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#HotTake: Is Cloudflare the China of DNS?2020-07-17 14:41:57
I posit that the biggest winner of Apple's AR play will actually be Facebook, because they've already been pushing hard on their AR camera play and will have the most content available.2020-07-16 12:39:39
I want to, like, grab a JSON object by my hands, and just poke at it, feel its keys and values and arrays stretch between my fingers. Is that too much to ask for?2020-07-08 17:41:35
Wasn't there a service where you upload a WordPress theme or plugin and it tells you if it's hacked?2020-06-25 13:44:33
Firefox doesn't support basic regex in a webpage text search, does it? Be nice to have something like that, for multiple keyword search.2020-06-24 11:57:54
Something's going on with DuckDuckGo - most dev related searches seem to point to Microsoft specific results. e.g. searching for "share list of urls" gives 4 first results of Sharepoint for no reason!2020-06-22 12:13:01
The number of conspiracy videos on YouTube about the world ending during tomorrow’s eclipse is just disturbing. Google needs to stop this spam!2020-06-20 22:28:42