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I wonder if the stupidest, developer-hating thing in Windows is the space in Program and Files, or if it's something else.2020-12-09 22:06:58
went to a site called scientificmirror without an adblocker and couldn't breathe for a second, seeing all that cruft! Sometimes it's good to know just why adblockers are needed in the world.2020-12-02 18:02:36
lol. I subscribed to the RSS feed for three days. After seeing a significant increase in mental agony, I deleted it from my feed reader.2020-12-02 17:54:20
It’s very interesting to watch Colin Walker’s journey as a blogger. He’s come to realize he’s headed towards Dave Winer’s blog - a daily blank slate to fill with the goings of the day. Reading Colin’s RSS feed every day has been a pleasure.2020-11-26 19:05:39
I downloaded twitter’s main app to see the fleets feature. But their disgusting algorithm, pushing “liked by” tweets above the content I purposefully followed, has once more driven me away.2020-11-26 18:50:30
The AWS outage that hit just now became very real when parts of the Amazon app just stopped working for me. 😂2020-11-25 10:17:41