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Indieweb & adjacent ppl - I see a lot of sites with webmention links, but don't want to reply full scale on my blog with 1 line comments. What's better - a separate 'blog' for comments or a page in WP that links to their post and does a 1 line comment?2019-03-22 16:55:45
I've decided that every time #Windows automatically changes my power settings from Max performance to Power Saver *on my desktop* and my computer goes to sleep after 1 minute, I will tweet this out to shame the idiot PM who decided this was a good idea. #UXfail2019-03-21 22:12:52
I expect the next version of the Apple Pencil to have some kind of Biometric for authentication - fingerprint or something. That would be nice, for the price.2019-03-21 12:53:07
I’ve never bothered to look into Apple app #offloading technology. The one #app I offloaded, I need it today and I can’t get it back because it’s no longer in the App Store. Way to destroy #value Apple!2019-03-21 08:59:51
Firefox Focus as mobile Safari content blocker blocked loads of CSS for me, including for ttRSS. Weirdo. Turned it off in favor of Handblock.2019-03-20 12:57:10
Arrive by @shopify had literally one job. Since it has failed in that, instant delete. Don’t need apps that are tracking my shopping habits and doing a bad job at it too. #negativeValue2019-03-20 11:56:31
Today I asked someone non-technical to write sudo and they wrote pseudo and the explanation I had to give as to why I asked them to write pseudo when I meant sudo is why everyone outside views the tech industry as if we're a bunch of crazies.2019-03-19 21:18:45
I started watching the TV show #Hannibal recently and the second episode has that mushrooms scene and I knew that was it. I don’t want to watch any more. #gross2019-03-18 18:46:33
I didn't know that script-reading resources like IMSDb existed! h/t @bookriot for this awesome link!2019-03-18 14:06:29
Getting Docker to work properly on Windows cost me remote desktop access to my #Home machine. Teamviewer for the win. But shame on #Microsoft for taking away #rdp in #build1809. 2019-03-16 22:03:36
I need a networking feature for Docker that’s available in Windows build 1809. I’m ok 1803. I go to check updates and 1809 is available. I guess that’s serendipity?2019-03-16 15:36:06
I've discovered two interesting tech communities in the last few days - and I'll keep a lookout for how they can help me and if I can contribute to them :) 2019-03-14 15:29:36
Now that I have my home Windows machine accessible to me anywhere using ZeroTier, I'm chomping at the bit to install some webserver stuff on there. But I'm spoilt for choice - should I go with Bitnami or Docker or roll our my own setup with nginx/php/mysql?2019-03-14 15:17:54
Anyone I know uses Fiery #Feeds for Fever or other #RSS reader? Do you pay for it? I'm tempted to, for their smart views and #fulltext download. Worth it?2019-03-13 16:54:45
I'm a little embarrassed. I have about 7000 words sitting in two drafts. They're both fictional stories I wrote about 3 years ago. Maybe I should publish? 2019-03-13 16:14:02
For some reason my Word Count plugin was telling me I've published only ~20,000 words on my blog. I refreshed the stats manually and realized I've published over 200,000 words across almost 350 posts.2019-03-13 16:12:24
More monetization from YouTube - channel memberships at $5/mo. Interesting move. I wonder what the exclusive benefits are...2019-03-12 15:08:10
Representative democratic social media2019-03-07 18:10:53
Venmo remains the creepiest money tx service I've seen. Got an email to tell me I'm using an outdated version of the app and part of the process is to update my iOS. Also, way to punish customers for your website lack of feature parity.2019-03-07 12:30:48
Feels like: Friday 2019-03-06 18:04:03
Feels like: Friday.2019-03-06 18:01:23
TIL I can send SMS to IFTTT which can get posted to Day One. It’s not an MMS, so photos don’t go through. Also, I use Google Voice, so have to use their app for SMS. But it’s a good solution if you ever wanted to use the SMS interface for journaling.2019-03-06 08:34:58
So, when is Cloudflare launching its IPO? I want in!2019-02-28 10:10:44
A long time ago, I linked to Time's 50 best websites of 2013. How many are alive today, six years on? 16:32:15
Do people have a clear self image in their minds? Do they know what they look like, having seen their face many times over? I can’t imagine myself walking down the street. I wonder what that means.2019-02-25 18:52:12