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When did Kindle say they're dropping mobi support? Is mobi finally dead? ePub FTW?!2022-06-27 12:36:40
What’s a great font for reading on mobile? I’m bored of Avenir Next. Please recommend some!2022-06-17 23:29:04
Holy cow! DarkLup Lite also makes the WP backend dark mode!! Whhhhaaaat? Did not expect that!!2022-06-16 11:59:21
I was reading about Colin Devroe creating a dark mode version of his site. Inspired, I looked around for WP plugins to create a Dark Mode on my site and I'm pleasantly surprised by the options! I installed Darklup Lite and it works like a charm!2022-06-16 11:48:04
Why is it that if you slow-charge an iPhone, very often its software gets screwed up - apps don't open well and take forever to respond, the wifi starts acting slow, etc.2022-06-16 10:43:41
Kapwing uses MoviePy in it's backend. Does Lumen5 use Remotion?2022-06-15 10:33:29