05-30 09:20:55
It's painful watching @GetEditorially go. Why is it that we value something only when it's dying?2014-05-29 10:06:21
Installed GIFPaper and removed AnimateAll on my iPhone. Much simpler tweak to get gif wallpapers on my screen.2014-05-28 18:25:16
There's a timer on my desktop, counting down to 6:30, when my computer will restart. That's both creepy and liberating.2014-05-28 15:22:39
Has anyone used OS X Safari's notifications feature on their website yet?2014-05-28 13:17:17
There's stuff on the Internet, then there's shitty stuff on the Internet, aka, shtuff...2014-05-28 11:32:42
Ok, this is stupid. WinChrome has logged me out of all my accounts. Weird...2014-05-28 09:40:17
And so I've finished shifting from to and from NFS to DO. Can't wait to see what I broke! :)2014-05-27 22:32:00
So, what do folks say about shifting WordPress hosting from NearlyFreeSpeech to DigitalOcean?2014-05-27 16:42:26
Google Search's tools now includes visited/not pages and a reading level filter. Interesting changes!2014-05-23 10:12:02
#jailbreak lovers! I hope you know about SwipeShiftCaret... It's the one tweak that'll have me jailbreaking well into iOS 9! :)2014-05-22 14:56:34
An extension to Poe's Law would be - "Without proper context, it is impossible to truly ascertain which emotion a person is conveying on the Internet."2014-05-21 11:41:25
nvm... Found it... Poe's law...2014-05-21 11:21:59
What's that quote that translates to "without proper context it is impossible to say if a person is being sarcastic"?2014-05-21 11:20:55
Oh hey, nice! I'm on Gold status in Bing rewards... :)2014-05-21 11:10:37
EU banned Indian Alphonso and USA's Washington apple. Isolated, they are becoming in their food choices.2014-05-20 17:18:34
Somebody go look at bluehost's site font so we can talk about how cool it looks!2014-05-19 10:19:24
You know what I love about Barley for WP? Oh look, spelling mistake! Select, Edit. Autosaved!2014-05-16 17:34:36
The one day I take real interest in Foursquare and their site's been going down since morning. Wow.2014-05-16 14:06:30
I followed a bunch of ADN folk on twitter just so I could add them to Foursquare Swarm and now I can't find the way to add more twitter friends in the app. Lame...2014-05-16 11:16:09
Home stretch #BJP! Hit a 272 and form the strongest government India has seen in a long, long time!2014-05-15 22:35:22
Ugh! iMessage "send as SMS" is on and it just sent an international text. Thanks Apple!2014-05-15 09:51:43
According to DogHouseDiaries, I'm very likable. My flappy bird score is 1.2014-05-14 19:05:05
Dev is short for developers. What's short for designers? Des? GraDes?2014-05-14 14:51:40
onomatopoeia.2014-05-14 13:57:34
I might end up picking up rudimentary German thanks to ADN...2014-05-13 14:09:05
I mean, Colorado, did someone forget to turn the tap off? It's a little late for a dash of snow, don't you think?2014-05-11 23:48:00
Well done Frontier for the most civilized and on time boarding I've ever had with you. Oh btw, your overhead bins are pretty empty.2014-05-09 20:26:31 vs Go! #writers #writingtools #tools2014-05-09 14:06:26
I'm slowly turning into a lurker on ADN... On days like this one, just on days like this one...2014-05-07 12:59:30
The feeling of an array spilling its guts on the entire area of a mobile view... Awesome! :D #switches2014-05-07 08:25:57
Is it me or is cloudflare hit?2014-05-06 14:53:52
Twitter losing market share - "Lets sell more ads!" ADN losing market share - "We'll fire people and stop the DIP, but you'll have the same service you deserve."2014-05-06 14:52:32
Be the one. via @Highheelswaali Beautiful poem... Reminds me that I don't write poems enough...2014-05-06 10:56:36
what is the act of writing poems called?2014-05-06 10:56:28
Being bilingual means we can understand how other people think. A lot of my friends think in Hindi and write in English. It shows. Also, Rahul Gandhi thinks in English and then converts it to Hindi. Which is why he's able to say things like '1 mein se 2'... :D2014-05-06 10:36:05
Today, I made the mistake of assuming that IE knows what IPs are... Oh well...2014-05-06 10:24:01
Be careful what you say on Social Media. It's permanent. Well, at least till the next 10 years while the service still lives.2014-05-06 10:10:25
Word of the Day - heretofore. It means 'up until now'.2014-05-02 10:31:42
People still use Foursquare? Really? Not in my networks!2014-05-01 11:13:37
iMessages is really being an ass this week. No messages going through. 2014-04-30 11:48:23
Anyone here own both Windows and Mac versions of Scrivener? Got a question...2014-04-29 10:33:54
$70 per year for a .codes domain??? Maybe I should just get 09:43:00
What an excellent observation - Poe's Law - 17:04:02
Does anyone use the 'Post via Dropbox' WordPress plugin?2014-04-28 11:29:25
What did they say about the absentminded spy? That he was a man on omission. 2014-04-28 10:04:31
Friend of mine went to WebMD to lookup wisdom tooth extraction. Analysis - failure to do so leads to Cancer. Well done WebMD!2014-04-28 00:27:46
Sab ko aati nahi, aur meri jaati nahi... Coding.2014-04-24 13:29:34
Bring your kids to work Day. Interesting. 2014-04-24 08:48:29
Just another day, from dawn to dusk...2014-04-24 07:37:36
Why is Gamify not yet a word according to Chrome?2014-04-22 18:24:55
Huh... Just rediscovered News360... Is good!2014-04-22 17:55:59
Easter came and went and I had no chocolate eggs. Shame on me.2014-04-22 17:04:23
lol... People are doubling in pain over the iOS 7.1.1 and us jailbreak users are sitting and chilling out here.2014-04-22 13:49:01
I would go on reading the @Slate article about why Google should buy Dropbox but it's too drab and I hope such a thing never happens.2014-04-22 11:31:47
I trimmed the fat on my Fever install from 10 weeks to 2 weeks. Dropped from 20k items to 4k. Not bad!2014-04-22 11:21:21
I sincerely thought cPanel was FOSS...2014-04-21 18:28:03
Woman at bookstore didn't know Solaris as a book but older employee said, "Oh, that's one of the best SciFi books out there!". I'm clearly from the wrong generation.2014-04-18 10:37:22
Google Chrome just saved my Wells Fargo login info. This is not a good sign.2014-04-18 09:53:29
Today I received a Yahoo Answer for a question I asked 8 years ago. It was spam.2014-04-18 08:39:50
My Fever install has gone weird. All feed items are gone, saved items are gone. Anyone else seeing this?2014-04-17 14:45:41
every page on the Internet needs a scroll to top button. No, do not tell me about the PageUp key.2014-04-17 10:49:48
Lego pieces to build a Minecraft world.2014-04-17 10:37:52
The most terrible thing about it was that I myself had to dissemble, pretending that I took her for Hari, though, after all, she took herself for Hari too. #solaris2014-04-16 19:00:51
WinChrome's new page translation dialogue is pretty irritating. It takes focus away from the tab so kb shortcuts don't work. :\2014-04-16 16:52:24
The way we search for media - Netflix -> Hulu -> Amazon Prime -> TPB.2014-04-15 15:15:43
Backed my first kickstarter campaign for the MagBak. Check it out... 10:45:59
The Google+ chat smileys are really silly.2014-04-14 01:41:22
How would you describe sound of dropping of a pin in writing?2014-04-11 15:10:58
So Facebook took hashtags and Twitter took the profile view? Seems like a generous exchange of design...2014-04-11 03:29:57
MS ending support for custom domains in free Live Email... Shit, there goes my email provider...2014-04-11 01:57:18
Just finished watching Veronica Mars Season 3 Episode 20. Yes, this is torture.2014-04-10 20:42:16
I am ___ about ___ buying ___. I think it was a ___ idea for the owners to sell, ___ I understand that no one can say no to ___ dollars.2014-04-10 17:34:28
@9gag has a comment rate limit FOR THEIR OWN SITE that runs up to 10 hours. Ergo, @9gag is stupid.2014-04-09 13:15:47
So, can we please call a group selfie a groupie?2014-04-09 13:13:26
Dropbox's Project Harmony seems interesting. It reminds me of Frenzy, the Dropbox based Mac chat app. 11:23:10
"Klout for iPhone out? Hmmm, should I download? Wait, do they have ADN support yet? No? Ok Klout, see you next year."2014-04-08 22:20:43
Woah! I think Instapaper is down.2014-04-08 17:20:55
I need something like in-depth search for my Chrome bookmarks. There's just too many and a wealth of knowledge in them...2014-04-08 14:55:56
wow, I'm looking at the #NiKhCoNotes app in iOS and it really doesn't look good. No matter what they say, bootstrap isn't good for mobile.2014-04-07 14:37:53
TIL about CSS Counters. What the what?! When did this happen?!2014-04-07 11:42:08
re: Eich; I assume all the offended web devs will stop using JavaScript now? Specially the folks at OkCupid...2014-04-03 15:25:39
I should really add tracking to my web apps to see if people still use them. But I'm soooo lazy!!! Plus google analytics. Is there no other cool option?2014-04-02 18:31:34
Is it a bad sign if even your barber is not interested in your small talk??2014-04-02 18:29:22
Well, that only took me forever, but hashtags are here! now supports hashtags! Get your #notes on!2014-04-02 17:35:19
I've been smelling bread since morning. Tasty, succulent bread. Either I'm too hungry or something's up with the Universe.2014-03-31 11:45:56
Since most of my searches end up in Wikipedia anyways, I've started using Wikipedia's search directly. Saves time.2014-03-31 10:19:39
Wanted to update an app. Bit I'm on 4G and it's 79 MB. 79 MB for an update?! Wow!2014-03-29 13:03:22
I would love an iOS app that can quickly scan paper and help me search the text with AR indications to the positions of the searches items.2014-03-29 12:24:53
I used to be a God. Then I stopped playing Idle Worship. Oh well.2014-03-28 20:28:55
Spotify running on iPhone. Open Camera from Lock screen. Spotify crashes. Hmmm... Kill all apps, restart Spotify. Start Camera app from Lock screen. Spotify crashes. Thanks iOS 7.2014-03-28 13:09:28
I added an edit page to my link blog 'Emit'. Now I can edit entries without having to open an FTP session... :)2014-03-28 11:29:21
Can someone link me to a Javascript textarea char counter? Not jQuery, please.2014-03-28 09:22:57
I received an email from an Entrepreneur for an investment opportunity. I'm confused. What in me shrieks VC?2014-03-27 08:53:52
Amazon has a section called "Inspired by Your Browsing History". Ummm... Uhhh...2014-03-26 18:30:17
wow, Barley for WP is really, really smooth! Loving this plugin...2014-03-26 17:19:50
hmmmm... @Pressgram still not working... How can I debug this? I fixed issues on my WP blog...2014-03-26 16:53:10
@Pressgram isn't publishing to my blog. Wonder what I'm doing wrong. Probably permissions.2014-03-26 15:45:02
Hmmm... Veronica Mars seasons are on Amazon Prime. Time to see what this is all about...2014-03-26 14:59:35
Google Analytics doesn't know what Search terms people are using to come to my blog. Doomed, I say! Doomed, we are!2014-03-26 12:01:04
So, none of the GTD apps have cross-compatibility, right? Brilliant. Just brilliant!2014-03-26 09:54:57
Had twizzlers after a long time today. Yup, it's still crap.2014-03-26 09:08:46
Man, RSS sure knows how to screw things up!2014-03-25 14:04:36
Is anyone running a Coldsweat server? 10:52:04
For what it's worth, half the traffic on my blog that doesn't find me through Search comes from my Facebook friends.2014-03-24 09:40:07
Man there are just too many 2048 version out there. But they're all good. All good. Not yet spoiling a good thing.2014-03-21 11:56:24
Ugh, it finally happened to me. iCloud decided to unsync itself from my phone and took all my contacts with it. This is stupid.2014-03-21 10:45:34
Twitter, twitter, FB stole hashtags from you (pun), how about you steal post editing from them?! Radical idea, no?2014-03-21 09:36:14
A10 hits $16... Nice! :)2014-03-21 09:24:40
I just got tax related email spam. That is not cool.2014-03-21 09:16:51
That moment when you realize you want to rewatch Kal Ho Naa Ho this weekend...2014-03-21 09:10:31
Wait a minute, so there's an iOS version of 2048 and it's already in the top charts? Woah!2014-03-21 07:48:01
Don't care much about the new Cloak app, but the iPhone animation on their site is cooooool! 14:48:39
Oooh! DuckDuckGo does word definitions? I'm :D2014-03-20 13:13:58 because, why not? :P2014-03-20 10:07:56
Finally made a Chrome Omnibar shortcut for DuckDuckGo. I'm ready to (slowly) make the shift.2014-03-19 15:59:49
For Facebook, even a comment on an old story is now a new story. That really screws up the flow of stories for users.2014-03-19 11:14:16
The only way I'm going back to a physical keyboard ever again on mobile is if I get a T9 keyboard.2014-03-18 17:24:34
'test' & "test"2014-03-18 15:24:21
"You didn't understand me right", or "I didn't explain that well"?2014-03-18 15:05:50
Shouldn't all Text Editors implement a Find that allows for *? Like, 'word * word'...2014-03-18 11:45:48
Would you rather see ChromeOS on tablets or Android on Laptops?2014-03-18 10:28:54
Started playing TitanFall last night and was done with the IMC campaign and half the Militia one in hours. It's still a really fun game though... :)2014-03-18 10:03:58
Well done Apple, Spotify can't sync in the background on my iPhone 4S because your iPhone 5S can't handle battery life. Well done.2014-03-17 15:07:16
Ultimate Irony: Ken Ham wins Darwin Award.2014-03-17 15:05:14
Just completed the Scrivener tutorial. Wow! There are a LOT of features in this program!2014-03-14 17:03:31
Hmm... Why do we not know the iOS versions internal names? They've got to use some cool names to describe 6.0 and 7.0...2014-03-13 23:14:32
Android has icon packs. iOS people, just think about that for a minute.2014-03-13 13:36:21
I read Oxygen-16 and immediately thought '2 bytes'...2014-03-13 10:32:33
Is it ok to use images from Wikipedia with attribution?2014-03-12 13:57:20
What I wouldn't give to shift the iOS keyboard Back button away from the Enter button. It's so, so irritating like that.2014-03-11 18:31:40
Day One publish is out today... Another reason I love this app!2014-03-11 18:22:58
iMessages is getting really confused. I used to write perfect English and suddenly I'm writing in Punjabi... :D2014-03-11 10:02:08
Titalfall coming tonight. How long to download 50GB?2014-03-10 15:02:15
The one thing I don't like about jailbreak - install one wrong thing and poof, your phone is dead. Oh well...2014-03-07 09:13:41
I've published an Update to my post about the hacker, complete with a Google Map of all the IP locations and the passwords he used. http://blog.nitinkhanna.com2014-03-07 01:05:40
Ugh! Wifi not connecting and AT&T only showing me an Edge network. What the heck!2014-03-06 10:17:24
I published an update about my WP hacker/spammer - 08:59:11
I had Stacy's pita chips last night. I loved them, but Stacy wasn't too happy... 2014-03-06 08:42:41
Who would have thought Gujurat would turn out to be the real proving grounds for AAP. 2014-03-06 08:32:45
Can't wait for WP 3.9, now that I know they're coming out with front-end editing!2014-03-05 17:06:55
WinXP is soon going to become like IPv4. People know they shouldn't use it, but they will still keep at it.2014-03-05 10:29:31
I need an iPhone app that recognizes the song playing on my iPhone's Spotify and gives me the lyrics.2014-03-04 08:53:59
YouTube just served me up an ad in complete Spanish for Chivas. I don't speak Spanish at all.2014-03-04 07:55:05
wow, my blog was viewed 5300 times in 2012 and 22000 times in 2013. Cool! :)2014-03-03 16:22:49
I need Game Center friends who play Evil Apples... Anyone?2014-03-03 10:41:16
Flappy bird games are the new fart apps and Apple needs to stop accepting them into the iOS store. 2014-03-02 14:16:47
Hue owners, do we have to get an entire 3 bulb+bridge set to begin with or can I just buy a single bulb and connect it to my wifi somehow?2014-02-28 10:58:35
pyside is a lot of fun, specially with the QT Designer tool...2014-02-27 16:55:08
There's a web app out there, that doesn't load up AT ALL in Chrome but works perfectly in IE. There's something wrong with the people who made that.2014-02-27 15:23:23
hmmm... Maybe I should write some RSS code for my liveblog... You know, just because I can...2014-02-27 15:01:38
The death of FB Messenger on Windows (with no Mac app in sight) tells me FB doesn't care about desktop any more. Use the site, that's the message.2014-02-27 14:41:50
Got into the Atom beta but can't get my hands on it till I get home today to my Mac. I have a feeling it'll be much like Sublime Text though, so I wonder if I'm missing anything...2014-02-27 14:16:54
Does anyone use the app - Manuscript for Mac/iOS? I'd like an honest review...2014-02-26 19:52:56
Finished Tome Raider DE today. Wow, just wow. What a game!2014-02-25 20:43:14
