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So, I use a VPN based adblocker on Android and most apps show ugly "host not found" errors in the space where the ad is supposed to be. Is there a way to stop that? Or an adblocker that doesn't do that on Android?2019-01-16 12:05:41
It's funny how, till a few days ago, Bezos was the richest man in the world, and now media is referring to him and MacKenzie as the richest couple in the world. Almost as if the divorce has revealed the hidden woman in the equation.2019-01-14 11:25:18
Keanu Reeves destroyed an entire civilization because they killed his dog, and these Indian movie critics can’t digest Vicky Kaushal’s character leading an attack in POK? #shame2019-01-13 01:16:31
I just started transferring my domains to Cloudflare, the world's first no-markup registrar. Hopefully, all these other registrars will stand up and notice. No more hefty domain fees for me!2019-01-11 14:50:16
Just tested “Type to Siri”, which has existed since iOS 11 and I discovered it today. Well done on advertising features, Apple. I don’t ever have to talk to Siri ever again. 2019-01-10 17:11:00
There's a list of internet scams on this page. The last one is all the lols. Well played, #theHustle --> 10:15:52
Someone recommend a good paid Android app. I have $2 credit that I'd like to use. App should be $2 or more... TIA!2019-01-08 10:46:22
I made my first private GitHub repo today. I guess I no longer have to use Dropbox to save private code?! :)2019-01-07 15:11:13
I wonder if there's a way for users to #batch move logins from one #vault to another in @1password? Can't seem to do it in the apps or the web.2019-01-07 10:50:17
I need an easier way to upvote and downvote YouTube videos that I watch on my Apple TV. Some kind of a mobile app with quick buttons for voting. The iOS app needs you to play the vid to vote on it.2019-01-04 19:41:13
Is it just me or is Kindle app's page sync not working right now?2019-01-03 20:44:55
I've been changing my vulnerable passwords across services and I've come to realize how bad ppl are at password #UX. One service only lets you do it through an app, one doesn't ask for the new password a second time, one has the old password input below the new inputs!2019-01-03 12:21:30
Men adjectivize colors. Women name them.2018-12-30 17:05:22
Is there a #Mercury reader app for #Android? #Reeder iOS has made me too used to that clean view!!2018-12-30 11:47:34
I... uh... published this post in 2014. Comments? -> 11:12:03
In a year or two, the #YouTube #music app as an experiment will be considered a #fail and will be shut down. YouTube will then bring good music player controls (video queuing, skip next etc) to their video app. Till then we suffer.2018-12-27 20:28:26
5 W wireless charging pad or 7.5 W wireless charging pad? What do folks use? Also, belkin or some other brand?2018-12-27 12:28:38
Uhhhh. Android still doesn't do automatic timezone based time? What is wrong with these people??2018-12-26 23:19:12
What's the first app you install on a new system? Used to be browser for me. Now it's 1password. I guess that's growth?2018-12-26 21:42:21
Has anyone I know used Cloudron or somesuch software to install software on their VPS? I don’t know if it’s useful to use such tools...2018-12-21 13:25:47
Loved reading @macstories’ roundup of the best apps for 2018. A read I just couldn’t put down! So many great apps and such detail!2018-12-20 12:00:35
I've often though that swiping left or right on the iPhone home button should switch apps. Now seeing how app swiping is implemented on the wife's XS, I'm positively jealous!!2018-12-20 10:50:28
I love and hate @aaronpk’s QuartzDB flat file implementation. It’s super fast and awesome when it works. Buuuuut every once in a while it makes me work! Worth checking out though for everyone who wants to role out a liveblog or somesuch.2018-12-19 13:36:43
I know all of two people who have Animoji enabled phones. Must be a lonely existence in Apple's new take on emojis. 2018-12-19 13:33:56