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All caught up with MooncakesComic and GaiaComic! Some powerful stories there!2019-06-14 14:47:56
Look at this word - 'cycle' Really look at it. Can you believe that there's a 'y' in between two 'c's? It's pronounced sai-cull What the heck is that 'y' doing there? I'm confused.2019-06-12 09:57:14
Discovered that much of the annoying sidebar video content comes from a service called brightcove. uBlock, zap that please. domain blocked.2019-06-10 12:03:51
What would a CDC for privacy and cyber attacks look like? What would be it's primary role - to educate the public, or to white hat attack organizations to help secure consumer data? Or something else?2019-06-10 10:26:52
I want to report a tech issue (CSS) to #nymag but their contact us page doesn't have an email/form for their tech peeps. Is it common for news sites to not have a contact form about the platform itself?2019-06-07 13:25:03
GitHub Sponsor button linking to patreon. 🤯2019-06-07 12:07:38
TIL that homebrew is available on Ubuntu. TIAL I need it because I want vimpager/vimcat to read yaml files with color in command line thank you very much!2019-06-07 12:01:24
Sitting with a public WiFi and Dropbox is not working. What, you don’t trust your own encryption? #movingsoon #fedUP2019-06-01 18:33:11
iOS 12 has some serious inconsistencies and weird actions. 1. The ‘back button’ should die. It’s pretty bad and I often hit it for no reason. 2. Apple has ruined app switching for older than X phones. Apps often end up in wrong order on my 7Plus.2019-06-01 09:59:15
Some airlines provide free WiFi for messaging apps (no pics). How about a serialized stories service that capitalizes on that?2019-05-24 17:16:54
If Apple still allowed apps to snoop at our phones and check which other apps are installed, Lyft and Uber could figure out who of us don’t have competitors’ apps installed and stop giving us deals.2019-05-24 12:30:30