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You already have an Apple Watch. But it's getting old. You want the new one, you want it to be always on. Plus you've heard of sleep tracking, and you're thinking, "why not keep both?" So you keep both. One becomes your day watch. The other... . . . . Your . . . Night Watch.2019-09-10 16:22:33
Wait a second, did I miss it or was there no mention of 5G in Apple's iPhone lineup???2019-09-10 13:39:42
Apple's next step in the App Store is an app subscription, if Arcade is a success. Does this cannibalize #SetApp? Yes, but that won't stop Apple.2019-09-10 10:07:35
Wait, Apple is livestreaming tomorrow's event on YouTube? LOL. Desperate much?2019-09-09 13:57:54
Got confused for a bit between Dave Pell and Dave Perrell.2019-09-08 14:28:23
inhibitive is a word, right? 2019-09-06 13:59:21
For a second I was like, "Wait, there's no Mac Apple News app???" Then I realized that NetNewsWire just took precedence and I hit enter too fast! 😃2019-09-03 12:23:22
Feeling proud for having cherry-picked correctly for maybe the first time today! Thanks @IamAFRO for the simple tut on!2019-08-27 12:58:13
wait, mosh is supposed to be this epic, all-powerful thing and it doesn't have local scrollback??? Uh... *disconnects and connects via ssh*2019-08-26 15:51:09
You either die a good show, or you live long enough to see yourself become a terrible show.2019-08-23 10:00:38
The antithesis of Chillhop would be a Chillhop music festival.2019-08-22 16:14:33
Seven years ago today, the FTC gave their OK for Facebook to acquire Instagram. Your thoughts?2019-08-22 14:58:46
Am I on, where I can set the color of the interface? What is this, Orkut 2.0? 2019-08-22 14:35:44
The Wikipedia entry on the topic of peek-a-boo talks about Object Permanence. Exactly where I’d expect it to be. 😊 Nice!2019-08-20 23:12:06
Do we realize that pigeons are domesticated? They eat human food, live in proximity to us, aren’t afraid of us, and their behavior changed long ago to suit urban landscapes.2019-08-20 17:04:22
I asked an AI, "Do you ever think about the ethics of your existence?" but then I thought, "Do I ever think about the ethics of my existence?"2019-08-19 15:23:17