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Can I chat with someone who has read “Uses of Great Men” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I have a doubt about the spellings of some words. Are they there because of the English he used or transcribing errors common to almost every copy I've found online?2022-10-18 15:50:35
Dear Apple, Shut the fuck up about my iCloud storage being full. Signed, Every fucking body.2022-10-11 13:21:08
I need prompt-design for searching for stuff on Amazon. The results are almost never what I expect when looking for something specific.2022-10-09 09:32:19
Parents of the blogosphere, I’ve often seen that you don’t use your kids’ names on your blogs, going for such epithets as “older one” or “second child”. Is there any reason other than doxxing for this?2022-10-05 15:40:12