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Everything is a bottleneck for something bigger.2019-02-08 12:52:22
Kindle for Android’s sync craps out often on me, completely failing to take me to the latest page. Right next to it, the iOS version would be syncing perfectly. I don’t want to say it’s because it’s Android, but it’s because it’s Android.2019-02-06 18:39:30
Wondering if I should create a Seattle-specific group in my RSS reader? I follow feeds from Brent Simmons, Venkatesh Rao, and Cliff Mass to name a few...2019-02-06 15:00:22
Spotify better be willing to launch a very modified UI for podcasts within their app if they want to actually win marketshare. Their current UI doesn't work for podcasts. Similar action to how Kindle app switches context but doesn't feel bloated at all!2019-02-06 10:24:14
Huh, my fai2ban is only blocking about 4500 IPs for ssh violation. Would've thought it'd be a higher number by now.2019-02-05 17:54:24
What's the cut-off for 2FA codes? My Google Auth code for Cloudflare worked what seemed to be 2-3 seconds after it refreshed. Hmmmm.2019-02-05 17:33:12
twitter web just prompted me to check out their new look, with bookmarks, night mode, etc. Seems like they're finally replacing twitter desktop with twitter mobile. Good change.2019-02-05 17:04:57
Wow, 1800 telemarketing spam today. A$$h•|3$¡¡¡2019-02-05 13:35:36
The iOS icons of YouTube and Gmail are so darn similar that I always open the wrong one. Now, after months of muscle memory of where the wrong icon is, I’ve just moved the icons so I can get to my mail in the first try!2019-02-03 11:01:30
Wouldn’t it be ever so interesting if the last few chapters of the last book of the #GameOfThrones books were called Jon’s Fate, Sansa’s Fate, etc. Not for all characters, just some whose fate is more sealed than others.2019-02-02 16:48:47
There are some things about the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard 2017 which are just weird - lack of Esc key, no onscreen notification for CapsLock, and lack of multiple angles.2019-02-02 16:27:43
I marked Plato’s Symposium as done two days ago; but today is when I finally finished reading the introduction! Happy to be **done** with the analysis because the story was very interesting in itself!2019-01-28 23:49:04
#NYTimes #Crossword has a really great model - subscriptions, and if you really don’t want to pay, daily free and today TurboTax supported free Midis 😊 Well done folks!2019-01-28 19:09:16
re: Facebook's #friendlyfraud, I'd say Apple's solution is the best - their Family system is so terrible, I'll end up giving my kids devices with no credit cards attached!2019-01-25 16:33:15 folks, has anyone figured out how to embed posts into WordPress? I tried embedly, but that's not a clean solution.2019-01-23 11:19:17
Why is the state of all cross-platform app tools so broken? I just want to create a react native app using Expo and WatermelonDB. Spent 3 hours writing code before realizing the compatibility doesn’t exist! #bah2019-01-20 17:18:07
It's amazing that even now, when an online form asks us for information, we tend to fill the correct info. eg- Google Starbucks asking name, email, and zip code. When will we learn?2019-01-19 13:13:13
I just realized that Firefox having sunset the RSS feed viewer feature of their browser means all RSS feed links will now try to be downloaded as files. That is, well, very, very stupid. Show it as XML!!!2019-01-17 15:52:56