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uBlock is ~only~ blocking 1874 scripts (and counting) on TurboTax. Because when you're filing something as sensitive as taxes, you definitely need Bing looking in to see what you're up to, right?2022-04-16 18:47:26
Just heard an excerpt of the audiobook for My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh and I can only describe it as - nice! Exactly how I expected it. Totally getting the full audiobook!2022-04-07 13:23:06
There’s CMBR and then there’s Baby Shushing Sounds on the Deep Sleep Sounds podcast. Same energy.2022-04-03 17:05:28
Mashable: “oh, you want to read this article? F that. Give us your email ID instead! That’s what you’re really here for! Right? Right???”2022-03-29 02:23:21