So, I made a liveblog... liveblog.nitinkhanna.com2014-02-25 16:40:59
hmmm... Switching... :)2014-02-25 15:55:57
Head ache. So, so bad...2014-02-25 15:27:59
Will someone tell a time traveler to please get me some Tesla shares from, like, a year ago?2014-02-25 09:49:37
Will ppl be jailbreaking their phones now just to get to flappy bird?2014-02-25 09:15:42
Must. Have. Chocolate.2014-02-24 11:05:33
I've been staring at for way too long. I need to do something with it or close the tab...2014-02-19 13:08:27
You should ask me what it feels like to star in my own movie. I do so every night in my dreams.2014-02-19 09:26:27
Spend money. Hipster insurance. 2014-02-15 11:31:38
Stupid corp wifi!!!2014-02-13 12:24:00
Why is every get-your-friends-pics-from-FB app such a crapfest??2014-02-13 12:23:17
My mind, a wild monkey.2014-02-12 21:00:00
Was walking behind someone in the supermarket who got anxious because she has anxiety disorder. First experience of this sort for me. 2014-02-12 19:19:31
I just saw the "Login to ADN with FB" button. Uhhhh...2014-02-11 14:31:21
Did ADN just go down for a couple of moments there or was that my own network?2014-02-11 10:26:31
I started watching Helix on Hulu. Wow...2014-02-10 11:09:24
I miss flipping through a traditional dictionary and finding random words. I need a dictionary.2014-02-07 14:00:37
A #greatread - How a math genius hacked OkCupid... 10:37:28
I just want a creationist to stand in front of a Hindu Pandit and try, just try, to explain their views. Just try.2014-02-05 21:06:56
Discovering CoreNode. It's a pretty cool service... :)2014-02-05 14:21:18
I finished watching Dexter. I'll only say one thing - the silence in the last scene was both painful and playful.2014-02-05 11:48:22
Stupid VPS! Down again!2014-02-04 10:52:54
Let me ask the Internet this - You all call for paid apps. But browsers. Free browsers. Free browsers for life. Where are the paid desktop browsers?2014-02-04 09:32:33
Did facebook activate something called code generator for anyone else today? If not, someone's trying to hack into my account... Weird. 2014-02-03 17:34:26
I call this, "A Bunch of Guys talking about anything but the snow" 14:38:48
My spelling is really really abysmal today...2014-01-31 21:37:05
I love how you can reach for text in Google like "One swallow does not a * make"2014-01-31 21:36:04 Sure... Lost tracks on Spotify... :P2014-01-31 20:07:11
Sometimes I forget that sourceforge exists.2014-01-30 13:23:27
Some times Coke Zero tastes like you're snorting sweet'n'low...2014-01-30 13:16:33
I saw some bacon walking on a field across from my office today. 2014-01-30 09:06:23
I once saw CSS that made every alternate div of a certain class look more colorful than the others. How cool is that?2014-01-29 15:47:22
data-* Because we can.2014-01-28 13:50:13
I would buy Cards Against Humanity. But who'd play with me? 2014-01-28 13:43:09
I just installed Gust (Ghost for WordPress plugin) and it's aweeesome!!!2014-01-28 13:30:58
Man is a Social Networking Animal. 2014-01-26 21:52:09
heh, got an email from my blog that it's been auto-updated to WP 3.8.1... This is good! :)2014-01-24 15:47:34
Yup. 10:19:43
So thinkup is now a service instead of a self host app? Good!!!2014-01-18 16:10:08
Flat design is horrible. Hate you for it Apple. 2014-01-18 14:39:05
who invented mobile phone vibration?2014-01-18 12:19:21
wanted to post something to my linkblog but my VPS is down... Chunkhost! Come back up! 2014-01-16 14:18:01
Scumbag religion - 16:57:53,, I wonder what that tells us?2014-01-14 09:37:05
TIL how to install packages in RHEL, check for missing dependencies and fix them with yum... :)2014-01-14 08:57:05
Saw the movie, "Agora" on Netflix yesterday. Amazing!2014-01-13 14:52:51
What an excellent early morning flight. Slept from take off to landing. :)2014-01-13 09:54:42
really liking the new Dhingana app and website. 2014-01-10 11:10:00
Just removed 8 GB worth of Camera Uploads from Dropbox. Gives me some breathing space...2014-01-10 11:07:22
Has anyone been feeling that the quality of Google Maps has deteriorated? Are they getting paid by someone to do this?2014-01-08 14:45:09
Medium.js or Zenpen, that is the question...2014-01-07 18:01:02
I opened a 'news' site and there was too much Justin Beiber on it. Promptly closed the tab.2014-01-07 17:47:06
Loving the Snaplive demo I'm seeing. It makes perfect sense with a WordPress install...2014-01-07 17:45:33
Hmmm... Path adding WordPress support is pretty awesome! :)2014-01-07 10:39:42
Loving 'The Great Suspender' for Chrome. Reduces the memory footprint by a lot!2014-01-07 10:18:03
Wondering what to do with an old iPhone 3GS. Any cools ideas out there?2014-01-06 15:49:09
If the 'Zuckerberg tried to scare Snapchat into getting bought' story is true, he didn't read the MS/Netscape story in college, did he?2014-01-06 12:13:57
Lenovo ThinkPad 8 looks good enough to me... Next Q- what's the content and apps situation?2014-01-06 10:10:46
Seems I missed the launch of jQM 1.4... Looks sweet!!2014-01-05 14:00:30
So, Sherlock released in the UK and even my Indian friends have seen it but it's not available in the US? I wonder where I'll get it from, then...2014-01-03 10:16:19
I've consistently had more than 500 visitors per month to my blog in 2013, the highest being more than 2000 visitors in March. Nice!2014-01-03 10:11:05
Autostart videos. Another way websites make us hate them.2014-01-03 09:48:20
If its your first cirque du soleil and you're seeing it in Vegas, skip mystere. Weird.2013-12-29 00:08:09
Lesson learnt: oxygen bars are good for your health and bad for your wallet. 2013-12-28 01:51:40
Kids get FroYo and adults get FroCo... :)2013-12-26 20:18:07
Fashion brands are so sweet. They make all their good dresses for anorexia patients...2013-12-26 17:08:50
Everyone will be healthy if you put haldi!2013-12-24 15:12:46
Turns out there's actually a use of keeping money in a Paypal account...2013-12-19 10:54:06
Have gotten so used to Apex on iOS that I find myself swiping normal folders too! Need to get rid of those...2013-12-19 10:42:34
Brain freeze. Brain fart. All at the same time. Right when I want to write. 2013-12-19 10:29:01
Bitstrips is taking over my FB timeline!!! (I have nowhere better to complain, really)2013-12-19 09:54:51
Hmmm... Back to Akismet. Too much link spam hitting my blog and Disqus doesn't deal with that...2013-12-19 09:45:31
My ideas are, more often than not, going over the 40 character limit. Hmmm...2013-12-19 09:44:15
Domain registrar keeps trying to convince me to buy a website building packet from them for a domain I bought recently. No thanks guys, I do my HTML myself :P2013-12-19 09:42:58
Why do bloggers declare when they've been given an app or hardware for free? It's not like they need to show transparency...2013-12-19 09:07:49
End-of-Lifed products should be opened up to rooting and hacking, just like the Peek was.2013-12-17 13:40:47
Got in on the BoxNotes beta. Let's see what it's all about...2013-12-16 17:32:01
I like the concept of Flattr... Simple, passive money spending... :)2013-12-13 14:01:25
I have a CR-48 Chromebook, a Windows 8 installation and willingness to open things up with a screwdriver. Weekend hack project? Maybe.2013-12-13 10:36:57
I just downloaded and ran the Midori browser for Windows. I, uh, don't really know why...2013-12-13 10:35:28
So my dear netflix, I can't manage devices except for logging out of all? User-unfriendly much?2013-12-13 02:06:57
The twitter block change makes some sense to me. After all, I need to remember that my tweets are Googleable.2013-12-12 17:23:42
I'll be using to minify my code for the first time ever. Cool, haan?2013-12-12 15:25:32
I'd almost forgotten about AppStoreKvetch... 14:43:20
Twenty Fourteen. Wow, just wow!2013-12-12 13:54:04
This photo, LOL! 13:23:34
Parker, you look beautiful. Now lets find out how you perform.2013-12-12 12:51:30
I'll skip this FB iOS app update till they realize that autoplaying vids is a dumb idea and kill it in the next update.2013-12-12 11:09:16
TIL I'm trilingual. Hmmm...2013-12-12 10:30:10
Die Die Die. If you know English+Latin+German or if you've played Virtua Cop 2, you know what I'm talking about.2013-12-12 10:26:43
Actually, LAMM stack. Linux, Apache, Meteor, MongoDB.2013-12-11 11:06:43
LAMe stack. Linux+Apache+Meteor2013-12-11 11:05:42
Oh wow! Salma Hayek commented on my blog?! Wrong! Spam.2013-12-11 10:16:10
TIL Stack Overflow has ads... :P2013-12-10 11:37:33
burn the land and boil the sea you can't take the sky from me2013-12-05 23:44:14
I finally saw the Wrecking Ball video. Yeah. Wow. o_O2013-12-05 19:57:54
o.O or o_O or o_o ???2013-12-04 18:11:28
So my car skidded a bit today on a left turn. Now I know what these two wheel drive car owners must feel like all the time in the snow! :D :D2013-12-03 19:21:47
Why is it so damn difficult to make a simple twitter client using jquery?2013-12-02 17:57:25
Saw a blackberry tablet in the wild today. Achievement unlocked!2013-11-27 18:10:29
If four people meet in a room, it's a monopoly. If forty meet in a conference hall, it's a consortium. 2013-11-27 16:36:01
American Airlines already allows airplane mode! Coool!!2013-11-27 14:49:25
I was sitting thinking, "I don't understand how people get that fat." But then I realized, "I didn't understand how I got this fat either." In fact, I don't understand 'fat' at all. 2013-11-27 12:54:41
"Testing"2013-11-26 17:16:14
"I'm glad I didn't take part in that competition. Someone else won anyways."2013-11-26 17:03:01
Had a nightmare that I drowsily updated to iOS7. Was a horrible feeling.2013-11-26 14:42:17
Have backed up everything from my VPS. LIfe is good! :)2013-11-26 10:51:45
Apple's Lytro-like patent. Thank God! I thought I'd have to waste money on a Lytro!!2013-11-26 10:34:42
wth is feedzirra?2013-11-25 15:59:08
Made my first py based Win app using py2exe... This is good! :)2013-11-25 12:16:28
Saw a near adult using snapchat much like we use FB messenger. Weird. 2013-11-22 21:25:03
Ok, clumsy ninja is the cutest iOS game ever!!!2013-11-22 21:18:30
Deciding between watching Thor and Hunger Games this weekend is like deciding between Hemsworth and Lawrence. Tough!2013-11-22 19:29:49
Dell, why do you make such crappy laptops the backlight of which keeps getting blown just by undocking?2013-11-22 19:22:39
I've figured out that I don't like Flipboard on iPhone. It's crowded and crass. Oh well, delete.2013-11-22 13:08:44
My Google doesn't show the Dr. Who doodle. Maybe Google thinks I'm not Whovian enough? :(2013-11-22 12:40:22
Dropbox has been getting spammy about getting an upgrade. Time to free up some space by moving stuff from it to Flickr...2013-11-22 12:30:11
wait, is it aweful or awful?2013-11-22 11:11:26
ADN just moved into an interesting space. Broadcasts+Posts2ADN WP plugin will allow me to stop using dlvrit completely. Analytics will sweeten the deal. Interesting that broadcasts can go to twitter/FB as well.2013-11-21 17:37:49
Out of the Box IE doesn't let you download exes but Chrome does. Go figure. 2013-11-20 15:09:51
Just read a tutorial for running WordPress on Google App Engine. Whaa? 18:28:06
The irritating thing about Ram Leela was that it was slipping in and out of coherence all along. 2013-11-17 02:23:43
Frontier is fast becoming a pain to fly in. Time to start looking for an alternative.2013-11-15 19:52:47
You know what I was thinking? BTSync for sharing Code, so that multiple people can have the absolutely latest version at all times. BTGIT!2013-11-15 15:50:49
I like Soluto for managing my iPhone and iPad. I would like it more if it could manage my linux server too.2013-11-15 09:52:14
I love getting emails from NoSupportLinuxHosting. I'm not actually using the service, so my bill is always $0.00 :)2013-11-15 09:41:35
Ok, BBM sucks. Back to WhatsApp. 2013-11-14 17:58:38
God hates fags. So please, stop smoking in public. 2013-11-14 09:28:16
The Matrix is not available through Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. Guess where I'll be looking next?2013-11-13 23:40:25
Discovered coLinux, downloaded it in unparalleled glee and discovered it doesn't run on x64 Windows. Wow.2013-11-13 16:40:20
The three main things a company needs to start - money, people and product.2013-11-13 12:59:42
I seem to have solved the age old mystery of Why women drive such big cars. One answered - Because my Mom gave it to me.2013-11-13 09:53:00
It's called Social media, not Sales media.2013-11-13 09:41:03
Miniflux vs Fever.2013-11-12 23:00:07
A haircut sure makes a person more aerodynamic...2013-11-09 17:03:17
Mavericks web notifications point to the possibility of iOS webapp notifications. Which would be epic. 2013-11-09 16:17:05
Google++2013-11-09 14:44:47
Ever wondered what that paper like material is that M&Ms packets are made of?2013-11-08 12:14:46
why does select scrolling happen faster if we're wiggling the mouse cursor?2013-11-06 15:22:10
I heard a 10 minute Librivox of Poe's The Raven coming into the office today. It was awesome!2013-11-06 14:24:10
Can a project raise a second round of crowd funding? Does that make sense?2013-11-06 13:32:04
My short term memory is totally screwed!2013-11-06 10:11:18
Why does Microsoft make much such crappy software? Oh wait, don't answer that. Rhetorical question.2013-11-05 20:40:19
What if I install Ghost on my iPhone? How cool would that be?!2013-11-01 16:55:58
iBooks sepia theme is better than the Kindle app's sepia theme. 2013-10-31 20:16:11
Cats on a plane!! There's a lady here who's taking her cat with her on the plane. I still find that rad!!!2013-10-31 18:49:19
Ok, what's the default font used by iOS Notes? Noteworthy? Is that just a fancy name for Comic Sans? What a crapshoot font!2013-10-31 17:16:23
The New Entry view of my linkblog. Why? Because screw Markdown. 17:11:22
Square Cash has a $250 sending limit. You can increase that to $2500 if you either give them your SSN or login with FB. How the heck are the two equal?2013-10-31 09:59:50
There is too big a benefit to owning for me to ignore it. Say what you want, Google+ just made it to the big league.2013-10-30 22:29:42
Stability is good. Change is better.2013-10-29 22:37:25
Isn't .ch a TLD? Then why isn't a URL shortening service?2013-10-29 14:03:16
Can atheists believe in ghosts?2013-10-29 13:27:13
Where do Evil Dictators shop for household goods? Blood Bath & Beyond2013-10-26 10:39:40
Indian women don't need to start travelling with men. Indian men need to start travelling with their mothers and sisters to prevent them from raping others'. 10:45:33
TamperMonkey for Chrome updates all on it's own in the background. That, there, is awesome.2013-10-22 16:31:23
They called it the iPad Air. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. 2013-10-22 12:08:31
I'm overusing my free Bitcasa account by 342%... :D 2013-10-21 16:49:25
There are two types of people in the world - those who understand polar coordinates and those who do not. I stand in the latter group.2013-10-16 09:52:24
Ghost: Making NodeJS cool for the masses!2013-10-15 17:31:20
A straight line is a triangle with one side of infinite length and it's attached angles are both 0 degrees #unnecessarycomplexity2013-10-15 09:46:49
Gotta love the in-built OSX dictionary! Fast and useful!2013-10-15 07:39:48
Ubuntu, you liar! You saiid 700 kB will be needed but you downloaded 140 MB worth of updates!2013-10-14 15:42:28
25,000 all time blog views. Yippie!!!!2013-10-13 14:31:06
The problem with a Nest smoke detector is that people will purposefully set things on fire to get to use it.2013-10-13 03:01:24
iOS 7 is the worst OS in the History of iOS. 2013-10-11 20:33:10
There's a reddit popular post bot for ADN and Twitter, should there be a popular ADN post bot for Twitter and FB?2013-10-10 16:08:48
I walk around, vacant. I see, but notice nothing. Days pass, years go by. There is no rain, there are no tears. Then why do I feel, like I'm walking alone, crying in the rain? #wedc #wednesdaychallenge2013-10-09 10:58:51
Good bye iOS Folders, Hello Apex!2013-10-08 12:01:38
Thinking of installing Python on my iPhone. Probably worth it. 2013-10-03 12:22:44
and you didn't even know that your VPS doesn't have a swap file!2013-10-03 11:27:17
The more I think about it, the more I'm sold on the idea of wsend from wsend.net2013-10-03 07:33:53
So, shouldn't Parks and Recreation and all the FBI and CIA TV shows stop for a few days?2013-10-01 17:16:55
Happines for free. 2013-10-01 09:22:06
Simplenote Mac app. Oh my!2013-09-30 23:14:54
I ask Google to define Poetic License. It shows me shoes called Poetic License.2013-09-29 10:55:55
I burn through my iPhone battery!2013-09-27 17:12:23
Big win for Indian voters. Negative voting in the form of 'None of the Above' is now allowed by the SC.
