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Thinking out loud - Can I install Ubuntu Touch on a Nox player on Windows?2018-11-13 09:41:59
Holy crabapples! I turned on Vacation Responder in gmail by mistake. The new interface is so shit, it took me forever to notice the weird notice at the top that it's on!!!2018-11-09 12:41:28
Something very weird is going on with my gmail. Emails are randomly getting forwarded. It’s like some automation is kicking in. Either gmail itself, or maybe Hop? Or maybe some other experiment doing weird things.2018-11-09 12:28:06
WhatsApp’s new touch and hold pop up menu is exactly what iOS’ menu should have looked like since ages! I hope Apple shamelessly steals it!2018-11-07 17:09:26
Jekyll themes are this amazing world unto themselves that I had never explored. It’s fun! 😊2018-11-05 23:10:31
Is it just me or is it the Mandela effect or is this Roomba teaming up with Google news actually old and just getting repeated? Almost seems like I’ve heard it long ago!2018-11-03 19:28:05
Had a dream last night that Apple was scheduled to release iOS 14.1 and they released it, along with a surprise 15.0 beta that was called ‘retro style’ but was basically flat icons and allowed theming springboard. Why can’t we have that Apple?2018-11-01 08:22:18
For some weird reason the original 'git' repo, which contains the source code of git itself in C was cloned to my profile on Github 8 days ago. I don't remember doing it! So weird! 😯2018-10-31 10:22:15
I gotta say, my desktop Gmail experience has been **completely** ruined by this new update. It's utterly terrible 90% of the time!2018-10-29 10:32:18
When did metro PCS get bought by TMo?! 🙄2018-10-26 17:52:00
Pop this into your browser - javascript:"Loading" 😜 2018-10-26 11:04:05
Minor life achievement - made it to the Dark Matter Egg in @Auxbrain’s Egg Inc game. Onwards and upwards 🥚!!2018-10-23 22:50:58
Opened the Bitesquad app after a while and their app wouldn’t take my home address. Why? Because of course their API changed and the app needed an update. When will this technology #idiocy end??2018-10-21 19:31:05
Hey Internet, do you use Hain on Windows? Do you know of a dictionary plugin I can use with it? I tried looking but no good options out there. Also, alternatives to Hain?2018-10-19 11:12:02