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It's truly disappointing to me that Bing's GPT-4 Chat is "available only on MS Edge", but a User Agent change makes it work perfectly on FF and Chrome.2023-03-20 15:12:58
The world has seen that 99% of management books and mantras coming from CEOs these past decades is BS. The same is true for anti-remote work opinions from these same folks.2023-03-15 22:11:03
Finished Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir last night. Excellent listen, though I could see the final bit from a mile away. But that's Sci-fi for you - always hoping for the best of humanity. 5/5 stars.2023-03-15 10:28:25
Wife just discovered that there's no calculator on the iPad :D :D :D :D2023-03-15 10:21:54
Which of Vivaldi's Four Seasons is your favorite?2023-03-14 11:05:30