See Rule 49-O
2013-09-27 00:40:37
Big win for Indian voters. Negative voting in the form of 'None of the Above' is now allowed by the SC.
See Rule 49-O
2013-09-27 00:39:47
After all, aren't liveblogs supposed to cover every single moment of that time for which the blog is active?2013-09-26 17:47:13
I could spend some time liveblogging like crazy... That'd be fun... 2013-09-26 17:46:35
I just realized that if Biscuit can detect copied text, other apps can detect copied links and send you push notifications to allow for awesome sharing options.2013-09-26 17:38:25
Found the value of services like when trying to get through to United for a question. I can't believe their phone number is not on the site!2013-09-26 10:37:16
People use Nest more because it looks awesome and works well. I just hope the same will not be true for their smoke detector.2013-09-25 10:28:20
Have you people seen It's one of the really, really good ideas of the Internet...2013-09-23 13:57:14
Starbucks glass Frapp bottle did not break from a 4 foot height. Are we sure it's glass and reusable?2013-09-23 13:52:32
I need an invite to ffffound, because, why not?2013-09-21 15:31:26
13 iOS app updates and none for iOS 6. This is getting irritating.2013-09-21 12:50:13
Hmm... Maybe I should have put some money into backing @Ghost on KickStarter... 2013-09-20 13:57:27
With the amount of Google+ enhancements in Jetpack 2.5, I'm hoping Google has finally started paying WordPress for things.2013-09-20 08:49:04
I need a budget to buy YouNeedABudget...2013-09-19 15:07:43
I have a PS3 in front of me but I still prefer playing Solitaire on my phone.2013-09-18 20:31:09
Adobe Reader wants to install an update. :D :D :D2013-09-18 20:28:34
Oh, and the folder implementation in iOS7 is even more stupid than iOS6. We need stacks! 16:53:28
Now I remember why I deleted the parallax tweak from my phone in iOS 5 - It's stupid.2013-09-18 16:52:32
ok, so the download servers are pretty good, but the verification servers are the cause of the pain. They've always been...2013-09-18 15:23:56
Song Stuck in head right now: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head2013-09-18 14:54:13
The early worm clogs the drains.2013-09-18 14:14:31
I should probably upgrade my iPad to iOS 7, since I've not jailbroken it anyways...2013-09-18 13:58:41
I know Plant Nanny keeps me from getting dehydrated every day. But I keep forgetting to water the damn plant in the app and it keeps dying... 2013-09-18 12:01:30
Upgraded the iOS WP app to their iOS 7 version on my iOS 6.1.1. Beautiful, but buggy!2013-09-18 11:57:59
Ok, I've joined Svbtle.2013-09-18 11:24:53
Oh My! Websockets actually work? That's awesome!2013-09-16 22:07:09
I was going to watch an Indian TV show today. Then I stopped myself. Who am I kidding? I dislike drivel.2013-09-16 21:19:21
Saw ads on FB again. LOL.2013-09-16 20:18:40
Eating not because you're hungry, but because you're bored...2013-09-15 16:23:03
It's so sad that people who should just be writing songs for real singers are singing them nowadays.2013-09-14 22:27:20
Quote of the Day - "No need to waste resources, Cisco's got this whole "Open Source" thing taken care of. Tech innovation in the US is moving at lightning speed these days." by Some idiot commenting on Brocade firing 300 people.2013-09-13 23:52:14
What does it mean if you dream of eating rice and daal? Means you've not been eating so well.2013-09-12 09:27:45
Wait a second, Reeder 2 is not the same as Reeder 1?!!!2013-09-11 22:06:55
Holidays are just work days for personal stuff.2013-09-11 13:18:31
Code. Debug. Pull some hair. Repeat.2013-09-10 18:04:05
How the heck much Sapphire is there in the world?2013-09-10 12:18:32
I can't wait to see what Activator will be able to do with the new fingerprint scanner! #jailbreak2013-09-10 12:00:17
Fingerprint, done right.2013-09-10 11:58:58
I'm so glad Apple doesn't pull a Nokia with their pics.2013-09-10 11:56:03
Shut up and take my money!2013-09-10 11:52:53
No matter how much better the iPhone cam is, I'm still going to be bad at photography... :P2013-09-10 11:51:33
'world's most popular operating system' Shit, that's scary!!!2013-09-10 11:10:13
I can't believe the idiots on twitter calling #riptide a 'thing by 3 white guys'. Really? You can't see the merits of this work? You're that blind?2013-09-09 11:54:13
FB is literally playing Name, Place, Animal, Thing with us. I found a page about 'Books'2013-09-03 11:56:08
Which is better? I laughed IN loud (LIL) or I laughed in my mind (LIMM or LIM)...2013-08-30 12:31:25
That was the mother of phantom vibrations. My phone is clearly on the desk in front of me and not in my pocket...2013-08-30 11:28:10
Over the next 6 months, my ADN posts will catch up with my WP views and then I'll post only the number of views I get in a day...2013-08-30 11:12:15
You know you're absent minded if you try to put the sugar in the fridge.2013-08-29 20:54:41
Ok, just did a define:Luddite on Google and noticed a new 'Usage over time' starting from the 1800s. That is pretty awesome!2013-08-28 17:31:40
How to call someone a tearjerker without sounding like a troll?2013-08-28 14:15:15
For two dollars you can add up to 5 Yahoo IDs that, if they go free over the next two years, we'll give 'em to you! Umm, What?2013-08-28 11:18:37
Old Man and the C2013-08-22 02:24:21
2013-08-22 02:21:20
2013-08-21 22:38:36
2013-08-21 22:37:41
2013-08-21 22:36:07
2013-08-21 22:33:35
Was gonna give a cheeky reply to someone on ADN. Stopped myself. No point in doing that.2013-08-19 14:40:36
So, I'd like to talk to a few tech bloggers who are running them as full time jobs. Care to come forward please?2013-08-19 14:07:03
I'm thinking of getting rid of my Read Later accounts across services, all of which are latent. It's Read Now or Never.2013-08-19 11:19:31
Apple can just search for the word [REDACTED] to find out who's been blabbering about iOS7 on social media.2013-08-19 10:41:25
I knew I had a reason for writing... 14:09:15
Guess what GRRM did in his very first novel, Dying of the Light? He killed all the characters.2013-08-17 12:45:15
This is the story of a little boy named Nitin who made Cold Coffee for himself last night. The End. 2013-08-17 12:26:28
I hope everyone knows 5c means color and not cheap...2013-08-16 17:44:34
Conversely, there are linux packages like alien, which say, You shouldn't use rpm, use the alien command, but I'll run it for you anyways.2013-08-16 17:07:27
I hate it when a command says, I know you meant -l when you wrote -list, but I won't run the command anyways.2013-08-16 17:06:22
and if you need proof that Liquid Info is awesome, just go to my blog and select any text. Then click on the small sphere.2013-08-16 14:28:57
As a writer and a coder, you know you've got a problem if you type 'softly' and your mind automatically corrects it to 'software'...2013-08-16 14:27:36
As a writer and a coder, you know you've got a problem if you type 'softly' and your mind automatically corrects it to 'software'...2013-08-16 14:27:19
Everyone running a web server should just install the Liquid Server and everyone on WordPress should get the Liquid Information plugin. You'll love it.2013-08-16 14:27:05
As a writer and a coder, you know you've got a problem if you type 'softly' and your mind types 'software'...2013-08-16 00:48:10
I want to write. Short lines. Not poems, but words of beauty none the less.2013-08-15 22:25:57
I don't get why people are often fascinated with the reverse of their first name. But then, it's maybe because my name's a palindrome...2013-08-15 21:54:08
Internet, give me an answer! How many books have been published till now in the world?2013-08-14 19:56:48
What would Pinterest look like if it were a newspaper from which you could cut and pin pics or articles?2013-08-14 11:19:49
Boots go places with you, Books take you places.2013-08-13 16:33:56
GMail iOS app is going nuts. Sending me push notifications for the same email over and over again.2013-08-13 11:12:33
XKCD teaches us good things. 10:50:10
Heck, I also want to make an API like and Any tuts out there for PHP or Python?2013-08-13 10:40:47
I want to code something in python. Maybe I'll use pyiCloud to make a quick 'ping my phone' script and upload it so that I can run it from them internets...2013-08-12 17:17:46
One of my domain providers killed my account without so much as a warning. What does it take? Logging in every 6 months?2013-08-12 17:00:58 vs 14:31:19
Someone make an app called Sudo( No, it does not control *nix.2013-08-12 13:57:16
Can you taste your own saliva?2013-08-09 16:17:23
I have 10.5 GB ADN Storage. Yippee!2013-08-09 10:38:16
Saved a Patter room to my Instapaper queue by mistake. 2013-08-08 10:40:29
Just discovered pyiCloud. Awesome ideas bubbling in my head.2013-08-07 23:20:51
Just discovered pyiCloud. Awesome ideas bubbling in my head.2013-08-07 23:04:20
Six years ago today, I joined and this was my first post, after 5 drafts I didn't publish - 11:11:02
Oh I know who should buy WhatsApp! BBM! 2013-08-07 11:07:33
Seriously, who's going to buy WhatsApp? It's high time...2013-08-06 23:55:15
Tried my hand at writing shayari. Failed miserably.2013-08-06 16:56:05
When a child is born with a disability, we do not talk about killing it, we talk about helping it. Democracy is that child.2013-08-06 15:06:31
2013-08-06 15:06:25
The problem with 'do it tomorrow' apps is that I don't open them today.2013-08-06 14:30:36
Time to give money to the ADN devs...2013-08-06 14:21:26
Can't believe Pressgram is nearly here. Can smell change in the air... Looking forward to posting my pics on my blog soon...2013-08-06 10:03:26
Perhaps it is time to sleep.2013-08-06 00:36:56
This is a test.2013-08-06 00:35:37
Tales of Goldport Colorado...2013-08-05 17:42:08
Haven't traveled in a train in a long time. I'd like to do that.2013-08-05 16:53:45
This website goes left to right. That blew my mind. 16:43:23
It seems Dribbble has singlehandedly added a bunch of wrongly spelled apps to the App Store. Interesting.2013-08-05 13:22:01
Followed a bunch of people on Dribbble and downloaded a bunch of apps too. I like looking at good vectors.2013-08-05 13:21:23
Dear Lord, why?! 10:54:47
Was looking for a way to have multiple accounts in the FB iOS app. A couple of sites promised that it's possible. Their solution? Log out and login with the other account.2013-08-02 10:33:04
How many days have you lived till now? I've been alive for 9,251 days.2013-08-01 23:21:43
#WordPress 3.6 just blew my mind!2013-08-01 20:46:51
There's a deep philosophy behind lines that are not quite parallel and move away as time passes.2013-08-01 20:01:13
I've decided to try to go without smileys for a day or two, instead using words to bring out the comedy in the post. Let's see where this goes.2013-08-01 10:49:52
Just took me 35 minutes to write 700 words towards a work I'm doing. So, it'll take me 50 hours to write an average novel.2013-07-31 16:50:46
I've been to the brick book store more than to an eBook store in the past few months...2013-07-31 16:50:02
I have disabled Google Now from my iOS Google app, making it so much faster...2013-07-31 15:38:26
So, I made a GreaseMonkey/TamperMonday script called everywhere. It tells all the sites you visit that you've come from ADN. :) 11:24:49
So, I made a GreaseMonkey/TamperMonday script called everywhere. It tells all the sites you visit that you've come from ADN. :) 11:24:36
So, I made a GreaseMonkey/TamperMonday script called everywhere. It tells all the sites you visit that you've come from ADN. :) 11:24:19
iMessage strips EXIF data from images? Wow!2013-07-31 11:21:31
Adobe yanked control from the full screen game I was playing to inform me of a Flash Player update. Needless to say, I didn't update it.2013-07-31 10:32:51
Awesome words - tedium and ennui2013-07-31 09:58:33
Wow, politeness pays, a lot!2013-07-31 09:51:07
Realization - Vine users are called Viners. Perfect.2013-07-30 19:56:55
The Google Fibre server issue shows both sides of a coin - Google can deny fair service but really, they will not, unless you do something ludicrous.2013-07-30 16:53:34
Say, is Vine a new format or is it really just 6 second videos or just gifs with separate audio? 2013-07-30 15:57:54
Do NOT search for Tumblr on piratebay...2013-07-29 22:26:46
Tell me there's a Kramerpolitan drink out there...2013-07-29 10:12:03
The first step to FB integration - Instagram likes are getting counted towards FB likes. 2013-07-29 10:09:43
well, I don't have a chromecast but I do have a chromebook that's sitting unused. But I also have a ps3, so why do I need either of those?2013-07-26 14:44:42
Every one of us have, at least once in our lives, been contacted by, The Nigerian.2013-07-26 10:48:50
The problem with women is that the first time you compliment them, they like it but the second time, they rebuff it and expect more.2013-07-26 10:21:41
The Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani wiki has been written by the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani people. Not cool.2013-07-26 10:16:49
Now that I've loaded up songs in my phone instead of using grooveshark, I'm really enjoying using CarTunes to play music... :)2013-07-26 10:03:58
A beautiful rendition of one of my favorite songs - 23:33:41
Is Google IO running or something?2013-07-24 11:34:03
Say, why haven't we done anything with $ signs yet? They could represent a hidden hash(?)tag, one that wouldn't show as a tag in the post but would if you're searching for that tag...2013-07-23 18:43:06
The Smiley Police is around -> :PD2013-07-19 17:07:22
it's coincidence right, that the Netflix Instant Queue shortens to IQ?2013-07-19 15:06:38
I sneezed.2013-07-19 14:53:23
DevonThink just got updated. Looking forward to the new DT2Go... :)2013-07-19 00:22:28
Hey Nitin, when you move from Singular to plural, some words use an 's' at the end. Get that into your brain.2013-07-18 17:43:04
I want to order something from Amazon. I've been itching to use it recently...2013-07-18 17:26:22
Shouldn't all Advertising advice be condensed into this - 'create envy, people will ask to buy your product'?2013-07-17 13:29:55
I mute most entertainment news accounts. Why the heck would I care about an artist’s personal life? All I care about is their on screen performance...2013-07-17 13:21:26
better still - 'create envy'2013-07-17 13:20:31
Shouldn't all Advertising advice be condensed into this - 'create envy, people will ask to buy your product'?2013-07-17 13:19:47
pyGTK is fun! :)2013-07-17 11:22:05
I put my phone in my left pocket today #justbecause2013-07-17 11:10:47
An old and awesome ad - #brilliant :)2013-07-16 15:38:55
Finally! WhatsApp got iCloud backup and a URL posting schema... Sweet!2013-07-16 13:22:44
Ugh! MS Word:Mac! Where’s the grammar check tool, you stupid thing?!2013-07-15 21:32:37
'but childishness comes almost as naturally to a man as to a child', page 6 and Asimov is already impressing me.2013-07-15 20:45:56
Bought Foundation, Neverwhere, Woody Allen's Insanity Defense and Life A User's Manual on the way home. Paper, Oh Paper! :)2013-07-15 19:49:43
Anybody a fan of Titan A.E.?2013-07-15 17:27:34
A friend asked me to list out one feature available in iOS that's not there in other mobile OS. I couldn't. Help me.2013-07-15 16:45:50
Smoker sues life for not protecting him from smoking habit.2013-07-15 14:58:37
Failed to notice yesterday - My blog crossed 20,000 views.2013-07-15 14:08:40
For all the flak it's been getting, Medium sure has introduced me to some really good writers. I just hope they keep writing such content on their normal blogs as well.2013-07-15 13:34:47
"Get started with Twitter Ads" Why, do I look like a bloody company to you Twitter?2013-07-15 11:28:23
Just added a seriously ugly comments plugin to my PHP flatfile link blog... Thanks #hullio! :)2013-07-15 11:25:07
Added a bunch of #selfies to @dayoneapp, just for fun... :)2013-07-15 10:21:33
I used to think the blogger mobile UI is bad(side swipes take you to next article which can be very distracting for vertical scrolling) but PCmag's is worse(no space on the page is non-swipe)2013-07-15 09:17:42
Hate not knowing how to end a story.2013-07-14 20:32:21
WinZip for Mac, now that's a joke... 2013-07-13 12:39:20
In less than half the time needed to load any dictionary website, I can tell Google to define (word) and I'll have the meaning. Why should I go to others then?2013-07-12 11:54:32
The real rebel installs Linux on his MBP. 2013-07-11 18:44:43
