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Getting Docker to work properly on Windows cost me remote desktop access to my #Home machine. Teamviewer for the win. But shame on #Microsoft for taking away #rdp in #build1809. 2019-03-16 22:03:36
I need a networking feature for Docker that’s available in Windows build 1809. I’m ok 1803. I go to check updates and 1809 is available. I guess that’s serendipity?2019-03-16 15:36:06
I've discovered two interesting tech communities in the last few days - and I'll keep a lookout for how they can help me and if I can contribute to them :) 2019-03-14 15:29:36
Now that I have my home Windows machine accessible to me anywhere using ZeroTier, I'm chomping at the bit to install some webserver stuff on there. But I'm spoilt for choice - should I go with Bitnami or Docker or roll our my own setup with nginx/php/mysql?2019-03-14 15:17:54
Anyone I know uses Fiery #Feeds for Fever or other #RSS reader? Do you pay for it? I'm tempted to, for their smart views and #fulltext download. Worth it?2019-03-13 16:54:45
I'm a little embarrassed. I have about 7000 words sitting in two drafts. They're both fictional stories I wrote about 3 years ago. Maybe I should publish? 2019-03-13 16:14:02
For some reason my Word Count plugin was telling me I've published only ~20,000 words on my blog. I refreshed the stats manually and realized I've published over 200,000 words across almost 350 posts.2019-03-13 16:12:24
More monetization from YouTube - channel memberships at $5/mo. Interesting move. I wonder what the exclusive benefits are...2019-03-12 15:08:10
Representative democratic social media2019-03-07 18:10:53
Venmo remains the creepiest money tx service I've seen. Got an email to tell me I'm using an outdated version of the app and part of the process is to update my iOS. Also, way to punish customers for your website lack of feature parity.2019-03-07 12:30:48
Feels like: Friday 2019-03-06 18:04:03
Feels like: Friday.2019-03-06 18:01:23
TIL I can send SMS to IFTTT which can get posted to Day One. It’s not an MMS, so photos don’t go through. Also, I use Google Voice, so have to use their app for SMS. But it’s a good solution if you ever wanted to use the SMS interface for journaling.2019-03-06 08:34:58
So, when is Cloudflare launching its IPO? I want in!2019-02-28 10:10:44
A long time ago, I linked to Time's 50 best websites of 2013. How many are alive today, six years on? 16:32:15
Do people have a clear self image in their minds? Do they know what they look like, having seen their face many times over? I can’t imagine myself walking down the street. I wonder what that means.2019-02-25 18:52:12
I may or may not be blocking upwards of seven thousand IPs for ssh violations on my linux server, using fail2ban. Is there a way I can consolidate those into IP ranges?2019-02-22 13:26:04
When did Google Maps on desktop change their most zoomed out to this nice globe? Better than the previous flat infinite earth they had!2019-02-20 16:45:08
I will chalk it up to the Mandela effect that I thought that AirPods 2 were out.2019-02-20 10:44:11
The iPad doesn’t have the Health app. Say it with me. The iPad doesn’t have the Health app. What is Apple afraid of? Giving us better visualization of our data collected from our watches and phones? Bah!2019-02-20 08:21:22