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Hey @bookingcom, if someone sends me a message through your messaging system, I’d like to reply to them through email itself. Don’t use No-Reply for those, use an email relay!!2019-11-25 20:10:36
The Matrix movies should have been based in Japan. It doesn't get more absurd, urban, advanced than this place!2019-11-25 18:15:58
If there’s one thing truly universal in this world, it’s Tiger Balm. Any country, any shop, if they have something for pain, they will have Tiger Balm. 2019-11-25 07:16:04
TIL there is a .tokyo domain name, because of course there is. 2019-11-25 01:25:28
Safe to say that after intense pressure from Notion, Basecamp has introduced a free Personal tier?2019-11-21 15:25:14
But then OneDrive tells me that a file with the char '/' in it isn't allowed "in the cloud" because Microsoft PMs haven't heard of escape chars and I remember that it's Microsoft after all.2019-11-20 09:04:29
I sometimes forget that even though I'm looking at Outlook and OneDrive, it's NOT on Windows, but in the browser on a Mac, so it's still Cmd, not Ctrl! 😄😄 2019-11-20 08:58:37
Instead of every iOS app implementing their own Open-In functionality, how about Apple just create a simple interface that works? I don’t *want* to open the Medium or Reddit apps every darn time I click a link!!2019-11-18 22:33:55
Huh. I just had serious deja vu when looking at Jason Kottke's 3 day old post about "The Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter", as if I've seen it years ago!2019-11-18 10:17:46
In the world of Knowledge Graphs, how big a hit was it to the rest of them that Amazon scooped up IMDB way back when?2019-11-17 12:40:56
Wow. Downloaded an iOS app called DeepTimeWalk and opened it but closed it immediately because of some distraction. 24 hours later it has consumed 38% of my battery running ‘audio’ and background activity. Some apps are just horribly made!!2019-11-12 17:16:16
I think watching sports is like reading non-fiction books - in that I can try, but it will never hold my interest like a good book or a good story will. 2019-11-11 23:13:38
In many ways, iOS 13 is an utter shitshow. Keyboard disappears randomly, app switching is horrible on phones with home buttons, home screen rearranging is moody af. Apple claimed to have built it with older devices in mind but this is a lie.2019-11-11 22:38:55