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I want to, like, grab a JSON object by my hands, and just poke at it, feel its keys and values and arrays stretch between my fingers. Is that too much to ask for?2020-07-08 17:41:35
Wasn't there a service where you upload a WordPress theme or plugin and it tells you if it's hacked?2020-06-25 13:44:33
Firefox doesn't support basic regex in a webpage text search, does it? Be nice to have something like that, for multiple keyword search.2020-06-24 11:57:54
Something's going on with DuckDuckGo - most dev related searches seem to point to Microsoft specific results. e.g. searching for "share list of urls" gives 4 first results of Sharepoint for no reason!2020-06-22 12:13:01
The number of conspiracy videos on YouTube about the world ending during tomorrow’s eclipse is just disturbing. Google needs to stop this spam!2020-06-20 22:28:42
Scott Galloway and Hasan Minhaj have both talked about college recently and the signaling is clear - expensive college needs to be subset. Interesting times!2020-06-15 20:38:02
Just discovered that Apple moved to zsh in Catalina. Ehhhhh. I don't have an opinion on this yet, but... let's see.2020-06-15 11:30:48
Here’s an idea - news sites and blogs shouldn’t push people to join their newsletter as soon as one opens the site. If a person reads your entire article, they’re maybe the kind of person who might be interested in the newsletter. Feels like #web #ethics.2020-06-14 09:54:05