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TIL Bob Dylan was born Bob Zimmerman.2022-07-22 12:47:00
I love how Casey Newton has gone all in on using DALL•E for images for Platformer. Best use of the tool.2022-07-18 21:35:44
You want software ecosystem? How about the WordPress-tumblr-DayOne-Longreads-SimpleNote-PocketCasts one? :D 2022-07-14 11:43:57
I discovered that I can export my notes and quotes from the Instapaper app to WordPress as HTML and to Day One as markdown. This is only necessary when my WordPress post is Private. Public posts get pushed to Day One via IFTTT.2022-07-14 11:39:50
A copy of Incredible Doom vol. 1 and a new Turkish Dark Roast coffee. Good way to start the weekend!2022-07-08 17:27:20
TIL Boris Johnson is from Eton and Oxford and the UK newspapers call him vile and disgraceful. I wonder what they'd call him if he wasn't from there.2022-07-07 10:12:26
TIL about the Oneida Community, which was a Christian commune that imploded into... a silverware company! 😄2022-07-06 15:46:00