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When you search for Yo Yo on spotify, two artists show up - Yo Yo Honey Singh and Yo-Yo Ma. 2019-10-20 17:06:09
What was that simple email send service that had a 1-on-1 onboarding with the person who created it?2019-10-17 11:40:10
Just took out the Apple Pencil after a few days and OF COURSE, the battery is dead. While Apple is doing an amazing job with devices like Airpods and the Apple Watch, it’s done a terrible job with this hardware.2019-10-13 12:25:47
Tab switching in mobile Safari on iPhones should not be two taps. It should be a swipe. Maybe a swipe left or right on the tabs icon? Or maybe on the entire bottom bar?2019-10-11 16:42:24
So, which node version manager do you recommend for OSX to install through homebrew?2019-10-08 12:49:08
I’m madly in love with the solar dial Apple Watch watchface. So beautiful and informative!2019-10-07 11:05:25
OH: I'm like a millennial. 😄2019-10-04 09:55:36
Uhhh. Workout editing on iOS. Need it. Desperately. Get on it Apple. 2019-10-03 19:05:29
Am I the only one for whom WP's PressThis hasn't been updated to work with Gutenberg? Or is that for everyone right now? I'm kinda done with Classic.2019-10-03 12:26:05
I love Mr. Robot's myopic focused storytelling. It's literally about one person's personal issues, while the world implodes around him. The geopolitics shown is so powerful and just running on a background screen like muzak. Brilliant work!2019-10-03 11:45:38
Medium has this irritating fullscreen "Please login" modal they show once a day. I tried to block it using uBlock, but this is the element ID - "##.ox.ow.ov.ou.ot.os". What are the chances they randomize it? HIGH. Ok, so... Disabled JS for the entire site. Have fun.2019-10-03 10:36:50
I'm just now discovering the "Personal Automation" option (and "When I open blah app") in iOS Shortcuts and. it. has. been. removed. from. the. released version. (don't think it's in iOS 13.1.2 either) Gah! 2019-10-02 13:07:11
Oh of course @Apple, doesn’t respect mobileSafari’s request for desktop site. You broke shared reminders and now I can’t even access them on the web through my phone? Well done. #BADiOS132019-10-02 09:27:09
Since when can we do Cmd+Q on the iPad smart keyboard to close apps? Has that always been a thing or is it an iPadOS thing??? Love it!2019-09-25 21:34:41
Every time I try to listen to a podcast, the podcasters reinforce my belief that if it's more than a single person on the mic, they'll just talk BS for a good half the time. #NOTHANKS2019-09-23 16:58:33