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Can the law that protects farm animals from cruelty also be used to stop Facebook and YouTube from deploying evil A/B testing and harmful algorithms on us users?2021-11-18 18:31:33
One of the stupidest advice I see on Windows forums is to type devmgmt.msc into the run box to open Device Manager. Unnecessarily trying to be “techie” when all you gotta do is type “device manager” into the windows search.2021-11-15 10:13:56
Is Eternals so terrible that Marvel needs to take out a new trailer on YouTube every 10 seconds?2021-11-14 13:02:51
Did I just... Did I just get the "docker remove all containers" command right in the first try?? Without looking it up online??? Is this my Omelette du fromage moment????2021-11-09 09:24:10
Anker is just an overall, solid company with awesome products. Love it!2021-10-31 20:03:57