Windows, Open a Folder, Click on a text file, hit space bar, wait like an idiot. I miss my Mac during daytime.2013-07-11 16:57:09
Just saw the Justin Carter news. The judge who let the case fly is an idiot.2013-07-11 16:37:30
So you are saying NSA has the 19 GB of photos I have on SkyDrive? Cool.2013-07-11 15:32:32
I can totally envision @ifttt checking my phone's location and pinging me on ADN to remind me to leave the house as I'm late. This will happen.2013-07-11 15:10:07
Someone in Singapore already owns Dangit!2013-07-10 16:22:56
I'm looking at pyGTK and thinking, do I really want to do this? 2013-07-10 16:15:15
iPad not charged. Life suddenly sucks 10 times more.2013-07-10 14:09:15
Groopic( - neat idea, but is it really needed? Seriously?2013-07-10 12:08:35
Decided to dump my NextIssue subscription today and they charged my account.2013-07-09 17:15:41
I think I made a grammar poo poo on my previous link blog post. Time to curse myself all day long...2013-07-09 13:58:54
I need to watch Despicable Me 2...2013-07-09 13:38:43
Love how Instapaper Text just rips apart Amazon's CSS. Amazon should really do something about that...2013-07-09 11:47:19
I want a poster with the tenth doctor dressed as a magician, with the box as a trick and the title - Whodini.2013-07-08 22:48:08
Why is Forbes bending down to the level of link bait blogs? Why do headlines like "Millionaire Mom 2013" and "10 things you must never..." even exist on their site?2013-07-08 21:57:00
If you can't be objective, it's not news, it's opinion.2013-07-08 13:18:55
This assumption is what's wrong with tech reporting right now -> "This is next-gen tech reporting - no journalist required."2013-07-08 13:03:03
Awesome religious person on the flight - "You can't just read the Bible like you can't just travel through India; you need a guide."2013-07-08 12:29:48
Time to fly.2013-07-08 07:06:46
So, I was added to a twitter list called "Right Proper Nerds". No comments.2013-07-06 20:35:04
Ah WalMart! In the middle of nowhere and always full of stuff I don't need! :)2013-07-06 17:02:24
Dude next to me is reading a book called Statistics Jacks. In the market. While in tow with his wife. Who is shopping.2013-07-05 19:29:29
Google has to have noticed a decrease in G+ app usage since the Hangouts iOS app came around...2013-07-04 00:17:05
Can NFC let me transfer money between 2 devices without the banking transaction overhead?2013-07-03 19:59:16
Does Dropbox sync data with SSL?2013-07-03 19:30:19
The point of ADN is to bring back the lost art of conversation to the Internet.2013-07-03 18:21:34
In other news, I think I love but my VPS doesn't have the mem for sqlite. Wondering if someone can give me a wee bit of space on their VPS... :)2013-07-03 14:42:29
Ugh, my Mac's Chrome has so many tabs open that I can't concentrate on anything else. I keep wanting to get rid of them but don't want to put them in a read-it-never service...2013-07-03 14:38:46
Holy cow! The new admin dashboard is so awesome!2013-07-03 12:45:28
"All because entrepreneurs convinced themselves that they couldn’t do what inventors have done for centuries: Charge people a fair price for things they want." 18:34:43
Pulse, crap. Flipboard crap. Do these people not understand what a feed reader is? Fever, peace.2013-07-02 11:12:21
My Somalian driver took one look at me and said, "Hey, I have a problem with my computer. Can you help me fix it?"...2013-07-01 05:54:07
I hate Facebook. 2013-06-28 21:43:49
Facebook just told me to buy a gift for a friend's birthday tomorrow. My friend's birthday is in January.2013-06-26 10:43:41
Jetpack's new Omnisearch feature sure is useful for trying to find past blogs... I wonder if/when it'll be ready to face the public...2013-06-25 23:20:37
There's a spot empty on the iCloud website and it belongs to Photos. Easy sharing and links needed.2013-06-25 16:43:44
iOS autocorrect doesn't understand that people can sometimes be loving, not just living.2013-06-25 14:31:39
So, Ctrl+F works everywhere in the Windows ecosystem except in an Outlook email. WTF Outlook?2013-06-25 12:43:25
In the good old days cameras only clicked 32 pics, so you could not be told off by your women that you got a really bad pic and you need to take 300 more. 2013-06-25 12:16:50
In some ways, the more complex a democracy, the tougher it is to obtain transparency.2013-06-25 12:16:14
GoSquared is awesome! The rush of finding out that a visitor is online on my blog is thrilling. And a free account doesn't hurt :)2013-06-25 11:52:01
OMG, OMG, OMG, a new Asterix comic is on the way! Asterix and the Picts! Yay! :)2013-06-25 00:57:34
The First Rewrite is the Second Draft.2013-06-24 20:21:29
IE works like Skrillex, Chrome like Adele.2013-06-24 17:16:56
I wonder - programming:Code::Writing:?2013-06-24 14:14:23
Twitter: AFAIK ADN: As Far As I Know2013-06-24 12:39:48
Introduced someone new to blogging to WordPress today. It feels good! :)2013-06-23 23:39:26
Now here's something interesting/obnoxious - A professional social network only for Mac users - 17:42:44
I remember when we used to ping to check if the Internet was working... :)2013-06-23 14:34:18
Stupid CenturyLink ActionTec Modem! Doesn't work in Google Chrome. I have to open Safari for it.2013-06-23 14:33:46
Here to watch World War Zzz...2013-06-21 21:11:59
Sitting in my office, I just nearly smiled. Time to post ROFL on the social media.2013-06-21 14:53:12
I think I'm gonna start vlogging with my YouTube Capture app... Seems to be a good enough experiment... :)2013-06-21 13:59:17
KBShortcuts - Another great reason to jailbreak your iOS device.2013-06-21 10:58:35
Dang, #WordPress is slow on my #RasPi... Any way to speed things up?2013-06-20 15:48:25
Turns out my office mate is a Lily Allen fan too! :)2013-06-20 15:38:58 What, Intel, how many servers do you need? Heard of these things called load balancers?2013-06-19 15:48:24
I love the phrase "Artificially Flavored". I think fruits and vegetables should also start carrying it. High time they told us the truth on the packaging.2013-06-19 15:28:46
Seriously, where is the 4 GHz laptop? Why are companies still pushing 2.2 GHz variants to us? Shouldn't this be going up? 2013-06-19 14:27:04
I respect @breakingnews for crowdsourcing news, but a Vine video?2013-06-18 15:46:29
#ios7 #beta users. Has Apple provided a Notifications kill switch per app or do we still have to go in and toggle all the switches like monkeys?2013-06-18 15:22:59
"Outlook Web Access has blocked access to attachments." Well done Outlook. That gif really is a virus and I no way of unblocking it.2013-06-18 13:22:40
We are becoming ignorant of ignorance. 16:29:46
Just hit Alt+S to save a file in Windows. #machabits2013-06-17 14:31:59
Oh look! I went to BI to read a specific article. They redirected me to their homepage after an advert.2013-06-17 13:50:38
Books are sanctuaries. eBooks are portals.2013-06-17 12:42:26
I hate hardcover books.2013-06-17 12:09:16
Poster acquired by Automattic? Earlier, they took SimpleNote... Wonder what they're up to! 11:59:53
Opening Outlook is a Faustian Bargain. You'll get to read your email, but lose your soul in the process.2013-06-17 11:09:06
“A glimpse of the iOS 7 weather app” 14:08:31
Ok, Man of Steel was a good movie. A really good movie.2013-06-15 02:27:35
Started watching 24 last night... Might as well finish the last season...2013-06-14 15:54:19
So... The Google Hangouts app... Not cool... At least show me the entirety of what I'm writing...2013-06-14 14:03:08
2013-06-14 14:02:56
Did I just use 3 'g's in my last post? Must be the food... #sleepy2013-06-14 13:52:39
The next evolution - Auto Hashtaggging. You write a simple post/tweet and the network clubs the most used phrases into #s...2013-06-14 13:50:43
Finally have a folder on my iPhone called Social Crap. Seems apt.2013-06-14 10:45:10
Instapaper isn't my Reading List, it's my Reading Lost. It's where all articles go to die. 2013-06-14 08:49:44
The fact that you don't have any other posts than #LinkPosts makes me want to bash your head, but I'll just Mute you instead.2013-06-13 17:31:47
TinyMCE or EpicEditor?2013-06-13 10:35:21
Oh, brilliant... 18:06:59
Hmm... Maybe I expect ADN to be a network of networks... But right now, it's a network of apps... 2013-06-12 13:49:45
Shit! An iOS7 Homescreen just grew on me! Is it the Bokeh wallpaper or the familiarity to iOS6?2013-06-12 13:48:51
Maybe I should block [email protected] from sending me emails...2013-06-12 10:58:36
So I joined Glassboard. I don't know what to do with it yet, but hey, I'm on it...2013-06-12 10:12:42
So, I realized today that the best description of ADN is that it's a network of networks...2013-06-12 10:06:00 - Awesome site, just awesome!2013-06-11 11:28:51
The last thing we need is people totting blue or pink iPhones.2013-06-11 10:01:10
My Vimeo watch later queue grows but since it's not on the PS3, I rarely ever use the video platform...2013-06-11 09:58:10
I wonder if work has already started on #iOS7 #jailbreak2013-06-11 01:20:01
People on #iOS7, please tell me you can swipe your cursor with your fingers instead of having to select the location with that stupid Magnifying Glass.2013-06-11 01:07:46
There are 3 reasons why I JB iOS - SBSettings, KillAllApps & swipe to move cursor in text. Can Apple cover all of them? Let's see...2013-06-10 12:44:18
Ooh! All apps can Multitask, so can Cydia Multitask???2013-06-10 12:34:59
The ONE thing I ask, Apple, is that you replace folders with Stacks. Please. It's killing us all here.2013-06-10 12:33:17
And they even stole from Zephyr. Wonder if they paid him something for that code he wrote.2013-06-10 12:24:02
So Apple finally decided to steal Parallax and themes from Cydia? Cool. But the colors are ugly.2013-06-10 12:23:11
Finally, iBooks for Mac is here. This was getting stupid. 2013-06-10 11:47:28
Time to watch after earth. 2013-06-08 20:33:05
Sometimes it's relaxing to not work on the computer. All that mutlitasking just drains me. The iPad is a good respite...2013-06-08 00:11:15
It's so bloody hot today!2013-06-07 23:06:40
Ok... OoO... Finally it's Friday, Friday, Friday! :)2013-06-07 18:57:09
Maclovers, is there a way to limit the maximum size of a folder while keeping it available for read/write?2013-06-07 17:07:16
I'm going to stop using :) and start using 8) since I have specs...2013-06-07 15:32:14
People reading into the iOS 7 banner, get a life!2013-06-07 13:47:12
Time to get out of the office for today... :)2013-06-06 18:05:07
I have decided- The podcasting world is really small.2013-06-06 17:34:12
Next month, I'm gonna buy a Fitbit Flex! :)2013-06-06 16:44:12
Just finished watching an epic ping pong match... 2013-06-06 15:31:10
The way people play with URLs is fun! :)2013-06-06 13:27:18
Started watching Arrested Development yesterday. Nice!2013-06-05 12:20:11
I really need to learn how to code while sleeping...2013-06-05 02:04:43
No matter what I do, the knowledge of correct rewriterules eludes me...2013-06-04 18:06:10
Gee, my blog uses 2 GB of bandwidth per month. #whatsyourbandwidthneed2013-06-04 11:27:51
We all carry some kind of pain. All that matters is how we handle it.2013-06-03 23:20:49
I guess I'm gonna watch every Emily Blunt movie out there...2013-06-03 18:19:05
Lets make a social network on top of ADN that only allows you to have 150 friends.2013-06-03 17:59:17
I don't know why, but I've taken to calling it iPadmini... :)2013-06-03 11:55:35
That was the weirdest breakfast in the history of my life.2013-06-03 10:16:47
I just love the book igloo concept... 2013-06-02 02:07:49
My Dropbox installation is going nuts, showing updates that happened yesterday.2013-05-31 17:28:17
I just knew there'd be a site called But it'll redirect to, even I could not have guessed... 2013-05-31 15:18:19
Google's Location History is a great tool to see where you've been... 11:29:15
Seeing a small file's size increase a byte for every character I write into it feels surprisingly magical.2013-05-30 23:42:31
Written at the back of a Restaurant Rentals truck - "We don't Fork you!" I guess they haven't heard of GitHub yet... 2013-05-30 21:53:23
The Windows GitHub app isn't bad...2013-05-30 19:11:17
Can't wait to get back home and continue reading Dan Brown's Inferno. Such a great read!2013-05-29 15:24:02
So I have a .mobi file I want to read on my iPhone Kindle app. I pop it into my dropbox, sync it, download it to my Kindle app. Now I want to read the same file on my iPad. I open the Dropbox app, click on the export button and there's no Kindle option. That, right there, is what's wrong with iOS.2013-05-28 20:11:46
Saw Total Recall yesterday. Totally recall it. :D2013-05-28 17:02:55
So, my fire alarm doesn't like Paranthas.2013-05-27 18:52:42
There's only one word to describe Hangover III - Massive. Specially for those who stayed after the credits! :D2013-05-27 00:12:56
Well guess what, the following website exists - hi.fi2013-05-27 00:09:19
Can't decide if the sale of Hulu news is from Reuters or Onion...2013-05-24 13:44:55
I need a soft keyboard for work... This clicking disturbs people... I type too fast... :P2013-05-24 10:27:37
Tags are just not enough.2013-05-24 10:08:56
Every once in a while, one realizes that a flat system like SimpleNote is not good enough for organizing your thoughts... Need a folder model, one that works with Mac, PC and iOS and syncs over Dropbox... Kinda like DevonThink... 2013-05-24 10:04:37
I downloaded one of those Combo Social network apps for iOS today and in the center he's got MySpace. I can't even edit which social networks I see. 2013-05-24 07:42:32
#imagineAworld, where nearly every word was #hashtagged. #HowWeird would that be? People would make hashtags out of #justAboutAnything2013-05-23 13:37:54
"Yes Prime Minister" is just awesome!2013-05-21 18:18:57
Justin Beiber got tats? How's that in any way 'cool' for kids?2013-05-21 17:53:42
What does post-industrial even mean? That's just a stupid way of saying, "We outsourced our manufacturing jobs".2013-05-21 16:42:35
uTorrent or TransmissionBT?2013-05-21 16:21:10
I tried the GM diet with my brother Nipun once. Lasted an entire four hours before I munched on some biscuits....2013-05-21 16:02:53
My love for app deals started when I got WhatsApp for free during a sale period. That was the beginning of an awesome journey. #TeamAppdiction2013-05-21 15:32:28
I thought of uploading all of my pics to Flickr, but the new site is confusing. I don't want to see my profile with all my pics, I want to see the privacy settings clearly.2013-05-21 14:36:20
I just published "An eBook is a Book is a Book" 14:32:13
The thing with hipsters... :D2013-05-20 17:35:18
The thing with hipsters... :D2013-05-20 17:35:00
I smell freshly cut wood! :)2013-05-20 13:25:27
The most important thing you do after you rejoin work back from a long holiday, is clearing your emails...2013-05-20 11:04:51
Testing out BitTorrent Sync with my brother. Lets see how this goes... :)2013-05-19 16:01:27
Little Snitch is the worst least user-friendly software.2013-05-19 02:39:21
Yahoo! just sent me an email asking me to make them my homepage. Umm, on what device, Yahoo?2013-05-18 09:15:55
Go Gimmicky Gawker.2013-05-17 17:39:08
I won't mind Yahoo buying Tumblr, but if they Posterous it, they'll face many an angry hordes.2013-05-16 21:11:27
Kudos to Indian Supreme Court for restricting arrests for posts on Social Networks to those approved by senior officers. We don't want overzealous politicians to ask for children to get arrested.2013-05-16 11:24:11
Seen kai Po Che. Not impressed.2013-05-16 00:53:50
WordPress! Why you no support logins in 3-4 devices? I own all of them!2013-05-15 21:59:06
I've asked myself if a company like Notion Ink can make a space for themselves, building an entire tablet from scratch in a market that doesn't yet understand tablets. Maybe the second iteration will work better. 2013-05-15 21:51:31
Does soap ever expire?2013-05-13 19:21:59
Choose your arsenal: Little Black Dress or Little Black Coffee.2013-05-12 07:32:07
What do you call it when you kill your last brain cells with beer? Homercide. 2013-05-12 03:54:36
How many of us have done the "take shampoo and rub it all over your body absentmindedly" thing in the shower? 2013-05-11 12:25:14
You're a changed man once you bathe...2013-05-11 12:19:55
The Iron Man saga ends. 2013-05-11 01:07:45
So, I'm taking my graduation walk today. :)2013-05-09 12:03:31
Long line to see the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives. Guess people want to see what they derive their power from. 2013-05-07 13:06:40
