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Bah! I need a filterByFormula exporter for @Airtable. The API docs and the visual filters look wildly different! Just let me export this and get it over with instead of figuring out what to do with a checkbox, folks!2020-08-12 21:09:43
The home bar thing, I understand. It doesn’t fit with the form factor of an iPhone with a home button. But not adding the camera and flash light buttons to the lockscreen is just a dick move by Apple.2020-08-08 21:15:43
There are two things and two things only because of which I’d upgrade from my iPhone 7 Plus - the camera button on lockscreen instead of swipe, and swipe on home bar to switch apps. Sadly, Apple knows this and won’t introduce these features on my device.2020-08-08 21:14:42
Ugh, we've just gotten out of the "sign in with Facebook" nonsense, and Google has taken over that, with an even more aggressive modal that sits on almost every public site. Get lost, Google.2020-08-06 09:33:06
APNews headline - "4 Big Tech CEOs take congressional heat on competition" Reality - Stocks for each company up by at least 1% Shame.2020-07-29 16:11:31
Wasn't there a feature in DuckDuckGo that let you cross-search with Google/Bing when you didn't find a good result? I'd like that back, for programming searches, so I can signal to DDG that I didn't find a good search result.2020-07-26 13:53:15
TIL of the "spread operator" (...) in JavaScript. Cool tool!2020-07-25 12:34:10
#HotTake: Is Cloudflare the China of DNS?2020-07-17 14:41:57