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Hmmm. I’m spending way too much time reading non-fiction this year. 2023-04-16 11:52:12
I am SO done with AirPods. The feature that they can quickly change between Apple devices is more bane than boon. It's constantly moving off to my iPhone despite me running audio on my Mac.2023-04-12 11:30:26
twitter suspending WordPress' Jetpack Social API access has to be the biggest self-own of the year. Bigger than bluecheckgate. You don't mess with that much of the Internet.2023-04-05 09:34:11
I like how after uBlock blocks a URL in my browser and I allow it, my DNS is like, "nuh-uh, you're not really trying to go here dude". :D Good job, buddy. 2023-03-31 23:45:15