I promised myself I won't joke about Win8 anymore. But that interview? Um, so Win App Store is doing better than iOS App Store in the first year? So you're saying you copied the market leader and are doing better because they were still learning when they were doing it?2013-05-07 08:10:03
That extremely painful moment when you cut your nail a little too much...2013-05-06 21:47:59
Uh oh! Did Google just make me a vlogger by introducing the YouTube Capture iOS app?2013-05-06 10:21:48
There's no satisfaction in automatic flushes. 2013-05-05 17:12:17
Since when are iPads photography devices? Stupid Perfectum!2013-05-05 08:53:02
So, we get two tours in one - Maid of the Mist and Smell of the Mist. 2013-05-05 08:39:56
I should stop using '@'s. I get most of them wrong...2013-05-04 22:16:53
What? @medium bought @matter?? That's just... Odd!2013-05-04 22:12:18
That horrifying moment when you realize the event has begun but your tie is too short!!2013-05-03 07:18:09
So, what do I need to do to get initiated into the photography club? Sacrifice a lens or something?2013-05-03 07:10:28
Angry Birds, Friends??2013-05-02 17:26:05
This in-app iTunes view in Riposte is pretty cool!2013-05-02 17:11:23
Ok, so I've just landed and the next flight is in 40 minutes but don't ask me what's up coz what happens in Vegas...2013-05-02 17:08:50
People headed to Vegas have a strange, awesome energy!2013-05-02 14:56:45
Hungry, thirsty and headed to Vegas. :)2013-05-02 14:55:20
Is the Camarillo #SpringsFire causing flight delays in LA and Vegas?2013-05-02 12:37:02
This holiday is off to a bad start. 2013-05-02 11:48:57
Every time I read a book about writing, I end up second-guessing what the author has written and don't read it because they all the same thing - keep writing.2013-05-01 17:53:04
And I'm hungry! Time for cookies, I guess... :)2013-05-01 16:43:20
The office day is about to end... Then the real work begins...2013-05-01 16:42:07
And more testing,2013-05-01 14:03:30
meh. Testing is the bomb!2013-05-01 14:02:53
This is another test post. Ignore! Ignore!2013-05-01 13:39:50
Wind!2013-05-01 13:38:44
Snowww! :)2013-05-01 13:35:55
This is, hopefully, the final test... 2013-05-01 13:29:39
And another test2013-05-01 12:09:04
Another test post.2013-05-01 11:48:18
Simple test. Again.2013-05-01 11:38:10
The cost of setting up Internet in the US for the first time is TOO DAMN HIGH!2013-04-30 16:36:18
How nice would it be if it rained in Boulder/Broomfield today... Not snow, but rain...2013-04-30 15:18:33
So, I was wondering if I could read a jpeg file as text some how and guess what? Sumblime Text can do that. Not a single line of code need be written for this. Awesome!2013-04-30 14:13:38
Chetan Bhagat is like the Cory Doctorow of India, talking about love and society instead of tech and society...2013-04-30 11:59:40
Everyone's picking on Samsung for bringing out another Android tablet with slightly different configs and price. Don't forget what Samsung is - a PC manufacturer. That's what they think like, "let's release 10 tablets so the users have all kinds of needs fulfilled." BTW, I think that's a good thing.2013-04-30 11:36:14
Oh wait, no... I got it! Heins thinks that Microsoft Surface will be replace all tablets and people will move to desktop computing with touchscreen monitors.2013-04-30 11:19:13
Here's a prediction for Heins - In 5 years, Blackberry will be no more.2013-04-30 11:07:04
Was scratching my head thinking of something I had bookmarked in some service and wanted to look at now, but didn't remember the service or the context of the bookmark, so was lost. Suddenly remembered that it was bookmarked in the best service - my brain. The link? 2013-04-29 11:36:11
#WOTD: balkanized: To divide into small, hostile territories.2013-04-29 10:17:28
Aha! Google Search iOS got updated with Google Now... :)2013-04-29 10:08:19
So, FB just emailed me asking for my feedback. FB asking for Feedback? Did the Sun rise in the West today? Anyways, I have exactly 2 days to fill it out, else they'll just ignore me... 2013-04-27 14:27:50
I knew someone would free the FB chat heads from the iOS app. Message Box does just that. Go #cydia!2013-04-26 23:09:56
Apple really needs to add app metadata to iOS Spotlight2013-04-26 11:57:42
My keyboard's Shift key is acting like a douchebag.2013-04-26 11:43:39
Donut Day! Though I should really watch my diet... :P2013-04-26 11:13:26
Dang. Need to upgrade my iPad to 6.1.3 for Ashes. Gonna lose my jailbreak. Is it worth it? Totally!2013-04-25 22:39:27
Oh man! Sunstroke updates the same day as Ashes is released! The #fever scene is heating up!2013-04-25 12:10:07
So, I just downloaded Ashes for Fever. Is it worth the $6(and later $9)? Yes.2013-04-25 11:37:25
Gave my roomie a 15 minute presentation about Web hosting, Web servers, Static IPs, RasPi and DNS. I should start charging for these things... :)2013-04-24 11:09:36
So, how long before Twitter takes offence at Tweetbot's new image/video view and shuts it down?2013-04-23 14:20:51
BitTorrent Sync reminds me of a scene in Doctorow's Little Brother where they encrypt an entire ISP's data just to ensure a smaller, encrypted hacker network doesn't get detected. P2P is a brilliant technology and well worth the effort to save it. 2013-04-23 13:59:08
So, Internet, how about <cough></cough> and <sarcasm></sarcasm> ?? 2013-04-23 12:24:17
So, I got invited to write on @medium... Cool! :)2013-04-22 14:03:19
Ugh! Google did something extremely ugly to my Chrome for Mac. Where are my apps you idiots? I know how to use Google Search... 2013-04-22 11:35:56
Should I use Devonthink Pro as a replacement to Google Reader? Not sure... Using it for a completely different purpose right now, don't want to ruin that space...2013-04-17 17:00:25
Hmmm... Not sure if the comment on my old * blog asking about my hosting provider is spam or not... 2013-04-15 20:28:55
If one day your Mac decides to Index at the same time as your Dropbox is syncing, God help you... (and me!)2013-04-15 20:17:43
Is it just me or is Dropbox going bonkers?2013-04-15 20:09:09
Finished watching Game of Thrones S2 over the weekend. Epic, just epic.2013-04-15 12:39:49
Tired. But nevertheless, it's Donut Day! :)2013-04-12 10:40:30
Ask.FM. Because Tumblr's too mainstream. 2013-04-11 08:28:30
Made the mistake of selecting the entire Net, graphics and X11 packages on Cygwin. Now it's eating up about 1 GB of my hard disk space.2013-04-10 11:28:30
Oh, brilliant, just brilliant... Comics go a long way in making more sense of this world than we ever can! 19:13:52
I don't 'get' nodejs. I've tried. I don't.2013-04-09 16:52:33
The saddest point in the last few days was when I saw the ending of Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9 - Baelor... 2013-04-09 15:47:08
OMG! I just realized Google Images doesn't support GIFs! #googlefail2013-04-09 12:16:42
Loving PhaseExpress for Windows! :)2013-04-09 10:24:15
Wow! The upcoming Velox tweak is a must have! It'll destroy half the tweaks I've got on my iPhone! 2013-04-08 19:53:35
Stupid google maps took me to a closed down Jack in the Box. Now buying the milk shake from Sonic... 2013-04-08 18:27:18
Don't care if it's 61F or 16C... I'm going to have a Jack in the Box strawberry shake soon as I get out of office!2013-04-08 17:36:55
And then there's this one - Clutterless ( A buck less and a touch classier... #wordpress2013-04-08 17:04:30
If I ever had to recommend a paid wordpress theme to anyone? This one would be it - So clean and just $10!2013-04-08 17:01:17
Just came out of a meeting. Seems the next Windows is being called Windows Blue... Screen.2013-04-08 16:27:27
Few weeks ago, asked ADN if there's an app that works with a tweak on iOS. This is the answer. Also, proof that Apple isn't a douche to jailbreak devs >> tweak that lets you create your own themes using an App Store app. 14:39:17
So, my friend Rahul made a comic about me. :) 09:37:26
I HATE free hosts.2013-04-07 23:26:05
Reading a physical book and feeling the urge to underline, mark and take notes on the book or at the side. But can?t because it?s a Library book? So this is why we buy books, eh? :)2013-04-07 16:49:42
Reading a book about changing your mind's hard wired habits and going to the Supermarket to get a non-specific type of juice do not go hand in hand!2013-04-07 16:03:16
Friday is like the perfect day - You do loads and loads of work and then suddenly, it's the Weekend! :)2013-04-05 09:25:42
Notice how Facebook Home integrates Instagram? 2013-04-04 14:37:28
So, a friend recently asked as to why her GMail account doesn't run out of space ever. Upon checking, I discovered that GMail is now 10 GB. Wow!2013-04-03 17:21:08
I wish I was into podcasts (for the drive to my office) but I can't stand to hear a couple of guys talk without giving my input once in a while...2013-04-02 09:16:07
Wonder when we'll get TV remotes that are just large customizable touchscreens. That's a must-have for smart TVs with apps.2013-04-01 16:52:23
The List's April Fools joke is the simplest and the most elegant I've seen today. thelist.io2013-04-01 16:32:22
Someone is stupid enough to look for a Feedafever keygen and come to my blog from that query...2013-04-01 14:45:52
It seems services depending on Amazon are hitting intermittent 404s since morning. I've seen it on Patter and (Mention for ADN's site)2013-03-29 11:01:28
A long time ago, I made a Posterous account one day. A week later they announced it was dying. #0072013-03-28 14:51:35
I'm looking at sleipnir for Mac, Windows and iOS and I'm looking at the price of free and I'm thinking, wow! That just blew my mind!2013-03-28 01:18:52
Time to head home. The day is officially over. 2013-03-27 17:53:58
Made a deal with the devil recently and now my number is in the hands of telemarketers. Unknown numbers are now not picked. If they leave a voicemail, they were worth listening to.2013-03-27 13:42:21
I need a touchscreen monitor for my Windows laptop; banging my mouse on the table is getting too noisy.2013-03-27 13:40:51
hehe, looks like Google had to update Gmail for iOS in response to Mailbox... At least competition spurs Google to activity... 2013-03-27 10:55:51 (webapp on iOS) is awesome! Just look at the Map view! And the fact that it remembers my preference for Celsius despite being a webapp?! Brilliant!2013-03-27 01:16:39 (webapp on iOS) is awesome! Just look at the Map view! And the fact that it remembers my preference for Celsius despite being a webapp?! Brilliant!2013-03-27 01:15:45
200 MB of server access logs with in depth IP and browser info. Interesting! But now I know why my host has been changing me money for 250 MB of storage!2013-03-27 00:49:50
Standing on the bus stop, I'm seeing so many people with bags... Wondering why... Then it hit me... It's Friday Friday... People are heading home for the weekend weekend...2013-03-25 12:00:16
Wonder how many people will just delete the Mailbox iOS app after using it once because it's not suited to them. What a waste of all that hype and waiting in queue!2013-03-25 12:00:04
There's got to be a way to post from this liveblog to ADN and twitter... Wondering... Tinkering... :)2013-03-25 11:59:52
"If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve." ~ Lao Tzu2013-03-24 22:32:12
Vincent… What a beautiful song… 21:24:01
I know Kafka's Metamorphosis is supposed to be this amazing story but I found it ugly as hell!2013-03-24 21:17:38
Ugh! Whatever's wrong with @vimeo's Facebook connection needs to be fixed soon.2013-03-24 21:14:22
Oh, I have to disable AdBlock to even view Twitter's Ads platform. Umm, no ways!2013-03-24 20:11:57
I'm so glad for @instagram's web app. Who'd want to always browse such high quality pics just on their phone?2013-03-24 20:10:55
Prediction: within a year, we'll hear about the demise of Google Voice (free). 2013-03-24 14:59:11
Love starting conversations on ADN! They organically grow and really great people contribute!2013-03-22 11:22:32
Brilliant! Most EU domains don't allow Whois guard. Is this because they protect our privacy by default or because they don't give a crap?2013-03-22 10:39:58
I sincerely believe that MS Outlook Web is run by a bunch of cokehead monkeys. Verify your identity to stop spammers? Filling out an alternate email and phone number is MANDATORY before using email? Sure MS, sure...2013-03-22 10:22:55
Dang, so if you miss a 'g' in google and go to, the Search there is powered by Ask! :D :D2013-03-22 09:27:35
This is the Official declaration - Today, is Donut Day! :)2013-03-22 09:20:23
So Samsung made a fuss about the whole dual cam thing, right? Some dev has already replicated it for iPhones -> There you go Samsung... :)2013-03-22 07:42:57
Handicap parking, good idea. Special parking for alternate fuel cars? You've got to be kidding me!2013-03-21 19:29:39
I know I might get Hate for this, but SendGrid did the right thing by firing Richards. Why couldn't she have turned and told those guys to shut up? Too many people think they're doing the right thing by following the rules to the letter but in the process, destroy someone else's life.2013-03-21 18:37:50
Started using DevonThink Pro recently. Interesting tool. Maybe it's a good replacement for scrivener for me. Best part is saving the database in Dropbox and having the text files available everywhere... :)2013-03-21 17:58:05
Marco's latest post ( is only too right, we as users hold no power over the various online services we use for free. But to add, we don't even hold power over services we pay for. Every company has a ToS that says that they can change anything they wish to in their system without consulting or informing the end-user. You can be a paying Google Apps customer and they'll not even give you a call before shutting down the service. The case of Mark Cuban v/s Facebook comes to mind where Cuban was visibly pissed at the ever-changing costs that Facebook thrusts on his company. It's obvious that no matter what you do, you don't really control the software unless you're paying for the whole of it. My biggest fear is for software like Linux and WordPress. If one day, the leads of these projects decide that they're no longer interested, no new person will be able to come in and continue their work. If Automattic or Canonical decide that or Ubuntu (for home users) is not worth their time and they want to just concentrate on high paying customers, we, the common man, are lost. But that's the risk you accept when you jump into the world of software as a whole. 2013-03-21 17:56:59
Wow, @medium added inline comments with a twist. The comment is private to me and the author and it's her decision to make it public. Interesting solution!2013-03-21 17:31:38
twitter suggests a contact on my timeline. Twitter suggests I follow them. Twitter doesn't want me to look at their profile, just to follow them. No thanks Twitter, you dunces. 2013-03-21 17:05:52
Holy Sheet music! The new Reuters iOS app is awesome! 2013-03-21 17:04:39
Started using DevonThink Pro recently. Interesting tool. Maybe it's a good replacement for scrivener for me. Best part is saving the database in Dropbox and having the text files available everywhere... :)2013-03-21 15:46:00
Wondering how many others received the "You are eligible for early access to Twitter Ads and a $50 credit" email from Buffer?2013-03-21 13:45:53
#randomStat: 90% of the time, if the blog post title asks a question, the answer is No.2013-03-21 13:36:14
Who knew Subway could be *that* heavy! <groan>2013-03-20 13:49:18
Must resist urge to buy domain name!2013-03-18 16:32:40
His name was Dan Parker.2013-03-18 13:38:46
I really like how @zenhabits calls a common living area 'negotiated space' because that's what it is, no matter whom you're living with. 11:03:00
On my blog's busiest day yet, I had 350 referrals from various Google search engines and 2 from Bing. 10:51:42
I wrote about how newspapers have been perceiving the Internet wrongly - 10:41:26
Big news of the day - Got a new kind of donut in my office! :)2013-03-15 09:31:19
I have just one question - is no one clapping or have they really increased the volume of the music so much that we can't hear anything? I suspect it's the former. 2013-03-14 18:00:01
Samsung is doing one thing right - centralizing a lot of features that depend on apps. Vine, Google Play, Ubuntu for Android, Photo Albums and Runkeeper just got ripped. Wonder if this is good or bad.2013-03-14 17:56:25
