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WhatsApp is banned in Qatar? Huh...2020-09-20 19:57:27
Wow, @LouisVuitton, your website is terrible! Credit Card orders don't go through. Had to revert to paypal. Perhaps it's time to look at your IT infra and pay some people to fix it?2020-09-12 21:14:18
In WordPress Gutenberg, whether I set the post format to aside or standard, the Title always shows. Shouldn't the title disappear? Is there a way for me to customize the editor to not show the title?2020-09-10 09:37:18
Adults are treated really badly in every country. There’s no adult who doesn’t need constant reeducation about good driving, kindness to others, civic sense, etc. Yet we trust the media to do this when they’re clearly no longer equipped to handle it. 2020-09-05 15:35:03
iOS 13.6 and iOS still doesn’t have a simple, clear way for me to see a photo’s file size and EXIF data. What’s the point of building a monopoly and destroying third party apps, Apple? #ohwait2020-08-30 11:05:37