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I see a trend - services that show ads have horrid web apps that push you to use their native apps. Services that don’t show ads have exceptional web apps, sometimes to the detriment of their native apps.2023-01-03 12:00:44
I'm looking for other photo blogs like to add to my RSS feeds list. Got any suggestions?2023-01-03 10:18:09
Watched a couple episodes of Cobra Kai on YouTube today and it seems to send the message that privilege breeds tyranny.2022-12-30 14:03:20
I’m very tempted to start a sideblog to shitpost the wallpaper of the day which randomly comes from Unsplash. But is it worth my time?2022-12-29 18:19:58
It takes a minute (or 5) but totally x-posts from twitter to mastodon. Yay! I don't have to deal with the mastodon API now!2022-12-27 11:54:00
Is someone maintaining a list of mastodon servers by pricing? All I see are servers by interest.2022-12-27 11:44:42
Oh, you need me to login to browse your website when I'm not even interacting with it? Ok then, goodbye.2022-12-22 12:06:47