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Every new technology introduced to solve a problem introduces it's own problems. For example, following docker, now there are Docker SDK and dockerode to control docker from inside python and nodejs!2020-01-26 16:50:38
I feel that exclamation marks should always be in italics. They would look so much cooler that way!2020-01-18 14:17:05
I don’t understand how people can listen to podcasts on Spotify. It’s a music service. How can something like music mix with podcasts? Apples and oranges people. Stop mixing them!2020-01-17 22:17:33
ok who's going to be a part of the #MuskMillion living on Mars?2020-01-17 14:34:42
Hey @AppleNews, do something nice for publishers - make it so that when I open an Apple News link, it gives me the option to go to the publisher's site or to Apple News. I know most publishers haven't put their magazines online, but some must have. Link to them please!2020-01-16 11:27:17
Sublime Text Find and Replace has a preserve case option??!!!!! Why does this software keep blowing my mind?!!! Wow! 2020-01-15 11:32:46
I wanted to upvote an article on Medium. But I've disabled all JS on Medium. So I can't login to the site because even their login is JS based. So I guess that article author doesn't get an upvote, but that's what you get for being on Medium. #ohwell2020-01-14 14:56:04
Remind me that whenever I get a new Mac, I need to set Key Repeat to Fast and Delay Until Repeat to Short in the System Preferences->Keyboard. Anything else is irritating!2020-01-09 15:55:03
Got a notification for a message on MS Teams on my phone... Just 4 days late. #nbd2020-01-07 16:56:14
2019 was, in my case, the year of Diljit Dosanjh. But the decade went to Nucleya, which is amazing because he wasn't even on my radar a couple years ago!2020-01-07 12:09:23
Spotify, in their yearly wrap-up, made a rather interesting observation - I spent 13 thousand minutes in 2018 listening to music, while only 7k in 2019. I attribute this to YouTube Red splitting my attention.2020-01-07 12:07:34
The lack of a physical Escape button on the MBP keyboard is one of the stupidest things Apple has ever done, and they've done their fair share of stupid things!2020-01-05 14:10:00
Node folks... pdfmake or pdfkit?2020-01-04 15:52:48
What is They seem to just be using for the actual functionality. Is it just a wrapper? A hosted service? A commercial version of 2020-01-02 12:13:26