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sooner or earlier? Which do you prefer?2021-05-18 10:53:12
IFTTT seems to have broken in a spectacular fashion today. I wonder if it's just broken filters sending me about a 100 emails, or some real PII data issues too.2021-05-11 11:51:36
TIL the plug-in that was interfering with my WordPress iOS app talking to my WordPress blog was jetpack itself. Bah! Removed it for now. I like jetpack for the features it provides. But I like the app more.2021-05-04 18:06:01
I want to know what software that Bill and Melinda divorce notice was written in! Was it MS Word online??2021-05-03 14:50:17
TIL 2011 was more than 9 years ago.2021-04-30 16:07:29