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Mark one more win for python. What can't be done with Excel without complex code can be done by Text Pastry with just a right click!2022-08-11 16:49:20
Dear Netflix, please add a crossword puzzle game to Netflix Gaming. Thanks in Advance!2022-08-10 07:55:09
It's nigh time to rewatch Boondock Saints.2022-08-05 12:39:21
Was thinking of buying a Roomba at some point. But... I guess not any more...2022-08-05 11:42:59
Just finished listening to Turtles All the Way Down by John Greene on Libby. Good book. Loved that the ending wasn’t exactly as you’d expect.2022-08-01 22:56:18
TIL Bob Dylan was born Bob Zimmerman.2022-07-22 12:47:00
I love how Casey Newton has gone all in on using DALL•E for images for Platformer. Best use of the tool.2022-07-18 21:35:44