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The antithesis of Chillhop would be a Chillhop music festival.2019-08-22 16:14:33
Seven years ago today, the FTC gave their OK for Facebook to acquire Instagram. Your thoughts?2019-08-22 14:58:46
Am I on, where I can set the color of the interface? What is this, Orkut 2.0? 2019-08-22 14:35:44
The Wikipedia entry on the topic of peek-a-boo talks about Object Permanence. Exactly where I’d expect it to be. 😊 Nice!2019-08-20 23:12:06
Do we realize that pigeons are domesticated? They eat human food, live in proximity to us, aren’t afraid of us, and their behavior changed long ago to suit urban landscapes.2019-08-20 17:04:22
I asked an AI, "Do you ever think about the ethics of your existence?" but then I thought, "Do I ever think about the ethics of my existence?"2019-08-19 15:23:17
Was trying to figure out how to add a table of contents to a blog post and all the answers involved installing a plugin. Instead, just went with anchor tags manually. #goodenough2019-08-12 11:28:51
What time is to clocks, love is to humans.2019-08-09 08:48:14
There are some apps that work so perfectly that they make me sigh with happiness. I opened TextGrabber after maybe a year, and it just worked and got out of my way! I cannot thank the devs enough for this app!2019-08-08 18:19:22
Wow, brew install ffmpeg has taken more than an hour and is still not done! 2019-07-29 20:24:44
Someone explain this to me please - OCaml is a MetaLanguage that compiles to C, but ReasonML, which is a kind of wrapper around OCaml, compiles to JavaScript? Whaaaa?2019-07-26 11:18:49
Wasn't there some #healthtech using body temp as a metric some time ago? So... Should we be expecting #smartwatches to include digital thermometers sometime soon?2019-07-26 11:14:56
Search for PNG in the iOS App Store, download the first app, give it a 2.5MB photo from your albums, save as PNG. Size of new photo? 17MB. πŸ˜²πŸ˜…πŸ™„2019-07-26 10:11:37
I forgot I use Jetpack. So even if I upload full-size images to my blog (which is a bad idea over the long run), it still doesn't hit my b/w as much, because is taking care of things for me! 2019-07-26 10:09:21
How do you optimize images on your iPhones before uploading them to your WP blogs? Do the blogs take care of optimizing images? Do you have the upper limit set to something large? (Mine's at 2MB apparently)2019-07-25 13:33:27