So Samsung said, "huh, Twitter made Vine? We should copy that too! We're bored of copying just Apple" And then no one clapped.2013-03-14 17:32:20
Who are these two dumbasses hosting the Samsung event??2013-03-14 17:27:58
Just downloaded Rovio's new game "The Crood". They should just have named it The Crud. Needs a Rovio account to save game progress and always needs an internet connection to work (the game disconnects if the phone switches from WiFi to 4G) just like Simcity. Don't even waste your time downloading it.2013-03-14 13:04:50
I love getting password change notifications. Reminds me that I've been working a certain number of months on the job... :)2013-03-14 13:02:05
My Fever database is 200 MB in size. <0_o>2013-03-14 11:59:00
So Google just sent me an email inviting me to the paid Google Apps for $5/mo/user. Umm, no thanks. I'll take your free service.2013-03-14 10:18:41
Used Google's Field Trip for all of 24 hours before giving up and deleting it. Whatever. 2013-03-14 08:00:14
Delhi Swings. 13:49:03
Luigi, Luigi, where art thou?2013-03-13 13:21:59
Brace yourself, the Mario Bros memes are coming!2013-03-13 13:21:35
"I believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs, and I will shout it from the rooftops." Hehe. 11:33:54
So, no one ever thought of doing anything cool with 17:42:22
So... Blogspot... What's with the weird look on *every* blog? No one's allowed to theme anymore or what?2013-03-12 17:06:16
So, the big tech thing this time in SXSW was Leap? That's cool... :)2013-03-12 17:03:21
wrote about 500 words in my 30 minute bus ride this morning using my iPad Mini and a 2nd hand Apple bluetooth keyboard. Now that's what I call good use of my time! :)2013-03-12 16:10:11
Heard Storylane got bought by Facebook. Time to delete the app. It's a good thing I wasn't using it anyways. 2013-03-08 18:23:35
Heads storylane got bought by FB. Time to delete their app. It's a good thing I wasn't using it anyways. 2013-03-08 18:21:53
Donut Donut Donut Donut Donut Donut Donut Donut Donut Day! :)2013-03-08 09:39:01
Oh, so the Roku 3 has a headphone jack in the remote? That's an interesting improvement!2013-03-07 17:39:33
If you have more than 2 hashtags in your profile description, you're doing it wrong.2013-03-07 16:00:45
Just finished reading Microserfs. Beautiful book. 2013-03-07 08:45:35
Got a push notification that someone added me to their Google+ circle... Didn't even know I had the app installed! :P2013-03-06 10:20:30
O.o Just got off the bus and the driver looked like Stone Cold Steve Austin. 2013-03-05 08:19:31
Ok, I need Tomb Raider for PS3... It looks stunning!2013-03-05 01:01:29
Ok, when I get home, I'm gonna listen to the entire Conspiracy of One album, back to back...2013-03-04 19:00:54
How the heck did I forget that I had an iPad mini in my jacket pocket?2013-03-04 08:40:44
Dear Autocorrect, I know you don't like my spellings of smartphones but do you really have to change it to 'smart onions'? What exactly are, smart onions? Do they have multiple layers of meaning?2013-03-04 08:26:48
What is it, Chrome crash day?!2013-03-01 17:11:53
Never realized my Grooveshark playlist is so full of sad songs!2013-03-01 16:27:29
Excellent. From now on, it'll be the deletion of tweets to mark the passing of a Pope, not the breaking of the ring.2013-03-01 09:56:04
ADN is the Mechanical Turk of Social Networks. We pay, real people reply.2013-02-28 17:29:37
So this dog walks with his lady into the bus...2013-02-28 10:03:01
The transience of metamorphosis can never subdue the cyclical nature of it. 2013-02-28 09:38:25
Ok, I'm done. Python web servers are crap.2013-02-28 00:05:15
You know that time when you're trying to type 'differences' but autocorrect changes it to 'sorbe...' And you think if you'll just keep typing it'll correct itself but it turns out that autocorrect changes the whole thing to 'sorbet Indian drogbah' and you have to delete the whole thing and start again? Yeah, that just happened to me. 2013-02-27 07:31:37
So, wait a second, there was, once, a real comedy show with my two favorite British actors - Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry? Mind. Blown. 00:22:21
2013-02-26 23:15:36
it's all about the right music... 2013-02-26 23:14:36
2013-02-26 23:14:14
2013-02-26 23:13:48
2013-02-26 23:12:32
2013-02-26 23:06:53
Rabbi Shergill rocks!2013-02-26 23:04:27
Using for search and for uptime info for my link blog on Pretty awesome tools! :)2013-02-26 22:14:15
2013-02-26 14:14:02
$70 Leap Motion + $150 old Chromebook = $1300 Chromebook Pixel. In your face, Google.2013-02-26 14:10:05
When shows I've got zero posts out recently, I think it's time to write a blogpost...2013-02-25 16:41:06
2013-02-25 11:16:14
@mina my code says that if its not a long text, it'll not place the blog URL. Cool, eh?2013-02-25 11:15:18
2013-02-25 11:13:48
2013-02-25 11:13:23
2013-02-25 11:10:26
2013-02-25 11:06:25
2013-02-25 11:04:10
2013-02-25 11:03:53
2013-02-25 11:03:50
2013-02-25 10:57:35
This is a #devpost to see if I can crosspost from my WP LiveBlog to ADN. If this works, I'll be redirected from my liveblog hack to the ADN post intent with this text I'm posting. Hopefully, it will be redirected and that will be a major win. Plus, I'll be able to post text longer than 256 chars, so it'll be a good extension of my thoughts too... Let's hope this works! :)2013-02-25 10:50:43
2013-02-25 10:49:37
2013-02-25 10:42:55
2013-02-25 10:42:11
2013-02-25 10:40:53
and a test2013-02-25 10:13:41
#devpost.2013-02-25 10:13:07
#devpost. Yeah!2013-02-25 10:07:02
There's got to be a way to post from this liveblog to ADN and twitter... Wondering... Tinkering... :)2013-02-25 09:44:52
Wonder how many people will just delete the Mailbox iOS app after using it once because it's not suited to them. What a waste of all that hype and waiting in queue!2013-02-25 09:41:14
Autocorrect, why you change wow to Wisconsin??2013-02-22 18:11:53
Me distracted by ADN, stranger in the lift said take care and I replied, "Ok!"2013-02-22 18:01:33
Just explained to the call n ride driver what my company does and how the Internet works. It was fun! :)2013-02-22 17:59:21
Donut, Donut, Donut, Donut, Donut, Donut, Donut, Donut, Donut Day!2013-02-22 08:35:02
Standing on the bus stop, I'm seeing so many people with bags... Wondering why... Then it hit me... It's Friday Friday... People are heading home for the weekend weekend...2013-02-22 08:34:18
Hey, I\'m Windows, I\'m checking for new drivers online. It\'ll take me the half life of Uranium to do that after which I\'ll just install the local drivers I\'ve had since forever. Have a nice day!2013-02-21 18:21:18
Has anyone ever told Wired they have the most ugly interface when it comes to browsing multiple pics in an article. Does the page have to reload for every pic? 2013-02-19 23:43:25
Shouldn\'t iTunes also have the option of making a podcast?2013-02-19 17:36:25
Why are all the sites suddenly declaring their use of cookies? I know that. I\'ve known that since the time I had Win98. What\'s with all this privacy crap? Don\'t people already know that nothing on the Internet is private and everyone is tracked?2013-02-19 12:21:08
Amortization… What a beautiful word!2013-02-14 23:12:27
Alfred for Mac is free? Why?2013-02-14 22:25:17
Did I just open 112 bookmarks in Chrome? Why, yes, I did!2013-02-14 22:23:06
Bloody awesome song! Listen if you get #hindi - 19:17:25
I\'m afraid of the day some company decides it\'s too painful to maintain a blog and they\'re better off with just a twitter account...2013-02-14 16:15:54
Ok, so I can now play CS:Source on Linux. Time to take out that sweet little system I\'ve been hiding in the corner for so long... :)2013-02-14 16:10:54
hmmm… Chrome crashed when I opened GD Boom… Strange...2013-02-13 21:21:52
Apple’s implementation of Folders in iOS is so stupid. How about a folder I can quickly get out of, Apple, instead of having to make an extra click to?2013-02-13 19:48:57
Just heard a truck stopping nearby. The breaks sounded exactly like a donkey\'s braying. :D2013-02-13 09:21:57
I can\'t use the reverse of my name in many passwords because it\'s a palindrome! :(2013-02-13 09:20:55
Create your own south park character... 13:39:56
you know what\'s next? A @foursquare wristband to track where you are all the time. Who wants to waste phone battery life on that anyways?2013-02-11 10:42:11
MS should really have split up into two companies - MS:Win and MS:IE when it was sued long ago. That way MS:IE would have died of bankruptcy and the world would be better for it.2013-02-11 10:10:26
waiting for the day when Google will see so much potential in it that they’ll copy @ifttt… Probably gonna happen soon2013-02-10 12:19:22
Ugh! Battery - the one bane of electronic reading apparatus. 2013-02-08 19:30:29
Companies should really stop making web apps that can only run in Internet Explorer. There are other, better browsers out there you know. 2013-02-08 18:10:49
There should be a Windows Developer edition for power users. It should basically be a Linux machine with a windows theme around it.2013-02-08 18:05:36
Only Daler Mehndi could have come up with such music - #punjabi #bhangra2013-02-08 16:34:19
There\'s a party with Atif Aslam and Gippy Garewal going on in my mind while on the outside, I\'m sitting in my office... :)2013-02-08 15:58:37
The graffiti in Boulder is just as awesome as the city... 11:39:10
Listening to this song and loving it! --> #punjabi #bhangra #gippy2013-02-08 11:02:14
#iPhond #jailbreak users check out swipeShiftCaret. It\'ll make your life so much easier...2013-02-08 08:47:30
Oh twitter, I know you\'re trying to act all Facebookish but you don\'t have to make crappy crashy apps too...2013-02-07 08:47:29
huh... Spent so much time on that forgot to drop in on :P2013-02-06 13:48:09
Simperium(SimpleNote) getting bought by Automattic(WordPress) is the most awesome thing I\'ve heard recently... 2013-02-05 20:19:32
No point in upgrading to iOS 6 and loosing my setup and google maps in the process...2013-02-04 20:59:25
Frankly, the only reason I was upgrading to iOS 6 was to get the latest version of #rivr. But now I\'ve seen it on my iPad mini and I\'m not impressed. So no upgrade to my phone. 2013-02-04 20:58:22
Dear official twitter client, when I ask you to open a particular tweet, be kind and open instead of being useless.2013-02-04 17:28:04
So glad I can\'t #jailbreak till I get home today... The initial stress on the servers will have disappeared by then... 2013-02-04 12:40:58
Cloudflare is working hard to ensure the evasi0n site stays up... And it\'s staying up despite recordbreaking data transfers!2013-02-04 10:28:25
Merry, Merry the Fourth of February Gunpowder, evasi0n and plot I see no reason why the gunpowder, evasi0n Should ever be forgot #iOS #jailbreak2013-02-04 09:02:34
Girl sitting next to me in bus has Beiber\'s Baby as ringtone. Are you in love or just lazy after a fad, girl?2013-02-04 08:29:23
Has anyone ever tried for twitter? We should totatlly port it to ADN!2013-02-01 10:14:42
Aargh! Twitter needs to grow up! 140 is too less, specially after the 256 ADN affords to me. 2013-01-31 21:58:16
hmmm... Facebook Graph Search just showed up on my FB... Fairly disorienting to my Facebook browsing habits and very very creepy!2013-01-31 15:46:31
I solemnly swear I\'m up to no good... 15:44:55
Oh man, when reading a Svbtle blog, this soft, kind and intelligent voice in my head is reading the text... It really feels great! Now I know why Dustin Curtis made it...2013-01-31 15:06:10
And the site is up - 11:09:27
This is bad. I spent all my bus time on ADN instead of reading Nicholson Baker\'s Mezzanine... And now it\'s time for office...2013-01-31 09:08:33
I\'m really bad at drawing and other such pursuits, but boy do I love dribbble!2013-01-31 01:13:31
Finally upgrading to Facebook 5.4 on iOS. 5.3 was crap, kept crashing. I had to rollback to 5.1 because of that!2013-01-30 17:39:13
I feel the urge to setup a #minecraft server!2013-01-30 16:40:44
hmmm.. IronBlogger... Interesting concept... :)2013-01-30 16:40:03 - My favorite new place to go when i want to laugh my hat off!2013-01-30 15:54:29
Ok, Both Chrome and Firefox (on Windows) render Google Web Fonts really badly. Wonder what\'s going on... 2013-01-29 15:01:33
This news of iOS 6 jb could not come at a better time... I\'m about to buy an iPad Mini... :)2013-01-29 13:01:47
Why does this look like Monday morning?? 07:14:48
Write 2 for iOS just went free. You can not go wrong with this app. It\'s too good!2013-01-29 06:54:48
Why has Google iOS started asking for location after every search? It\'s irritating and wastes time...2013-01-28 09:01:58
Reading a book published in the year I was born... yikes! #mezzanine #baker2013-01-28 08:49:33
Reading the funniest of novels... Mezzanine by Nicholson Baker. It\'s a crazy book!2013-01-28 08:20:02
You know that half a nanometer between super hot and super cold water? That\'s where a good bath lives...2013-01-28 07:50:55
Looking for Manga app in app store, found Mangalam... :D2013-01-28 06:56:41
What do you do when you have a story in mind but no ending? I\'m scared of not having an ending for it... 2013-01-28 00:00:38
Just finishes reading Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov. Amazing, amazing book!!!2013-01-26 16:14:01
Oh God! What a long day! This week\'s Donut day was not as much fun as I\'d hoped... Finally back at home with my Mac in my hands. It feels good... :)2013-01-25 19:52:26
Apples, Apples everywhere... Edible ones... :)2013-01-24 10:27:33
What a beautiful day, Bright and grey!2013-01-24 09:05:11
Four day weeks are awesome!2013-01-23 11:24:34
The official twitter iOS app? It\'s crap. Now hel1um? That\'s brilliant!2013-01-20 11:59:13
I hit an account balance warning on NearlyFreeSpeech today. Why? Because in January alone, my blog has been viewed 800 times! :)2013-01-17 16:51:28
Why does every custom software on Windows need to have .NET associated with it? py2exe is being a pain!2013-01-17 13:26:39
2013-01-17 13:26:37
2013-01-17 13:26:21
Got a free VPS server from ChunkHost (after a 6 month wait)... Now I\'ve forgotten what I wanted to do with it. 2013-01-16 16:58:51
Brother convincing me to get a PS3... I guess it\'s time to have my own console... :)2013-01-16 10:43:23
Hmmm... Chrome iOS is taking too much RAM. Looks like it is time to retire the fellow. 2013-01-14 14:48:44
Yup, it\'s confirmed, PHP is weird!2013-01-14 14:42:18
Mondays! Argh!!!2013-01-14 14:34:26
Home shifting - always traumatic but always fun. 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ugh! Converting a python script to an exe is such a pain! On the Mac, py2app works like *snaps fingers* that!0000-00-00 00:00:00
And it begins to snow. 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Yes it's snow day. But what else is today? Yes, Donut Day! :)0000-00-00 00:00:00
Windows 8 for tablets has a mouse. On a touchscreen. Idiocy has no limits.0000-00-00 00:00:00
My friend finally started posting her own thoughts on twitter after 3 years of being on the service. Yet she has more than 10k tweets. How? Because each and every one of them is a reply!0000-00-00 00:00:00
Can't decide between reading Foundation by Isaac Asimov or Singularity Sky by Charles Stross0000-00-00 00:00:00
99 Posts and 5300 views on my Blog in 2012. How cool is that? :)0000-00-00 00:00:00
wow, FetchNotes and SimpleNote, free services that are awesome. I'm bringing them into my everyday use.0000-00-00 00:00:00
My blog is 12 views away from 6000. I could cheat and post a link on ADN and the views will jump by ~30 but I'll wait for it to grow organically... :)0000-00-00 00:00:00
A list of my favorite Google Chrome extensions/apps - Aside(for Pocket), AdBlockPro, PasteFire, Send to Kindle, DotDotDot, WriteBox, Succynct(for ADN), Undirect(for getting rid of Google tracking) and Advanced REST Client.0000-00-00 00:00:00
Used the word 'conundrum' after a long time... Felt good to be using better English than commonplace words... :)0000-00-00 00:00:00
Imgur I hate you for wasting the past 5 hours of my day.0000-00-00 00:00:00
Dayum! Github Gists are a world in their own! 0000-00-00 00:00:00
My friends are circulating a new FB post that starts like - "My friends, I want to connect with you PRIVATELY on Facebook"... I'm laughing at them try to save their skirts from Facebook, the Evil Social Corporation.0000-00-00 00:00:00
Oh man, now I'll have to get used to writing 2013 in the dates...0000-00-00 00:00:00
