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Keanu Reeves destroyed an entire civilization because they killed his dog, and these Indian movie critics can’t digest Vicky Kaushal’s character leading an attack in POK? #shame2019-01-13 01:16:31
I just started transferring my domains to Cloudflare, the world's first no-markup registrar. Hopefully, all these other registrars will stand up and notice. No more hefty domain fees for me!2019-01-11 14:50:16
Just tested “Type to Siri”, which has existed since iOS 11 and I discovered it today. Well done on advertising features, Apple. I don’t ever have to talk to Siri ever again. 2019-01-10 17:11:00
There's a list of internet scams on this page. The last one is all the lols. Well played, #theHustle --> 10:15:52
Someone recommend a good paid Android app. I have $2 credit that I'd like to use. App should be $2 or more... TIA!2019-01-08 10:46:22
I made my first private GitHub repo today. I guess I no longer have to use Dropbox to save private code?! :)2019-01-07 15:11:13
I wonder if there's a way for users to #batch move logins from one #vault to another in @1password? Can't seem to do it in the apps or the web.2019-01-07 10:50:17
I need an easier way to upvote and downvote YouTube videos that I watch on my Apple TV. Some kind of a mobile app with quick buttons for voting. The iOS app needs you to play the vid to vote on it.2019-01-04 19:41:13
Is it just me or is Kindle app's page sync not working right now?2019-01-03 20:44:55
I've been changing my vulnerable passwords across services and I've come to realize how bad ppl are at password #UX. One service only lets you do it through an app, one doesn't ask for the new password a second time, one has the old password input below the new inputs!2019-01-03 12:21:30
Men adjectivize colors. Women name them.2018-12-30 17:05:22
Is there a #Mercury reader app for #Android? #Reeder iOS has made me too used to that clean view!!2018-12-30 11:47:34
I... uh... published this post in 2014. Comments? -> 11:12:03
In a year or two, the #YouTube #music app as an experiment will be considered a #fail and will be shut down. YouTube will then bring good music player controls (video queuing, skip next etc) to their video app. Till then we suffer.2018-12-27 20:28:26
5 W wireless charging pad or 7.5 W wireless charging pad? What do folks use? Also, belkin or some other brand?2018-12-27 12:28:38
Uhhhh. Android still doesn't do automatic timezone based time? What is wrong with these people??2018-12-26 23:19:12
What's the first app you install on a new system? Used to be browser for me. Now it's 1password. I guess that's growth?2018-12-26 21:42:21
Has anyone I know used Cloudron or somesuch software to install software on their VPS? I don’t know if it’s useful to use such tools...2018-12-21 13:25:47
Loved reading @macstories’ roundup of the best apps for 2018. A read I just couldn’t put down! So many great apps and such detail!2018-12-20 12:00:35
I've often though that swiping left or right on the iPhone home button should switch apps. Now seeing how app swiping is implemented on the wife's XS, I'm positively jealous!!2018-12-20 10:50:28
Spotted in the wild - that weird new BlackBerry phone. Wow. People still use that stuff?!2018-12-19 15:57:13
I love and hate @aaronpk’s QuartzDB flat file implementation. It’s super fast and awesome when it works. Buuuuut every once in a while it makes me work! Worth checking out though for everyone who wants to role out a liveblog or somesuch.2018-12-19 13:36:43
I know all of two people who have Animoji enabled phones. Must be a lonely existence in Apple's new take on emojis. 2018-12-19 13:33:56
This flatfile database is sooo not a good idea overall. Maybe I should use something else.2018-12-17 10:15:54
Weird. MySQL went down on main node some time in the last two days and all my main 3 sites went down with it. Simplest recovery - reboot the machine. Next option would have been to reinstall mysql!2018-12-17 10:15:54