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I think I need better browser text search. Is there a Chrome/FF extension that lets me do case-sensitive or regex based search on the page I'm viewing?2022-11-22 12:42:28
Is there an iOS podcast app that lets me send it a blogpost or podcast link so I can save for later a single episode?2022-11-19 13:11:51
I kinda miss pressgram after seeing @muanchiou ‘s RSS feed of photos. Not that I venture out of the home a lot. 😂2022-11-08 10:29:11
This is the second time this year that Amazon has asked me on their website whether I believe that they care about their impact on the world. In the meanwhile, have they done anything to improve their impact on the world? Ummm. I don't think so...2022-11-02 19:04:29
Man, WordPress’ story mode is still horrid. It just doesn’t get the location of text right. Not expecting it to be perfect. But at least can reflect what it shows on the screen when creating images.2022-10-29 21:45:47