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> Biden fires Architect of the Capitol after calls for his resignation Oh snap! Where's Dan Brown?? Did he find the capstone yet? 12:39:17
So, I was playing around with a local install of #Ghost blog. I imported my #WordPress export and it imported hundreds of my posts *as drafts*. Is this default behavior, or did I do something wrong?2023-02-09 11:57:39
I just realized that the way you say 1997 and 2006 shows when you were born. Is it “97 and 2 thousand and 6” or “1997 and oh six”?2023-02-05 13:36:22
Ok I just went from macOS Catalina to Monterey and... what is this? Why does it look like this? Who approved this look? Eh. Back to work.2023-02-02 15:37:21
I like macOS' take on password input... "Oh, you got your 16 char password wrong at possibly the 12th char? No worries, jUsT sTarT aGaIN! No plaintext!" :D /s2023-02-02 14:31:14
I find it a little irritating that in iOS, the app gets to decide which keyboards are allowed and which features of the default keyboard is blocked. IT’S MY PHONE DAMMIT!2023-02-01 19:56:21