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Cloudflare’s was updated a week ago with DNS filtering. Does that mean it supports adblock DNS lists now the way Apple had banned with the Adblock DNS proxy app?2020-04-17 21:43:23
If I have to create an account on your service to see if you even deliver in my area, then you better bet that I'm not going to create an account on your service. OK, @schwans?2020-04-10 11:25:53
Oh my my, the Airpods Pro case is terrible. Always falling, never easy to open, never easy to put the pods back in. Apple reaaaally messed it up trying to differentiate from the older ones, trying to extract more money from us.2020-04-07 17:46:40
Wow, went to FB and it offered to show me their upcoming theme changes and I gotta say... the new FB looks... ugly!!!2020-04-07 16:27:31
Someone, somewhere will have the brilliant idea to no longer bombard users with Cookie Accept footers, and will thus stop collecting user data, and that'll be the end of that.2020-04-07 13:51:51