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Is there a #WordPress #plugin out there to merge the content of two-three posts? I have related posts coming in from #IFTTT and I want to merge them to form a complete post. Manual process would be best.2019-04-12 10:14:38
Gmail on desktop has become a terrible, terrible experience - slow load, over-the-top animations and useless functionality. Does 15 years mean they'll end up destroying it before their 16th year?2019-04-05 15:01:51
Back in 2012, (I was still jailbreaking iOS 5]( JB'ing in iOS 12 is all but dead, but the replacement works just as well! 2019-04-03 10:45:24
I swear, if #bugmenot didn’t exist today, we’d all be rushing to build it, and ruining it with VC money.2019-04-01 21:46:16
Is there an iOS app that tells me how many satellites or data points is my GPS module talking to right now?2019-03-31 13:23:22
1Password doesn't seem to deal with subdomains well. Big problem for corp environments and for people like me with a lot of personal subdomains. Is there any fix for this? A more specific hit on the prompted login?2019-03-28 10:40:37
What is Robinhood Snacks but another version of The Hustle, just weekly?2019-03-26 10:35:46
Cook talking about magazines on Apple News+ reminds me of all the free mags I have through Prime Reading. I wonder how much the readership on those is.2019-03-25 11:22:58
Does anybody I know use Adobe Spark to design their newsletters?2019-03-24 10:48:08
Indieweb & adjacent ppl - I see a lot of sites with webmention links, but don't want to reply full scale on my blog with 1 line comments. What's better - a separate 'blog' for comments or a page in WP that links to their post and does a 1 line comment?2019-03-22 16:55:45
I've decided that every time #Windows automatically changes my power settings from Max performance to Power Saver *on my desktop* and my computer goes to sleep after 1 minute, I will tweet this out to shame the idiot PM who decided this was a good idea. #UXfail2019-03-21 22:12:52
I expect the next version of the Apple Pencil to have some kind of Biometric for authentication - fingerprint or something. That would be nice, for the price.2019-03-21 12:53:07
I’ve never bothered to look into Apple app #offloading technology. The one #app I offloaded, I need it today and I can’t get it back because it’s no longer in the App Store. Way to destroy #value Apple!2019-03-21 08:59:51
Firefox Focus as mobile Safari content blocker blocked loads of CSS for me, including for ttRSS. Weirdo. Turned it off in favor of Handblock.2019-03-20 12:57:10
Arrive by @shopify had literally one job. Since it has failed in that, instant delete. Don’t need apps that are tracking my shopping habits and doing a bad job at it too. #negativeValue2019-03-20 11:56:31
Today I asked someone non-technical to write sudo and they wrote pseudo and the explanation I had to give as to why I asked them to write pseudo when I meant sudo is why everyone outside views the tech industry as if we're a bunch of crazies.2019-03-19 21:18:45
I started watching the TV show #Hannibal recently and the second episode has that mushrooms scene and I knew that was it. I don’t want to watch any more. #gross2019-03-18 18:46:33
I didn't know that script-reading resources like IMSDb existed! h/t @bookriot for this awesome link!2019-03-18 14:06:29
Getting Docker to work properly on Windows cost me remote desktop access to my #Home machine. Teamviewer for the win. But shame on #Microsoft for taking away #rdp in #build1809. 2019-03-16 22:03:36