Ok, the everymoment app just replaced instagallery on my iPhone. 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Business insider is such a crappy site!0000-00-00 00:00:00
watched Anna Karenina yesterday... Weird movie... :P0000-00-00 00:00:00
Sometimes your brain gets stuck and you just let your hands go the work. Your hands remember everything, from passwords to the location of the right tool for a job.0000-00-00 00:00:00
hmmm.... ReadMatter or The Magazine?0000-00-00 00:00:00
Wait, so LAMP and MAMP can be installed by snapping your fingers but Apache for Windows needs me to actually read the instructions? That's very lame... 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Hey Facebook, next time you make a crappy iOS app that keeps crashing, don't make your other apps depend on it for login. I'm missing my Facebook Pages Manager.0000-00-00 00:00:00
No one chats with PHP programmers. The only smiley they ever use is - :$0000-00-00 00:00:00
One day, I come home, read, write, eat and sleep. What a perfect day that would be!0000-00-00 00:00:00
In the spirit of Django Unchained, I've been playing with Python Django... :)0000-00-00 00:00:00
So it's one of those Mondays eh? Forgot my security badge at home for the first time...0000-00-00 00:00:00
The only completely bug-free software the Windows team ever made was Notepad.0000-00-00 00:00:00
Awesome Fabric Softener Ad in India... 15:40:54
Look at this image( Then look at the number of views and the bandwidth this image has consumed till now. Well done Imgur! The kind of scale you provide for hosted images is amazing!0000-00-00 00:00:00
I had promised myself that I'd subscribe to ReadMatter as soon as it comes out. Perhaps it's time...0000-00-00 00:00:00
I find it so funny that my school friends who've started working after their MBAs are suddenly 'discovering' social networks like Pinterest and Path... 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Acute observation: People who are liking the Flickr app are unanimously saying they hated Instagram and will leave it now. 0000-00-00 00:00:00
That's that. CloudFlare analytics only try to make you feel good about yourself! There have not been 26,000 page views on my blog!0000-00-00 00:00:00
Man, is awesome! 0000-00-00 00:00:00
suddenly, I see the value of Markdown in writing HTML... No need for <a href>... 0000-00-00 00:00:00
#rivr,  FB messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage and my phone is a complete comm tool... :)0000-00-00 00:00:00
The twitter photo filter video is the lamest work ever done by the company. They could have just waiting till tomorrow to release it... :D0000-00-00 00:00:00
Isn't it fun that Facebook and Twitter are fighting like crazy over user attention, even dragging Instagram into it? This is going to be a good drama to watch out for... :)0000-00-00 00:00:00
Can't wait for Ghost... It'll be the best thing to happen to authors on WordPress since desktop apps like MarsEdit...0000-00-00 00:00:00
Chirpify seems interesting. But what if I make a mistake in the buying process? Do I just delete the tweet? :P0000-00-00 00:00:00
AVOS released an iOS app for Delicious. For iOS 6. #fail0000-00-00 00:00:00
I just realized that if I ever use a Surface, I'll have to browse on IE! God, I'm never touching a Surface!!!0000-00-00 00:00:00
God made coastlines to inspire the poets in us... :)0000-00-00 00:00:00
Airplane mode with wifi running. Easiest way to be online with the least battery usage. 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Everymoment is an interesting iOS app... All your FB/twitter/Instagram and local pics in one app...0000-00-00 00:00:00
I propose that ADN change its name to Pulse. That way, every message or post we make is a 'beat'... 0000-00-00 00:00:00
I just downloaded a $100 app that had gone free. What a joke!0000-00-00 00:00:00
21 GB in my Dropbox... Thanks to the Dropbox Space Race... :)0000-00-00 00:00:00
White Elephant gifts. What an idea!!!0000-00-00 00:00:00
Code in the Enterprise gets dirty because they don't 'git' it right from the beginning. 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Spent a couple of minutes at the *other* network... Felt weird... Like I've been thrown into the dark ages... :P0000-00-00 00:00:00
I promise myself to read my emails every day. That said, emails are evil! :P0000-00-00 00:00:00
Gmail app update pulled as soon as it shows up? Did Google break some cardinal Apple rule like Push notifications?0000-00-00 00:00:00
headache... :(0000-00-00 00:00:00
It's snowing on Awesome! :) #wordpress0000-00-00 00:00:00
Whenever you're working on a project, even if you're completely self sufficient, you need someone to bounce your ideas off. Someone to challenge your ideas and assumptions. I wonder how Authors do this. Do they seek out other authors or do they go to their family members or friends?0000-00-00 00:00:00
Delicious gets an update - Stops calling it bookmarks and starts calling it content. Looks like sharing and social are the way ahead. 0000-00-00 00:00:00
#incompatibilityalert : Your Android smileys don't show on my iOS WhatsApp. That's why God created ASCII Characters...0000-00-00 00:00:00
There's more than one reason I hate CSS. Today's pick - position:fixed. Really? It's based on the viewpost? Damn!0000-00-00 00:00:00
What a bright, beautiful, sunny day. The sky is a brilliant blue with the clouds lathered smoothly over it's surface and the sun shining over all things on this magnificent earth. Just the kind of day you'd love to spend outside in the wondrous joy of nature and all it's amazing gifts to us, mere mortals who in this fleeting lifetime get to enjoy so much of its beauty without ever being able to repay back to mother nature and the sun and the sky. Ok, time to get back into my office, indoors.2012-12-03 10:06:40
#shortandlongofit : I'm not concerned with the 134k followers of Pope Benedict on twitter. I'm interested in the 7 accounts he's following.0000-00-00 00:00:00
All those buying RIMM shares because of Goldman Sachs' new rating... Ummm... You really think BB10 can even scratch the problem that RIMM created for itself a few years ago?0000-00-00 00:00:00
Haven't even had breakfast and it's already dark outside... Then again, breakfast at 5 PM? Not a good sign... 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Wow, completely forgot... It's Donut Day!!!0000-00-00 00:00:00
Git was never made for Windows.0000-00-00 00:00:00
Waiting for the Jump bus in Boulder is like waiting for Life to have meaning. It takes forever. 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Time to start reading Charles Strauss' Singularity Sky0000-00-00 00:00:00
Who wants a free 1 month invite to I got some... :)0000-00-00 00:00:00
Liking the cool Account information format on 00:00:00
Hey AT&T, if I tick "Remember Me" on your site, why do you delete the cookie and login information from Chrome? Stupid much?0000-00-00 00:00:00
The very definition of a Geek - in a story published by GK Chesterton even before 1936! 00:00:00
If Buffer posts articles you read in your Pocket list to all your social networks, you're doing it wrong. If IFTTT posts your tweets to ADN three at a time, you're doing it wrong. If your only interest is reading and reacting, you're doing it wrong.0000-00-00 00:00:00
Going back to Captcha because spammers have started registering as users on my blog. Is there a better solution out there? Has anyone used Bad Behavior 2? #wordpress0000-00-00 00:00:00
Yes Apple, some people do use the word  "so". Autocorrect should not try to change it into "do" all the time...0000-00-00 00:00:00
To the idiots at Google+ who replaced the Google Search + sign with "" - What about the minus sign guys?0000-00-00 00:00:00
Signed up for StackOverflow 2.0 Careers. Don't really need to, but honored to be on the roll.0000-00-00 00:00:00
Oh, so deleting WhatsApp removes all my old conversations. Lame. 0000-00-00 00:00:00
The iSupr8 app I downloaded reminds me that I gotta watch the Super8 movie...0000-00-00 00:00:00
Dunno what's wrong with WhatsApp notifications. Just not working. 0000-00-00 00:00:00
AppNetizens mobile looks great -> 00:00:00
Siri seems to think there's a place called Bordeaux in Colorado. Now I know what's wrong with Apple Maps. 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Clothes shopping is strangely gratifying.0000-00-00 00:00:00
The Steam Big picture beta is just fantastic!0000-00-00 00:00:00
Now reading: "The Tremendous Adventures of Major Brown" on :)0000-00-00 00:00:00
People, People, Have you all seen They brought Android apps, full fledged apps to Windows... Now that's awesome! :)2012-11-20 17:19:04
You have JavaScript. You need a bookmarklet. This does that and it's pretty good at it too --> 17:11:16
JS, PHP and a dash of MySQL, makes for a good day! :)2012-11-20 16:54:33
Breaking News is a good site... So full of news... :) 15:11:37
Now that's just a case of Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest. NYT thinks it's readers are not smart enough to recognize satire? :P 10:05:01
Mailchimp campaigns have RSS attached to them. Instant Win! :)2012-11-20 09:57:46
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum, Red Rackham's treasure, here we come! :)2012-11-20 09:41:13
“Adding a fiber to a drink made from caffeine, caramel coloring, phosphoric acid, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup doesn’t make it healthy,” Read more: Wow, I really should cut down on the soda... 2012-11-20 09:06:00
Well, Nokia's maps are Here. Time to see what the fuss is all about... 2012-11-20 07:45:36
I'm surprised ruby has an inbuilt function for reading rss. What other awesome libraries make this scripting language awesome?2012-11-19 09:57:13
Less emails == A good Day :)2012-11-19 09:54:48
Twitter had the scope of becoming as omnipresent as DNS or SMS. But now Twitter = Facebook in terms of business model. I predict it's death in a max of 5 years.2012-11-18 13:52:22
A simple solution for issues like Tweetro - start selling your app for a buck or two and increase the price as it sells more. It's the easiest way to suck money from those who're still stuck on twitter.2012-11-18 13:37:28
Updated to the latest Facebook app. Guess what, they updated to iOS 6. So no other iOS version now exists. App keeps crashing. What to do? Go to installous, download older version of FB. It works. I love jailbreak :)2012-11-17 11:48:23
Facebook, even today, you've got the shittiest app in the App Store. So I changed my password. Means you'll keep crashing? Stupid!2012-11-17 11:27:41
So twitter wants you to not copy their core features, or save tweets elsewhere, or not show ads or change the look of a tweet or have more than 100,000 users. Sounds more like Facebook owns Twitter now.2012-11-16 15:18:30
Saw an app today that claimed that "40% of our world doesn't have access to Jesus". These guys should really focus on getting those 40% clean water instead of forcing religion in them. :|2012-11-16 07:49:28
Cleverbot is weird!2012-11-15 17:16:45
[...] Live [...]2012-11-15 15:19:43
The phrase "You are our customer — not advertisers." seems to have become very popular after ADN. Seen today on 11:58:34
Chips Ahoy Candy Blasts. What a blast! :)2012-11-14 11:02:02
Any privacy oriented photo sharing app that asks me to login to Facebook is a disaster from the get go. 2012-11-14 00:27:55
First post out on "Dave is a Whiner" --> 17:05:37
Imagine: An app whose sole task is to be **the** place where people share links. You can post via Buffer, IFTTT, Readingly, DaringFireball or Twitter. Whatever service you want. You tag, you describe, you post. People Vote your posts. It's called Flunk.in2012-11-13 17:05:14
Standing in the wretched rain waiting in dire vain for the pain to drain. Inane.2012-11-13 17:04:23
2012-11-13 17:04:08
2012-11-13 17:03:52
Gutenberg now offers a "Send to Dropbox" option, other than Kindle, EPub and HTML formats. Awesome. Just awesome. :)2012-11-13 17:03:47
Discovered - The Poem IDE... :)2012-11-13 12:02:44
A test of time is standing in a line waiting for the dime to drop and align.2012-11-13 12:02:20
Added a Boxcar channel for #blogging on ADN. Now any talk about this favorite topic of mine will come to my phone... :)2012-11-13 10:27:00
Hmmm... The Plex bookmarklet says it can't detect videos. On a YouTube Page. Lame.2012-11-12 17:43:57
Simple, elegant, awesome. That's Notational Velocity for you.2012-11-12 16:18:20
I've been looking for a writing solution that just worked with everything - On the Web on my windows box, on my Mac and on my iPhone. SimpleNote+Notational Velocity does that. Simple.2012-11-12 15:54:07
Hmmm... Haven't visited in quite some time...2012-11-12 14:40:31
DataWind's $20 tablet is going to make a killing, if only in the lower end education business. Beats the hell out of worrying about your next iPad upgrade, right? :) 14:32:00
It's cool how AudioBoo doesn't start streaming the audio until I open the page... 2012-11-12 14:29:34
Used pingdom's Full Page Test tool to (hopefully) make my blog faster while reducing bandwidth usage by exporting JQuery and Bootstrap file requests to cdnJS and BootstrapCDN... Let's see how this goes :)2012-11-12 14:13:12
Anyone actually likes Adele's Bond song? I think it's weird... Not really classic to either Adele or Bond...2012-11-12 09:25:41
All corporate email should just be dropped in favor of Salesforce Chatter. Death to Outlook!2012-11-12 09:16:01
Ok, it's officially cold in Boulder!2012-11-10 21:48:11
Wow! --> During blackout, man uses Toyota Prius to light house 13:26:12
I dreamt I had a dog.2012-11-09 19:43:14
Woohoo! Friday night! I'm gonna geek it out by trying to install Counter Strike on Ubuntu... :)2012-11-09 19:23:20
I'm surprised at how few apps people keep on their iPhones. I have about a 100!2012-11-09 18:22:00
I would buy Sunstroke for my Fever installation. But first I'm going to groan about the $5 price tag... 2012-11-09 17:18:25
Sometimes I think Tumblr was made by people who really really enjoy scrolling throw beautiful pages.2012-11-09 14:56:40
Every few months, I download Winterboard, theme the heck out of my phone and then after a while, remove everything to get a clean look... :)2012-11-09 14:48:12
Numb by Usher is such a dumb song.2012-11-09 13:54:30
Can't wait to download Karateka :)2012-11-09 12:09:01
Found three awesome reading sites I need to assimilate into my reading habits -, and zerodistraction.com2012-11-09 12:03:26
Fever is so awesome, it recognizes that I've already subscribed to the feed. Google Reader just adds multiple feeds...2012-11-09 12:03:15
Donut Day! :)2012-11-09 09:45:53
Discovered Truly amazing videos...2012-11-09 09:27:08
ADN is growing at a steady rate and that's just awesome... :)2012-11-08 15:39:15
Don't know if we're building an empire of breaking one apart. Oh well, a face of the second layer is nearly clean. #curiosity 14:59:27
The quickest and easiest way for Google to beat Apple in the tablet market would be to put Google Chrome on a touchscreen. Not Android. Chrome. I'd kill for those apps on a Pad. It's been done too - 14:58:30
Are you Anti-Google? Use Chromium Browser (or IronClad). Like the UI and OS integration of Safari better? Chrome has as many extensions as there are apps in the iOS App Store... Want more? There's always third party hacks...2012-11-08 14:38:34
People keep telling me Pulse is an awesome News Reader. Umm, No.2012-11-08 14:37:26
iPad Mini for $329 or iPad 2 for $399 with $75 gift card (Walmart offer), that is the question... :)2012-11-08 13:52:31
And so, my Instagram profile is up - :)2012-11-08 13:41:11
hmmm... Did not know that the Wordpress Liveblog plugin was searchable from Google et al... That's good coz I've been using it as a microblog... :)2012-11-08 10:42:04
Oh man... ChatView makes you live in the past on ADN... You suddenly realize you're reading and replying to posts that are at least half an hour old... :)2012-11-08 10:40:32
wow, the Appeio Photo View ( is pretty neat!2012-11-08 10:10:41
ok, time to do the one thing I dread the most - reading emails.2012-11-08 09:37:12
Karateka Returns 08:46:37
Counter Strike Global Offensive. Best game ever.2012-11-08 00:43:37
2012-11-07 17:42:26
I'm not surprised to say that most beautiful websites I see are either in Wordpress or Squarespace... 2012-11-07 17:41:06
oh wait... Donald Trump has all the money in the world and his twitter account is @realDonaldTrump? That's the dumbest thing he could have done.2012-11-07 16:39:37
It's Google Glass, not Facebook Glass.2012-11-06 17:12:56
