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Does a skeptics community exist on StackExchange, or not?2021-04-08 22:26:33
Today is the first day when I found something relevant in duckduckgo, which I did not find in google, and hence I went back to duckduckgo. Good times in search engine land!2021-03-31 12:32:38
Oh, ok. I've been corrected. The problem is that iOS still doesn't support VP9 video. Yeah... A different PM then?2021-03-30 11:28:39
Whichever idiot Product Manager at Apple decided that I can't directly save third party videos to my iPhone, but WhatsApp can flood my Camera Uploads with shitty forwards, needs to be thoroughly, publicly shamed for their monumental stupidity.2021-03-30 10:56:28
Instagram suggested to me that I should start a new account altogether to "follow my interests" or "catch up with close friends". Soooo, I guess they acknowledge their current system doesn't help do either?2021-03-25 13:35:56
Dear Venmo, please die.2021-03-23 13:26:55