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I need a task execution system which runs tasks in standalone containers in the cloud. Anybody have any tutorials I can follow?2021-01-14 15:25:40
Is there a previously undiscovered wellspring of non-fiction book summaries out there? Why are so many non-fiction book summaries apps/startups popping up out of nowhere?? Makes no sense to have so many with the exact same offering and no differenciation.2021-01-07 08:57:03
TIL there's a term - "Our Incredible Journey" - for the blogpost many startups write to tell their customers that the company is being shutdown.2021-01-05 10:59:58
The chromecast website says “iOS is a trademark of Cisco and is used under license.” For real?2021-01-03 21:59:38
That scene from the 007 trailer where M asks Bond if he'll be alright and he says ofc but then his Ex walks into the corridor is out of a highschool comingOfAge story where the teacher puts 2 bickering exes as lab partners and they learn each others struggles and grow as people!2021-01-03 12:05:58