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Every time Rahul Gandhi gets his name on a political ticket, BJP should send him a one way plane ticket to Italy, just for the lulz.2020-06-03 15:23:17
On OSX, the location of notifications is highly inconvenient. Top left is not good. Is there any way to change the location to bottom left, perhaps? 2020-06-02 12:46:48
test #2 to check if my posts are getting to nice.social2020-06-02 11:39:53
test to see if is receiving my posts.2020-06-02 11:33:32
My iOS Amazon app is stuck in a loop - I tried to access a product on and it redirected to Safari. Since then, whenever I open the Amazon app, it skips to Safari. No recourse. Wow. Truly, Amazon is king of mediocre #UX 2020-05-30 21:13:48
Airtable has web search for user profile photo. That's just brilliant! Who ever puts a real photo any more on web accounts? Good #UX :)2020-05-28 22:33:12
While installing the latest version of node on Windows, made the mistake of allowing it to install "additional tools" and it has just spent a good ten minutes installing py3.x and visual studio. Gah!2020-05-24 18:05:09
Just downloaded the Google Meet app and it's horrible! Keeps crashing, video quality is terrible, and the interface fills up the screen with no way to remove it. Does Google really think it can compete with Zoom and WhatsApp with this??2020-05-22 09:56:02