aargh! I scored a 100,000 coins in Curiosity and now when I opened it again, it's down to 10,000. Stupid game!2012-11-06 16:10:47
Curiosity by 22Cans is delicious! Everyone should download it... :)2012-11-06 13:16:28
Facebook's brilliance - Now if you want to reject app requests (like FarmVille), you first have to open the app, flood all your friends with your own invites, then reject the app requests. Brilliantly stupid, Facebook.2012-11-06 08:31:16
Man, I wish I could float in the air...2012-11-05 23:00:20
Aaaand, hunger strikes!2012-11-05 17:59:02
I gotta say, sarcasm is the bane of society. And so is WiFi2012-11-05 17:54:49
Made a small script to quickly enter live blog posts to the Wordpress liveblog plugin. My own social network on :)2012-11-05 17:43:53
I gotta say, CS:GO is just plain amazing!!! Can't wait to get home and start playing... :)2012-11-05 17:40:55
This being a test post, is a really nice one... :)2012-11-05 17:30:10
this is a test2012-11-05 21:25:27
2012-11-02 16:28:21
ok, I'm going to download the entire Star Wars series and show it to my friends in order. This is going to be fun! :)2012-11-02 15:08:00
Woohoo! 50 GB storage with Box Sync makes me Happy! :)2012-11-02 11:53:51
OpenStack. It's OpenStack. I don't even know what OpenCloud does. Dunno why it's the only thing I remember! :\2012-11-02 11:49:25
I just realized, Yoda is based on the body structure of a koala!2012-11-02 09:30:39
wow... Marco Arment really whooped MS in his post ( At a lot of the points in the story, I was thinking, "Yeah, that what Microsoft is like"... Specially since I'm reading Microserfs right now... :)2012-10-31 11:33:24
ingested... No, interfaith... No iOS, I was trying to type interested... Good that you understood that! :)2012-10-31 11:06:31
I recommend Snappli for all iOS users with limited data plans. 2012-10-31 00:16:30
Nope. Not even Google iOS Voice Search understands me. -1 for Asian voices. At least Siri can tell me the weather...2012-10-30 23:00:47
Man, Jetpack just keeps giving and giving! The latest update is out and it's added Publicize, Post by Email and WordPress as a CDN as features! Sweet!2012-10-30 22:21:07
Was just telling someone about the times when I used to give exams. Now I miss them! :|2012-10-30 18:24:53
Man, I feel like I have a ton of corn flakes every morning and yet, at about noon time, I'm again so hungry! :P2012-10-30 09:02:17
Logged into Jetstrap using my Github account. Feeling like such a coder! :)2012-10-30 00:38:00
Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, Monday is over. Just four more days to Friday. :)2012-10-29 19:16:20
LetterPress, you're awesome... :)2012-10-29 14:10:30
Love this awesome slide format used by UC Berkley! --> 14:09:34
Java acts like a dorky language at times... 2012-10-29 14:09:02
Just saw a geo-localized micro blogging app called ujoolt where a joolt is a 140 char update. I don't know why people are obsessed with 140 chars. "Because Twitter" is not a good enough explanation. Micro blogging should be about the time taken to read a post, not how many chars are in it. 2012-10-29 02:41:19
2012-10-29 02:41:01
This is what I love about Google Chrome. Pick up any laptop in the world. Does it have Chrome? Highly probable. Can you create a new user and login as yourself? Yes. Do you have all your bookmarks, settings and passwords right there? Of course! :)2012-10-28 14:42:16
woohoo! The latest version of Jetpack for Wordpress includes a JSON API! That rocks! :)2012-10-27 12:44:48
Do cows drink milk?2012-10-25 21:51:38
Link blogs are the real microblogs.2012-10-25 18:05:03
AndroidLoader is a very good cydia tweak, just so irritating at times!2012-10-25 09:55:17
Google's now got Hosted News featuring reports from AFP etc? That's definitely conflict of interest with advertisers!2012-10-17 10:47:23
"If you like dorking around on Twitter or blogs or whatever," Good description of our current lives by Kottke when describing :D2012-10-12 12:13:50
boy do I need a Chromebook... Time to check out what the hype is all about...2012-10-12 11:49:45
I hate hate hate Ebay bidding!2012-10-12 11:44:53
I was thinking about people not donating to old age homes because "the economy is tight". That made me think about that woman in Batman who was a social  fundraiser and turned out to be the villain. Ouch!2012-10-08 09:40:03
Windows is a funny thing, when you're looking at it, file copy speeds increase!2012-10-07 15:17:18
Moped, which based their whole business on private messaging with a twitter login, had to remove twitter as a login option and introduce others like FB because of the change in twitter policies. Shows how little Twitter wants an ecosystem now. All they want is everyone to use only their apps and only their system. Guess even FB is better because at least they allow users to login using an FB account... 2012-10-05 09:55:53
Ok phantom ring, you don't have to come when there's no phone in my pocket... 2012-10-03 09:36:56
Hungry... So hungry!2012-10-02 18:10:28
DynDNS should be looking at products like pagekite and localtunnel. These softwares allow people to create an ssh tunnel from their homes to the Internet, allowing them to access their local web servers from the Internet... It can be a pretty good addition to their portfolio...2012-10-02 15:44:21
Surprisingly, the liveblog plugin works great, except Google Chrome doesn't allow for direct image uploads, which is stupid...2012-10-01 14:06:51
So the tent global grew by 900 posts in a day. Nice... Someone should go there and get analytics for them too! :)2012-09-27 09:36:48
Found some friends on On ADN, I see them on the Global feed. On tent, once multiple servers come up and it gets really distributed, I'll actually have to follow people and go to each server's global feed to discover content. Let's see how that goes. Tent's implementation isn't bad. They're addressing everyone as username.servername so there's no confusion... 2012-09-26 16:29:42
And by Global, I'm referring to the Global in :)2012-09-26 14:24:48
You know what I'm doing right now? I'm just refreshing Global, watching the posts count go up... It's really addictive! :)2012-09-26 14:24:29
I dunno why, but RIMM still has hope for the Blackberry platform as they vie for 3rd position in the smartphones market (remember when it was 1st?). This video is proof of it... (laugh away, people!) 17:05:50
Got an email saying "Christopher A. Kutcher is now on RebelMouse!". Do the RebelMouse people know they're talking about Ashton Kuther? :P2012-09-24 09:56:05
They say that you are what you read. Right now, I'm reading "Free".2012-09-24 08:57:58
I had a feeling Path would update soon. This is unrelated to iOS6... :)2012-09-21 16:25:25
Finally saw the iPhone 5 at the AT&T store today. Nice! :)2012-09-21 13:42:39
Network effects of --> people are making more connections on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and other networks?2012-09-21 12:17:08
wow. Apple's production standards seem to have fell a lot! Too much iPhone is bad for the iPhone?2012-09-21 11:45:13
9/23 I celebrate 3 months in my company. You know who reminded me? My MS Outlook Password Reminder! :D2012-09-21 09:42:41
Can someone please tell me if Twitter was secretly bought by Zuckerberg??? Why has the call out box to post my tweets to FB right after it has killed IFTTT??? 2012-09-20 17:46:39
Twitter is trying everything to ensure that we can't take our tweets away from it. Why should we be posting here at all now?2012-09-20 15:40:30
Hey @twitter. Thanks for killing @ifttt. I'll never post on you individually now. Everything will be crossposted. Good Bye.2012-09-20 15:20:49
Taking a scoop of M&Ms and getting all greens... Interesting! :)2012-09-20 11:22:31
now also blogging at just to learn some markdown... :) 2012-09-20 10:47:50
debugging a lab full of equipment is painful, but rewarding!2012-09-19 11:05:53
If there's one Windows App I truly love now, it's Ditto - And look where's it's hosted? SourceForge for Life people!2012-09-19 10:25:11
Github - The only place on the Internet where App gets auto corrected to API in the search2012-09-19 10:22:03
Just to prove a Point, everyone should just remove the basic twitter app from their smartphones and use only third party apps. 2012-09-18 13:58:43
The @reederapp update is probably the first time that I'll upgrade iOS because of an app. :)2012-09-18 13:55:47
Dude at Jimmy Johns got my name wrong. It wasn't my accent, he copied it from my Debit Card. So today, I'm Mitin... :D2012-09-18 13:54:23
Aaron Levie calls Box "Microsoft Sharepoint if Sharepoint worked"! :P2012-09-17 13:27:29
I dare Samsung to launch the S5 before the iPhone 5S comes out... :)2012-09-17 09:24:34
Hmmm... Turns out iOS dev isn't all that tough. Or maybe I haven't dug deep enough...2012-09-16 03:24:36
Hey Dell, ever heard of Linux? It's this new OS. How about driver support for that on your XPS line??2012-09-15 18:26:47
uh oh! Here it is again... The itch... It's Friday, people! Can't wait to be home! :)2012-09-14 15:16:37
Pogue's awesome review of the Google Glass makes me think this'll be the next thing that'll make me salivate after the iPhone. 11:10:44
Life Sucks. And then you have to work. Happy Friday, people! :)2012-09-14 09:03:18
Not surprisingly, I feel @reederapp is the best way to read @feedafever but I wonder if they're coming out with a new iPad app soon... 2012-09-14 07:58:34
I don't understand when people get pissed at Netflix or Hulu for not carrying the latest shows or Instant Streaming of some good shows. Have you people even heard of the TV mafia? Do you even know what they want to do to Netflix?2012-09-14 07:56:00
Oh Mac, you've ruined me. SO many times, I open the Explorer in Windows, click on a file and press space to Quick view it. Why Apple, why??2012-09-13 15:46:11
Shaolin TT... :)2012-09-13 13:53:51
Turns out even something as simple as whistling takes a lot of hard work!!! :P2012-09-13 13:53:25
Bananas! I miss Bananas! :\2012-09-13 12:45:39
Oh look, now does the beautiful, new, iPhone 5... Nice! That's all folks... This part of the live blog is over. EnjoY! :)2012-09-12 13:32:14
The new iTunes mini-player design finally makes it usable! :D2012-09-12 12:12:11
Heavy integration of App Store and Facebook... Welcome back FB... :)2012-09-12 12:05:52
"This is the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone." LoL... 2012-09-12 12:02:15
So much Aluminium! Wonder what mines were ripped open to make the iPhone 5!2012-09-12 11:59:51
TheVerge takes longer to post pics on their liveblog because they have to watermark them. Lame. CNET it is! :)2012-09-12 11:58:21
Well, at least Jony Ive's t-shirt has changed! 2012-09-12 11:53:42
Oh I am never telling Siri to post anything on any social network. Dunno what crap she'll understand!2012-09-12 11:51:40
About Siri... Whatevs... I'm an Asian. She won't get a word of what I say anyways... 2012-09-12 11:50:17
So Photostream sharing is a social network in itself?2012-09-12 11:48:40
Hey Apple, does Passbook come with a pre-filled $25 Starbucks card?? :)2012-09-12 11:46:56
Hah... Tweet from Notification Center is so Cydia! I've been using that tweak since so long!2012-09-12 11:45:09
A 100M POIs just in iOS 6 maps... Sweet! 2012-09-12 11:41:50
80% smaller... That 8 pin is killer!2012-09-12 11:39:40
720p HD front facing camera?? Keep it coming Apple! :)2012-09-12 11:36:38
"you can take photos while shooting video." Finally! :)2012-09-12 11:35:51
wow... 28 Megapixels in the Panorama mode? Nice!2012-09-12 11:34:33
Shared Photo Streams?? Brrr... Don't like that! 2012-09-12 11:33:42
It's panorama mode! :) 2012-09-12 11:33:23
2012-09-12 11:32:32
The Game center time shift option is awesome! 2012-09-12 11:28:42
All that gaming is going to be so bad for the battery! 2012-09-12 11:27:30
5ghz WiFi on 802.11n. Nice! 2012-09-12 11:24:21
" The touch sensors are integrated right into the display itself." That means it's going to be very very costly to replace a broken screen. Be careful with your new iPhones people!2012-09-12 11:21:37
Finally, more rows in the iPhone... More space for my apps... :P2012-09-12 11:18:49
Retina display?? That's going to cost more!2012-09-12 11:17:18
Glass and Aluminium. Will have to remember that.2012-09-12 11:15:24
Yes! It's longer... But only ever so slightly! :P2012-09-12 11:14:40
400M total iOS devices?? Amazing! 2012-09-12 11:12:34
"The average customer uses over 100 apps" really??! Wow!2012-09-12 11:11:59
250k out of the 700k apps on the App store are specifically for the iPad... WoW! 2012-09-12 11:11:31
Well of course people bought 84 Million iPads... It's awesome!!!2012-09-12 11:10:34
Stupid theVerge liveblog. It didn't update. I thought nothing was happening for the first 6 minutes!!! 2012-09-12 11:08:03
Side-effect of Apple event? UStream's live streaming service went down for many. CNET alone was using UStream for >130K viewers, so that had to happen! :P2012-09-12 11:02:31
And guess what, I'm eating an Apple... :)2012-09-12 10:31:18
Looks like the liveblogs have reached the venue. It's Apple time people! :)2012-09-12 10:22:36
RHEL must be the only installation ever that already has a tick mark for "Do you agree with these terms?" Maybe they give us too much credit or maybe they know that since you started the install, you probably want it regardless! :D2012-09-12 09:53:46
Calling it "corrupted router data tables" might convince Networking nerds like me. But the common public will still think GoDaddy for pwned! :D2012-09-11 12:31:25
Whatever happened to SourceForge?2012-09-11 10:32:25
Ok, I really need an iPad!2012-09-11 10:20:03
Hmmm... Craigslist just asked me to try out their mobile friendly layout. Not bad! But when did this happen?2012-09-11 08:50:01
People are either giving the new YouTube iPhone app 5 stars because it works or 1 star because it doesn't have iPad support or HD version of videos. Ever heard of patience people? It's a virtue...2012-09-11 08:21:23
Apple has introduced the world to a lot of new terminology. But did anyone every think "Trade Dress" would be one of them? :)2012-09-10 16:29:08
Prepped for Battle, Chose my weapon, set my aim, and then, sadly, lost 3 consecutive games at Ping Pong... :(2012-09-10 13:49:04
I'd like to know who in Apple decided to make the Notifications Settings the worst user experience of iOS5. :(2012-09-10 10:59:16
Oh, it did... Bravo! :)2012-09-10 10:47:52
wow... File permissions really are a bit of a pain! Let's hope that went well... :P2012-09-10 10:47:39
2012-09-10 03:27:21
2012-09-10 03:26:57
Wow... restoring my blog was a lot less painful this time around. And now is on and I'm happy!2012-09-10 01:05:40
Friday in my Office means -- Donuts! :)2012-09-07 10:47:24
Facebook! Why are you so so so irritating about privacy settings??! Sometimes I feel like I should just shift to Path! 2012-09-06 21:27:26
Today, the power of the Internet and of Search engines is so vast that in case you're unsure of a phrase you're using, just type it into Google. If you find that phrase in use in some text somewhere (which you will), you've got it right. If Google tells you that you're wrong, well, you probably are!2012-09-06 21:23:56
Just upgraded to Wordpress 3.4.2. Fingers crossed, hoping it doesn't break anything! Soon, a new theme... :)2012-09-06 17:26:13
URL redirects can be pretty funky! Good thing I've got this one pretty much right. If you've not seen it, go to and you'll be back on this page... :)2012-09-06 16:28:08
So, who was saying Amazon will release a phone today? :D2012-09-06 13:18:43
Just had a very interesting discussion about a friend about whether Apple should have sued Samsung. Just remember one thing people, Cisco sued Huawei for a reason.2012-09-05 13:11:20
2012-09-05 13:11:12
There are still a lot of bugs though. I use multiple caching tech on my blog. I use Cloudflare for general security and CDN caching and use W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache for making my blog faster. That means this live blog fights to be truly live...2012-09-05 10:14:52
What I found is that the first release of this plugin was buggy. It didn't work with my blog. The second release however, works wonders... 2012-09-05 10:13:16
The format certainly is interesting. The blog post itself is just a description. The rest of the real posting happens right here. 2012-09-05 09:14:21
But is it really live? Maybe... If my Cloudflare subscription doesn't intervene :)2012-09-05 09:13:10
This certainly looks like a live blog...2012-09-04 21:38:42